Climbs 78
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 500m a.s.l
Faces E

Looking to Laddow from Crowden Great Brook © Nicholas Livesey

Crag features

An exposed outcrop of rough moorland grit in a fine location. Generally clean with good, sometines rounded holds. Sandy after rain and vegetated in places. Worth a visit for the large number of historically significant climbs with many classic VS and HVS routes. Staircase (M), Long Climb (HVD), Pilar Ridge (HS), the immaculate Tower Face (VS 4c), Priscilla Ridge (HVS 5a) and Berg's 1916 astounding on-sight, Cave Arete Indirect (E1 5a) are a good introduction.

Approach notes

From Crowden (SK 074993) follow the well signposted Pennine Way north for 1 3/4 miles (?) until beneath the crag (45-60 mins). At the stream crossing, follow the upper stone path easily to the top of the crag, rather than the lower dirt track which eventually leads (through boggy ground) to the bottom of the crag.


Western Grit

The 2009 edition of the award-winning guidebook to Staffordshire, Kinder, Bleaklow, Chew, Lancashire and Cheshire areas covered with photo-topos and descriptions.
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More Guidebooks:
Over the Moors (2012)
On Peak Rock (2003)
Peak Climbs - Kinder and Bleaklow (1990)

Out of print:
Went for the first time today, the climbing is really good (especially tower face/long climb) the crag is in a stunning position. Theres quite a lot of vegetation & when we visited there were hundreds midges. Defo worth a visit tho!!
jimbonfire - 27/Jul/14
Great crag though I found it hard for the grades. The walk in is not too bad and if you stick to the main Pennine Way path there's no bogs or shrubs - it brings you nicely to the top of the crag.
max_chan - 01/Apr/11
The book of lies states this is a 50-60 minute walk. Allow plenty more - especially when you're near the crag. Lots of shrubbery/swampy bits to get through. On the plus side there's some fantastic views from there. Just make sure you've been to the gym before hand :-).
Gaz - 15/Aug/10
Really good!!! Well worth the walk in. Not nearly as dirty and green as I expected (climbs largely unaffected by the slight green), in fact in pretty good nick. A little more traffic would make things even better GET UP THERE!! Enjoy the great climbs, geat positions and views!!
Graeme Hammond - 14/Sep/09
The "trad" approach from Dovestones is truly knackering!
badpants - 15/Apr/07
An epic hike to get there - probably the crux of most Laddow climbing, particularly if you're fat, weak, and lazy (2 out of 3 ain't bad) - but you are rewarded by a splendid situation. The greenness isn't a problem on the classic routes.
Fiend - 31/Aug/04
Should have a 'kermit' symbol, very green even after several warm dry days. The 'old pennine way' approach is no more boggy than the rest of the walk in, and has the advantage on a first visit of giving you a good look at the crag.
Simon Caldwell - 07/Jul/03
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
1Come on DownVS 4c 1
2The Price is FrightE4 6b ** 
3Delectable DirectHVS 5a * 
4DelectableVD *2
5Surfing with the AliensE2 5c  
6WierdyVD 1
7Poking the FireE2 6a  
8Chimney BreastVS 5a  
9JammyS 4a 1
10The Tea Drinking TabbyE1 5b  
11ScapegoatHS 4c  
12Sacrificial CrackHVS 5b *1
13Altar CrackS 4a  
14Altar AreteVS 4b 1
15Southern AreteVD **14
16Easter RidgeE2 5b **3
17Easter BunnyE2 5b *3
18Hill Billy
VS 5a  
VS 4b  
20Route 4S 4a 6
212nd HolidayM 18
22Route 3VD 10
23Tuppence Ha'pennyVD 19
24Route 2HVD 11
251st HolidayVD 6
26Route 1VD *26
27Route Minus OneE1 5c 2
28Tron Arete
HVS 5a  
29A ChimneyD 6
30A CrackS 3
31Omicron ButtressHVD 9
32StaircaseM **91
33Pillar ChimneyS 4a 3
34Pillar RidgeHS 4b **78
35ReincarnationVS 4c 1
36V AreteS 4c *7
37Gardener's Question TimeHVS 5a  
38The CrackS 4b  
39Hawk's NestVS 4c  
40Siren's RockS 4a *8
41Priscilla RidgeE1 5a **52
42PriscillaHVS 5a *9
43Long ClimbS 4a ***208
44Leaf ButtressVS 4c **20
45Leaf CrackHS 4b *9
46Little CrowberryS 4a *40
47Long Chimney RidgeVD *34
48Long ChimneyD 7
49The Blacksmith ClimbVS 4c  
50Straight CrackS 4a 1
51Little InominateVS 4c  
52Straight ChimneyM 11
53Garden WallS 4a 5
54Left Twin ChimneyD 10
55Twin EliminateE1 5b 1
56Right Twin ChimneyHVD 5
57Tower FaceVS 5a ***186
58Modern TimesE4 5c **2
59Tower AreteHVS 5a **31
60North ClimbVD *45
61The Pongo FinishVD **8
62North WallHS 4b *35
63Cave AreteVS 4b **25
64Cave Arete IndirectE1 5a **30
65Cave CrackHVS 5a *22
66Cave Crack IndirectS 4a 4
67Terrace Wall
HVS 5a, 4b 2
68Auchentoshan *E4 5c ** 
69Cardhu *
VS 5a 1
70Tamdhu *
HS 5a 1
71Steward's Inquiry *HVD 1
72Five From Home *
HS 1
73Charybdis *VD  
74Anvil Climb *VD  
75Bowmore *E1 5c  
76Animal Grace *f6C *2
77Pugnax *f7A *2
78Well Grubbed, Old Mole *E3 6b 2
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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