Climbs 96
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 231m a.s.l
Faces all

Domes © steveE9

Crag features

This is a lovely little place on a small hill overlooking the village of Birchover. It consists of a series of blocks and caves in the trees with some interesting rock carvings and tunnels. Most of the climbing is in the higher grades requiring some big mantels and long pulls on steep rounded breaks. The rock can be quite green but the best problems tend to stay clean, be prepared for some dirty experiences though if you are here after long periods of wet weather. It is sheltered from the wind and can be a cool retreat in summer when the trees give plenty of shade.

Approach notes

Birchover is best approached from the B5056 road which runs south from the A6. As you arrive in the little village of Birchover the first thing you will see is the Druid Inn on the right-hand side of the road. Park on the main road in the village, not down by the pub. The rocks are just behind the pub and are reached by a small path down the lane leading up behind it.

Restricted Access

Access to this area is very sensitive with complaints to the landowner from local residents about noise, litter and fires. Whilst climbers may not be responsible for this, in order to foster good relations we would encourage anyone visiting the crag to be on best behaviour and to pick up any litter to demonstrate that climbers are responsible users of the countryside. Don't light fires, avoid turning up in large groups, follow the current approach advice and very importantly clean chalk from holds once you've finished.

Short Sean's Reachy Roof to is the most sensitive area for local residents so please make an extra effort here to keep sessions short and quiet.

Lantern sessions (bouldring at night using lanterns to light up problems) are inapproriate at Rowtor due to the proximity of houses to the rocks - please only visit Rowtor Rocks during daylight hours.

Also please refrain from climbing on this boulder: which features ancient cup and ring carvings. It's a small boulder below Domes but avoiding it will help relations with the other users of Rowtor.


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Peak Bouldering

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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 The Cave Area 
2Pickle Your Kneesf6B  
3Egg Meatf6B 1
4Hee Hawf5 4
5Gruts for Teaf6B 5
6Steady Jobf6B 2
7Titchy Digitsf7A 3
8Badarapababaf5+ 3
9Catchf7C+ **2
10Mini Prow
V5 1
 The Chip Shop 
12The Brazilianf7C *2
13Chip Shop Mantelf6B+ **75
14Gutter Snipef6B+ 4
15The Yoghurt Hypnotistf7B ***136
16Pink Lady Sit-Start
V11 **1
17Pink Lady Standingf8A **1
18Pink Lady Jump Start
V7 9
19Slab RouteV3  
20Abyssf6C *5
21Dirty Habits
E3 6a  
 The Upper Tier 
23Kermit's Earsf5 **55
24Kermit's Ears Sit-StartV4 **75
25Raw Dealf7C+ **2
26Raw Powerf7B **8
27The Linef7A *90
28The Line Sit-Start
V9 *3
29Dissolutionf7B+ *2
30Kermit's Arêtef6B+ **69
31Kermit's Arête EliminateV8 *5
32Steps Mantel
V3 5
33The Rowtor Challenge
V1 19
34Bus Stop Traversef7A 1
35Bus Stop Mantelf7B ***34
36Mantle Illnessf7B  
37Coy Hinnyf6A+ 4
38Men in Small Carsf7B *41
39The Cheekf7A *27
40Pig Troughf6A+ **98
41Blood Fallsf7A+ ***157
42Humpty Dumpty
V5 *10
 Quine Block 
44Quinef7C **33
45Cute Bumf6C *65
46Seal Traversef5+ 31
47Seal Traverse ReverseV3 3
 Crag Corner 
50Jealous Cracks
VS 5a * 
51The Girdle Traverse
HS 4b *1
52I Hope to Return Some Day (SJS)E3 6a *1
53Weepy WrestlerHVS 5a 1
54Rowter Recovery
VS 4c *4
55I am the God of Hell Firef7A+ 3
56Unleash the Beastf6C+ 1
57Rowtor Nowhere
VS 4c 4
58Wiggly Crack
HS 4b *7
59Rowter Riches
VS 5a  
60Hang 'em Highf7A+ *1
61Rowter Ruin
E1 5c * 
VS 5a *1
 Apple Buttress 
64Apple DappyVS 5a 1
65Tuffy Apple
VS 5a  
66My Buddy the Applef7C ***1
67My Applef7A+ ***35
68Apple Tree
E5 6c *1
69Apple Corner
VS 5a *2
70Dass Crabf6B 1
 Crimpy Block 
72Chip Butty
V2 1
73Jam and Blast Itf6C *2
74Jigsaw Bulge
V0 7
75Jigsaw Bulge Hanging Startf6C 5
76Crimpy Flakef6B  
77Crimpanzeef6B+ *6
78Crimpanzee Sit-Startf7B+ *2
79Little Flattyf6A 8
80Slot Slab Arêtef4+ 12
81Slot Slabf5+ 33
82Hula Slab
V0+ 7
84Tree Wall
85Domesf7A+ ***59
86Domes Sit-StartV9 ***32
87Pat's Arêtef6B *4
88Short Sean's Traversef6B+ *9
89Short Sean's ExtensionV7 *10
90Pat's Rooff7A ***4
91The UnknownV6 1
92Runnel Rummagef6A+ **42
93Short Sean's Reachy Rooff7A ***177
94Short Sean's Proper RoofV7 ***41
 The Mantelist 
96Alohaf6A+ 1
97Barbapapaf6C 1
98Barbarêtef5+ 1
99The Mantelistf7A 1
 Kim's Block 
101Exit Stage Rightf5+ 3
102The BaronV6 1
103Kim's Problemf7B+ *2
104Thalidomide Thumb WarV10  
105Final Thoughtf6A+ **26
106Final Thought DynoV6 **6

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