Climbs 170
Rocktype Grit (quarried)
Altitude 380m a.s.l
Faces SW

Sam Whittaker on Scoop de Grace, E5 7a/ highball font 7c, Running Hill Pits © Adam Long

Crag features

A collection of small (6 - 16m high) quarries in a high moorland setting offering good evening climbing. Well worth a visit. A mixture of fine steep cracks and 'blank' slabs, above grassy landings on good rock. Green and wet early in the year. Best routes are Plum Line (VS 4c), Weaver's Wall (E3 5b), Harvest Moon/Spannaer Wall (E3 6b) and Calamity Crack (E4 6a).

Approach notes

From Uppermill on the A670 (SE 998058) head NE along minor road to limited parking at 'crossroads' (SE 012067). Follow track ahead to the first quarry in 20 mins. Careful with dogs, please keep on lead.

Access Advice

No issues reported.


Western Grit

The 2009 edition of the award-winning guidebook to Staffordshire, Kinder, Bleaklow, Chew, Lancashire and Cheshire areas covered with photo-topos and descriptions.
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More Guidebooks:
Over the Moors (2012)
On Peak Rock (2003)
Moorland Gritstone - Chew Valley (1988)

Out of print:
I went there today and the 8th and 7th quarry's lie behind a gate signed PRIVATE LAND. I accessed the 8th via Western Grit description i.e. over the fence at the (2nd) style so I'd unknowingly trespassed! Further to this:
jules699 - 07/May/13
hi matthew none of my friends have had any issues either but according to a friend the BMC have said its out of bounds cause of people camping and leaving litter about. They're trying to get an access officer to pursuade the farmer to let climbers continue using the quarrys. If i hear anything else ill post it up on here :).
ClimbingMonkee - 18/Apr/12
@climbingmonkee i've been climbing here for a couple of years ans i've never had any access issues or seen any landowners. has anyone else had any issues here?
Matthew reid - 17/Apr/12
i went up today for a few hours of climbing. I had just finished setting up when along came a farmer and gave me a load of grief for apparently tresspassing. I decided to pack up my gear before it went further just thought id warn you all its NOT worth the trouble!!!
ClimbingMonkee - 13/Apr/12
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 First Quarry 
2Spider CrackHVS 5c  
3Nora BattyE1 6a *6
4Compo's Advancef6B+ *2
5AcarpousE2 5b 1
6MaquisE1 5b *17
7Flush PipeE1 5c 2
8Gull-wingE2 5c *4
9MimosaE2 5c 10
10Have a little Hope.E5 6b/c *2
11Calamity CrackE4 6a ***18
12GargantuaE1 5b **12
13GodzillaE3 6a  
14Kaptain KleptonE1 5c * 
15Mickey ThinHVS 5a **23
16It Only Takes Two to TangoE2 5b *3
17Flue PipeE1 5c  
 Second (Spanner) Quarry 
19Tighten Up Yer NutsE4 6a *9
20IguanodonE5 6b **6
21The Nunkeys Ningers Startf7B *1
22VelociraptorVS 5a *3
23Folies BergeresHS 4b 43
24LolitaHS 4b 42
25Harvest MoonE4 6b **10
26The ConnectionE4 6b ***8
27Spanner WallE2 5b **96
28Spanner EyesE4 6c *1
29Dead Dog CrackVS 4c *95
30Cave CrackVS 4c *44
31MidsummerS 4a 39
32Hazy GrooveVD 29
33The CracksS 4a 62
34BreakdownHVS 5b 37
35Leave My Nuts alone
HVS 5a 2
36Yorick's CrackE5 6c **1
37Adrenaline RunE6 6a 1
38Surgical SpiritE6 6b 1
39Overhanging ChimneyVS 4c 2
40Sagittarius FlakeE5 6b **28
41Scoop de GraceE5 7a ***6
42PhaestusE5 5c *17
43WindbreakerE2 5b *55
44CochybondhuE2 5c *35
45KneepadHVS 5b 1
46Elfin Edgef4+ 10
47CrosstieVS 5a 24
48The MechanicE2 5c 1
49Pipe SpannerE1 5c *21
50Pipe InspectorE3 5c 5
51Groove-V BabyVS 4c *50
52Dusty AreteD *38
53Midgebite ExpressE3 6a  
HVS 5b  
55William the ConkererE1 5b  
56Paradise CrackHS 4b 4
57CameoVS 4c 7
58RiddlerHVS 5a *6
59PantagruelHVS 5a *43
60Mangled DigitE3 6a **62
61Plumb LineVS 4c ***251
62Passport to the PitsE5 6b 1
63Grot GrooveVD 6
64Liquor, Loose Women and Double CrossE5 6b 2
65SodomHVS 5c **101
66GomorrahE1 5b *142
67Breakin' for a BogeyE6 6c  
68Cosmic EnforcerE2 5c 5
69UnctuousS 4c 44
 Third Quarry 
71Parallel CracksHVD 10
72The AreteHD 10
73FingersE2 5b  
VD 6
75Stella Night's Dream (aka Pygmy ArĂȘte)E1 5a *1
76Overhanging Crack
E1 5b  
77JammerMVS 4b 4
78The Wall
VD 5
 Fourth (Back) Quarry 
80Left Back
VS 4c 2
81Talk Back
VS 4c 1
82Fall Back
E1 5b * 
83Crack Back
HVS 5b  
84English Wipeout
E3 5b 2
VS 4b 1
86The Bow
VS 4c 1
VS 5a 1
88Gnome Slabbe
MVS 5a 1
89Alas Poor Yorick
VS 5a 1
E1 5b 1
91Rain Stopped Play
VS 4c 4
E1 6a *2
HVS 5c  
94Diagonal Agony
E2 6b  
95Crimson Copulation
E2 6a * 
96For a Few Daggers More
E2 6a *2
 Fifth Quarry 
98Swing-upHS 4b 13
99Yarn SpinnerE4 6c **4
100Weaver's WallE2 5b **66
101Weaver's CrackHS 4b *48
102Norah BattyS 4a 19
103The VirginVD 34
104Cool FoolVS 4c 34
105Kiss My ArmVS 4c 2
MVS 4c  
107Flake Crack
VS 4c 6
HS 4b 9
109Get Rhythm Direct Startf7A+ *2
110Get RhythmE5 6b *3
111Grotty Crack
E1 5c 1
 Sixth (Pot Hole) Quarry 
113ReachyVS 5b 19
114Bingo BangoE1 5b *12
115Intro WallHS 4b 76
116SummaryHVS 5b 26
117SecondsVS 4c 23
118Matthew's CrackV2 6
119Tower ChimneyHVS 5a *4
120Central Tower
E1 5a 2
MVS 4c  
122ParallaxE3 6a 2
123Sticky FingersE1 5b 1
124WidfaHVS 5a 2
125Sunstroke Groove
f6A+ 2
126SunstrokeHVS 5b *14
127Cosmo SmallpieceE1 6a *6
128PuffinHS 4b 13
129Razorbillf6A 4
130Delicate WallHS 5a 14
131White HonkeyVS 5a 5
132Pocket Watchf6B 3
133The CornerVS 4c 2
134The Jolly Green GiantE1 5c *1
 Seventh Quarry 
136Little Wall
M 1
139Green Wall
VS 4c 1
HS 1
HS 4b 1
HS 4b 1
VS 4c 1
HVS 5b 1
145Life Begins At Forty
E2 5b  
HVS 4c  
147Corner Climb
S 1
148Drop Out
HVS 5a  
149Square Corner
HS 1
VD 2
151Blue Riband
VS 5a  
E2 5c  
E1 5b * 
S 1
155Twin trip
VS 4c 1
VS 4b 1
VS 4c  
 Eighth Quarry 
159FireflyHVS 6a 12
160DuckdooS 4b 40
f4+ *15
162A Fist Full of DaggersE2 6b *11
163Deliver Us From EvilHVS 5b *15
164Black WatchVS 4c 15
165TalliotHVS 5b 8
166Eye-catcherHVS 5b 2
167RepetitionE1 5c  
168Fall GuyE1 5c  
169Chew GritVS 4b 3
170A Day Too Latef6A 1
171The Groovef7B *1
172Legacyf4 4
173Chalkief4 25
174Tomintoolf5 22
175Tominfourlf5+ 6
176Wind ChillE1 6a  
177Bulge BuddyV2 1
178Pit RacerV4 1

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