Climbs 183
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 297m a.s.l
Faces all

Natalie Berry catching the late afternoon sun on the north-facing walls of S'estret. The route is Octopussy (7a). © Alan James

Crag features

S'estret is an area of easily accessed crags, located just to the south of the beautiful village of Valldemossa. The various walls offer different attractions for climbers: a series of pleasantly-situated west-facing walls overlooking the road in the valley bottom; an old abandoned quarry that has some exceptional hard routes; and some more recently developed walls of eye-catching white limestone. Sector Cuarentón has a good set of routes spread across three separate walls, including some excellent easier-grade slab routes. Above these are some good longer pitches on Sector Pasión. The steep Sector Mejicano gives some ultra-hard pitches that are well worth seeking out when it is hot or wet. The four new sectors to the right of the quarry are excellent additions with lots of high-quality lines in the mid grades.

Approach notes

Take the Ma-1130 from Palma towards Valldemossa. If approaching from the northeast, you can cut across from the motorway via Palmañola to pick up the Ma-1130 at s'Eglieieta. After 4km, just past the 14km post on the roadside, pull into a lay-by on the left, next to a bridge over a dry river bed. This lay-by is 3km before Valldemossa.

Sector Cuarentón - From the parking, cross the road and find a path at the upstream end of the crash barrier. Follow the path and after 100m, drop down some tiled steps and continue along the path to just before the second pylon. The sectors begin near this point - see the detailed description with the sectors.

Sector Cabra Zombi - Walk into the woods and, just before the old gate, head up left to the crag.

Sector Mejicano and new sectors - From the parking, follow a track through the trees. The boulders are on the left after 250m. For Sector Mejicano break off left up the hill, after passing the boulders.


For Sectors Raska y Gana, All Right, Xurasco and Conguito continue walking through the trees and break up leftwards to the white walls.

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The main guidebook to the climbing on the island for the last 20 years has been published by Rockfax and this new 2016 edition adds to this legacy with another blockbusting volume for the sun-seeking climber. The sport climbing is being written by Alan James and Mark Glaister, and the deep water soloing section is being written by Daimon Beail.
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3/12/16 - Got to the crag and walked a few meters up the track to be met by a guy carrying a rifle saying it was his private land and there is no access allowed.
robgixer - 04/Dec/16
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Sector Mirador 
2Vías Cortas (El Mirador)6a+ ** 
 Sector Cuarentón 
4Mexicans Forever6c+ **34
5Kum Laude7a ***21
6Bicep Blowout7a+ **15
7Busibus6c+ *37
8Red Stain6b+ *53
9Part Forana5c **113
10Movimiento sexy5c **124
11Tight Slab6a+ *71
12Menage à trois6a+ 51
13Eliminate5c 19
14Virgin6a *119
15Las cagao5a **161
16End Slab 15a **100
17End Slab 25a *57
 Sector Mario 
19Mario moreno II4c ***185
20Mario moreno5a ***216
21Zarzamora4c **146
 Sector Pipe 
23El imperio contrataca4c *122
24El retorno del Jedi5a *112
25La guerra de las galaxies4c *100
26Pezón5c 28
27Quarried Wall5c *64
 Sector Pasión 
29El bandido de un brazo6a ***118
30El culo5c **97
31King of Quint6a+ **69
32Con el culo al aire5c **87
33Pasión interminable5a ***176
34Pasión oculta4c *72
35Unnamed4b *11
 Sector Cabra Zombi 
37S-Groove6a ***8
38Scoop Groove6c ***3
39Negrácula6c **1
40Chisparitas6c+ ** 
41Arete Right6c * 
42Paprika6b+ *4
 Sector Mejicano 
44Perro flauta8a * 
45Steep Arete?  
47Anti-natural7c+ * 
48 Super Natural8a *** 
49Aresta gore8c *** 
50Head Hunter8a+ ** 
52Tatoo L17b+ **2
53Defcon One8a ** 
54Si yo fuera presidente7b+ * 
55Odio a cobi7b ***7
56El sudaca7a+ **4
57Txino tzapa8a  
58Tetrix7c+ ** 
59Buñocracia6b+ *9
60Trio infernal7c  
61Casi7c *2
62Maximo Riesgo7c * 
63La gigante verde7a *2
64Directe verde7a+ * 
65Bomber torrat7a+ *1
66Steep and Slabby6c *3
67Right LIne5a 1
69Don Manolo
V4 *** 
V3 ***1
V10 *** 
72Dejota Dijei
V11 *** 
73All SimpsonV4 1
74Entre Dos
75Homer Simpson
V4 1
76Alone in the Dark
V6 *** 
77Respeta l'arbre
78El kamikaze
V3 * 
79El hueco
V2 ** 
80Son Rocas
81Mandel y skali
V4 ***1
82Hip-hop de puta
V4 **1
V8 *** 
V9 *** 
85Pica paquito
V4 * 
86El crack
V3 ***2
V7 ***1
88D.J. Cervino
V8 * 
89Comando rasta
V5 * 
90Carta de plata
V2 4
91Don Simón
92Golpesito Rodriguez
V6 **3
V1 *7
94Paco PP
V3 1
96El rincón moro
97El cagatió
V4 ** 
987 notas, 7 colores
99Siete, siete
100Nen's traverse
101Falsa identidad
V3 3
V8 ***1
103El rimadero
V12 *** 
104Señor Don Paco
V6 *** 
105Sabio Joven Negro Estudiante
106El comienzo
V3 1
108Los reyes del insomnio
109Tetas valadores
110Chochos valdores
111Juggy Warm-up
112Great Roof Problem
113Dani's RoofV5 ***2
 Sector Raska y Gana 
115Spoon Man7a+ * 
116Super Unknown6c+ ** 
117Corbata Columbiana6c * 
118Recluta Patoso6c **5
119Os habeis comido mi cerdo7b ** 
120Multi Racial6c+ **1
121Glasgow Kiss7b ** 
122Firo 20147b * 
123Scorpion7a+ **4
124Born Slippy5b **20
125Chelsea Smile6a+ **21
126Cubeza de Patata6a ***25
127Dog Sniffer6a **14
128Raska y Gana6c ***6
129The Double Life of Marvel6c+ **1
 Sector All Right 
131Ignatius6c ** 
132The Holland Tigger6b+ **2
133Botifoll6c **2
134Gran Prepucio6c **2
135All Right6c+ ** 
136Fat Climbers6b+ **3
137Proyecto Salto Base7b+ ***1
138Flaying Machine6c+ ***2
139Bombay Bicycle Club6c ***19
140Quaranta Putes7a+ **2
141Pasta Gansa Left? * 
142Pasta Gansa6b **13
143La Xancia de Ghandi6a+ **17
 Sector Xurasco 
145The Human Centipede6b+ **1
146Amon Ra6a+ **8
147Haz Tu Zurollo Con Orgullo6a+ *6
148Video Nasty6c ***8
149DVD Nasty7a ***7
150Maños moñas7b * 
151Puntas de Pollas6c+ ** 
152Gastos En Llamas7a **1
153Mombasa Calling7b+ *** 
154Niño Melôn7c ** 
155Morcilla8a ** 
156Cementerio de Sabo7b+ ***1
157Octopussy7a ***21
158Leche de Milf7a+ **1
159El negro albino7a+ ** 
160Burandanga6c **4
161Mas loco k el loco6b+ **5
162La Viagra del Abuélo7a **2
163Viagra Direct7a  
164Cagadero de Gineta5a ***13
165Cantimplora rosa4c ***6
166Butter Fingers6b **4
 Sector Conguito 
168Monkey largo6b **3
169Suegra 7476b+ **3
170Interstellar Overdrive7a **3
171Doctor Jeremiah7a+ * 
172Zapatiazo6b *5
173Boudica7a+ ** 
174Karma Cabra P16a **18
175Karma Cabra7a *** 
176Lichen Muncher6b 5
177Sika-phobia7b ** 
178Congo Mongo7b **4
179Ganxito Perfecto7a+ ***7
180King Conguito7b ***6
181The Lorenzo Pinch7c ***1
182Gallos Go Home!7c+ **2
183Cubo de Sabo7c+ * 
 Other Routes - Location Unknown 
185Por Detra's me Gusta Mas
7a+ 1
186The Apprentice
6a 1
 Routes Added from Rockfax Book 
188Super calvo6b+  
190Pello frito6c  
191Negore Albino7a+ ** 
192No mas Cairos7a+  
193King Conguito P27a  
194Gallos Direct Left7c+  
195Gallos Direct Right7c+  
196Black Sheep7c+  
197Red Bull Shit6c  

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