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Climbs 119
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 425m a.s.l
Faces S

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Fiend braving bleak mid-July conditions on Pocket Wall, Standing Stones © Fiend

Crag features

An easily reached cliff, from roadside parking near the high point of the A635 Holmfirth to Greenfield road. It is south-facing and has a worthy selection of routes though it is inclined to be a little gritty after rain due to the slope directly above the cliff. The chaotic state of the terrain below the cliff reveals that it was formed by a landslip and it has been suggested that Falling Stones might be a better name for the place though the central section of the cliff has stood in its present form for quite a time.

The slope above the cliff is not the crisp clean top of the Eastern Edges; care required when setting up belays. Descents can be made round either edge of the cliff - again care required when wearing slick soled boots on grassy terrain.

30 March 2019 - Massive rockfall in the Ning, Nang, Nong, Bong area. Several tons of rock and earth now at foot of the crag.

Approach notes

If approaching from above the crag, the recommended access has changed since the description in the BMC 'Over The Moors' guidebook. The approach as currently described is an undulating pathless slog, and in anything other than dry conditions anyone going that way would be pretty moist by the time they got to the crag.

Far better, is to walk along the road from the layby westwards for 1km to the gate, walk down the track for a couple of hundred metres before striking off directly across the moor to the crag.

A longer but very scenic approach is also possible from the Binn Green car park - descend to the dam, turn left and follow the left bank of the reservoir to its end, then continue up the valley bottom until the crag is visible on the left. A steep walk up the slopes above takes you to the base of the crag.

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Western Grit

The 2009 edition of the award-winning guidebook to Staffordshire, Kinder, Bleaklow, Chew, Lancashire and Cheshire areas covered with photo-topos and descriptions.
More info
More Guidebooks:
Over the Moors (2012)
On Peak Rock (2003)
Moorland Gritstone - Chew Valley (1988)

Out of print:
Only 35 mins from parking at pass, as per BMC RAD. Bit damp underfoot in places and difficult route finding. The path doesn't seem to make it all the way to the road so it's 150m of bushwhacking. At the ruins you need to drop down right to the confluence rather than near to the ruins, then the faint path stays on the brow of the right side of the clough pretty directly to the crag, bearing off right as you get close.
simoncov - 24/Aug/19
The current advice about parking in the large layby is great, but the approach directly across the moor from there is not. The land is all Open Access despite the signs so don't be put off. The approach as currently described is an undulating pathless slog, and in anything other than dry conditions anyone going that way would be fairly moist by the time they got to the crag. Far better, and the way I've gone several times is to walk along the road towards Greenfield from the layby to the gate, walk down the track for a couple of hundred yards before striking off directly across the moor to the crag. Quicker and much less of a pain in the arse.
Frank the Husky - 18/Jul/19
Use the BMC RAD access directions from the big layby. Far easier than traipsing over the moors
D.botts87 - 23/May/19
the FA referred to has the moniker craig_h on these forums, you could contact him for the FA details
ste_d - 06/May/11
Does anyone understand to the comment below, can't find the climbs mentioned or the person who was meant to have put them up?
steveshaking - 05/May/11
There are some fantastic new routes to be found amidst the various buttress's, walls n' boulders to be found below Standing Stones. The first ascentist being Craig Hannah. Such gems as Pit Bull Crack HVS 5a, Silence of the Cams E1 5b, The Slug HVS 5b and Maestro HVS 5a, all fantastic routes..Contact Craig for further route info...If you find yourself Standing up at the 'Stones, they are certainly worth repeating, nice lines!
Phylis - 30/Jan/06
Access not normally a problem, phone Chris Crowther of Upperwood Farm tel: 01457-872094. A fine crag, sun trap and far from the crowds..Excellent routes.
Phil Davies - 05/Apr/05
Avoid Bong & Boo @ the Standing Stones These routes are not in the rockfax, but in the 1988 guide. The 30ft high pinnacle which separates these routes is very unstable and it wouldn’t take much for the whole lot to come off. The pinnacle lies between route 1 & 2 in the rockfax.
craig h - 07/Jun/04
Appears to be some sensitivity about parking at or near the now blocked layby ("we should start clamping" - farmer/ranger (?) in a landrover) and access across the moors. Parking further down the road towards Greenfield might be advisable, as would checking with the farmer as suggested in the guidebook.
seth - 16/Jun/03
The access layby on the Greenfield/Huddersfield road has been blocked with large boulders to prevent parking. (Room for 1 very small car) 13/06/03.
craig - 13/Jun/03
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
  Main Wall Area
2 Van Gone
3 Chicken Corner
4 Wee Monsters
HVS 5b  
5 Kathryn's Wall
HVS 5b 2
6 Hornpuller
VS 4c  
7 Kathryn's Crack HVS 5b * 30
8 Hotter than Rum
VS 4c *  
9 Ning
D 4
10 Nang
VS 4b 2
11 Nong
VD 3
12 Bong
VD 4
13 Boo
VD 3
14 Echantillon HVD 12
15 Upset S 4a 9
16 Greystone Pillar VS 4c * 15
17 It's a Small World E3 5c * 3
18 Sidewalk HVS 5b * 3
19 Smiler's Corner HS 4b * 99
20 Exodus
E2 5b 2
21 The Boggart
HVS 4c 2
22 Pillar Front
HVS 5a 1
23 Leftovers
HVS 5a  
24 Pinocchio VS 4c 5
25 Elegy on a Rustic Pole
E2 5c  
26 Digital Dilemma E3 5c  
27 Guillotine S 4b * 69
28 Fallen Heroes E1 5b *** 106
29 Brainchild E4 6b * 3
30 Vivien S 4a ** 257
31 Prunin' the Duck E2 5c 2
32 Scratchnose Crack VS 5a ** 54
33 Papillon E1 5b 6
34 Twin Crack Corner VS 4b *** 317
35 False Prospects HVS 5b * 20
36 Fairy Nuff VS 4c *** 200
37 Leprechauner HVS 5a * 3
38 Kremlin Wall E1 5c ** 35
39 Layback-a-daisical VS 4b * 15
40 Obyoyo HVS 5b * 13
41 The Trouble with Women is.... E1 5b ** 61
42 Womanless Wall VS 4c *** 146
Climb name Grade
43 Stuck E4 6a * 2
44 Unstuck E4 6b 3
45 Manless Wall VS 4c  
46 Diddley Dum Overhang HVS 5b  
47 Deep Chimney VD 9
48 Cleft ArĂȘte
VS 4b  
49 Muted Dove
HVS 5b *  
50 Main Face Girdle
HVS 5b  
  Tranquility Area
52 Blinkered Adventures of a Tameside Tiger
E3 6a  
53 Pocked Wall VS 4c ** 163
54 Touch of Spring HS 4b * 117
55 Yorkshire Longfellow E3 5c 2
56 Prolapse E2 5c ** 15
57 Letter-Box Gully
58 Postman's Knock S 4a 13
59 Pigmy Wall HVS 5b 2
60 The Ghoul E2 5b  
61 The Slanting Horror VS 4c * 24
62 Wits' End E1 5c * 31
63 Tranquillity HVS 5a * 33
64 Fish-meal and Revenge E5 6a * 6
65 The Diamond E2 5b 1
66 Calcutta
S 4b  
  Left Twin and Ocean Wall
68 Wobbling Corner HVD 17
69 Piece of Pie HVS 5b * 19
70 Right of Pie E3 5c * 8
71 Fat Old Sun E1 5b * 20
72 Jiggery Pokery E1 5b * 9
73 Small c E2 5b * 2
74 17 Shades HVD 9
75 The Annoying Little Man E4 6b * 3
76 Butter Barrel Buttress
S 1
77 Left Twin Face Girdle
HVS 5a  
78 Kon-Tiki Korner VS 4b * 22
79 Gut Feeling E3 6b * 1
80 The Ocean's Border E3 6a ** 7
81 Dredger E2 6a * 16
82 Dredger Start f6B+ * 1
83 Oceanview
E1 5c  
84 Ocean Wall E1 5b *** 122
Climb name Grade
85 Oceanside
E1 5b 2
86 Diversion
87 Slab and Corner
  The Eastern Section
89 Weeping Wall
D * 13
90 Dampandiff
VD * 9
91 Hab-Dab Slab
HS 4b * 5
92 Cynical Pinnacle
VS 4c 1
93 Spider Crack
VD * 10
94 Spider Buttress
VD 1
95 Christiney Crack
96 Two Cracks
M 3
97 Repulsion
98 Split Chimney
M * 5
99 Laurel and Hardy Murder Case
  Lower Standing Stones
101 Vintage Wall
102 Traditional Route
103 Jenga
HS 2
104 Raven's View
105 Fat Finger Exercise
HVS 5b *  
106 Springboard
E3 6a  
107 Telescopic Wall
E2 5c **  
108 Smuggling Peanuts
E4 6a **  
109 Internecine
E4 5c *  
110 Chuff's Hole f6C * 3
111 The Maestro
HVS 5a *  
112 The Slug
HVS 5b  
113 Silence of the Cams
E1 5b *  
114 Pitbull Crack
HVS 5c *  
115 Smidgen
116 Block
117 Pin Steps
VS 4b  
118 Crackers
VS 4b *  
119 Froth on the Tash
120 Pinchy the Lobster f7A+ 3
  Scrambles and Winter Climbs
122 Rimmon Pit Clough 1 8
123 Rimmon Pit Clough I 1
124 Holme Clough 1 6
125 Holme Clough I  

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