Climbs 109
Rocktype Sandstone (hard)
Altitude 180m a.s.l

neath abbey © alexmannionclimbing

Crag features

The large quarry located above neath abbey and clearly visible from the M4 and main roads. There is a large boulder field below quarry and has 6 3star boulders fr font 6a to 7c. Also lots more potential. Access is a grey area and a epic if you dont know the way.The google map tag is wrong and the crag is actually located where the Dyfryn tag has been placed. found and deeloped mostly by alex mannion and liam fyfe who bush wacked the path and built most landings. other firsts were made later by tom williams, rhiannon jacob and eliot stephens.

Approach notes

Park sensible in the closest dead end street below quarry not up private road at end. But at the moment access has improved but could change with agreements not bein met. behave. Pick a locals brain.
As you enter the open area below the quarry partition area is at the bottom to your left, directly above that the domed block is hillside arête as the ground levels to your left is far left area and to your right first is wonder block just before the obvious black slab and directly above this is the stunning square hanging block of Triassic.


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Do anyone have a topo for Neath Abbey quarry?
RichyBOYY - 08/May/15
Does anyone have a topo?? looks well decent here!
RichyBOYY - 07/May/15
Some absolute jems here and possibility for real hard lines. But please dont gain access through private land. Keep your presence to a minimum to avoid any fuss. Contact me if your interested in visiting cheers
fyfee8a - 18/May/13
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 top right 
2Holiday ArÍtef7A+ **14
3Holiday ArÍte Lowf7A+ **10
4Wad WagonV6 **1
 Triassic area 
6Triassic 5.0f7B ***20
7Als Aretef6C+ **22
8Kevs Aretef4+ ***21
9Triassic Wallf6C ***10
10Left Triassicf6B+ *7
11Scalesf7B *2
 Black slab area 
13Black slab traversef5+ *5
14Perfect Slab Sitf6A ***28
15Razor Rocketf6C+ *1
16Crimp,slope And Topf5 *4
 groovy boulder(below wonder block) 
18Groovy Aretef5 *9
19Groove To Aretef6A *6
20How Groovyf5+ *7
 Wonder block 
22Al's Slabf2 3
23Vatertagf6C+ *10
24Back Vaterf6C *8
25Exfoliationf7A *9
26Whale to whalef5+ *2
 frontier bloc 
28Frontierf6B *4
29Frontier (sans Footblock)f7A+ *2
30Yumf6C *1
 the pit 
32Rail Ridef3+ 3
33Grimmessf6C+ *2
34Directionf5+ *4
35Direction Extensionf6C+ *1
 swiss block 
37Brionifiedf7A ***32
38Chironification Directf7A ***13
39A Continental Shiftf6A **14
40A Continental Sitf6B+ *5
41Chironification Standf6C ***20
42Chironificationf7A+ ***11
 The plateau 
44Plateau Lipf5 *5
45Forbidden Fruitf7A **8
46Plateau Prowf5+ 4
47Pleasant ArÍtef6B *10
48The Shelff5 7
 Far left area 
50April Foolf4+ 4
51The rosef4+ 2
52Firsty Thursdayf5 3
53Techtonicsf7B ***20
54Archamedies Aretef6B 4
55The Hopf4 1
56Half statef7B+ **12
 Hillside arÍte area 
58Hillside Scoopf6B *18
59Camabrian Circusf6C *1
60Hillside Slabf4 **12
61Hillside Directf6C+ *20
62Hillside Aretef6C ***22
63On My Ownf2 1
64Left Behindf2 1
65Ych A Fi!f6B+ *6
 long in the lip block 
67Long In The Lip (part 1)f7A+ ***4
68Long In The Lip (part 2)f7A+ **10
69Long in the Lipf7C ***2
 Partition area 
71Lost World Aretef6B+ ***3
72The Darksidef6C+ **6
73Enter The Darksidef7C+ ***2
74The Thugf7A *3
75Road To Recoveryf6B *6
76Orchestral manoeuvres in the darkf7A *5
77De Patitionf7C ***2
78De Pateshedf7C+ ***3
79Der paterf7C ***11
80The Partitionf6C+ ***38
81Bloodshedf7A *29
82Rhi's Wallf6B+ **30
83Inbetweenf5 **10
84Wet Feet Rhf4+ **11
85Wet Feet Slabf3 **16
86Ground Forcef6A 10
87Eclipsedf5+ *7
88Alan Titchmarshf6A+ *12
89Fauna Fondlerf7A+ *1
90Rail to railf6B **24
91Rail Diversionf6B+ 10
92First arÍtef5+ *19
 welcome to the abbey block 
94Welcome To The Abbeyf6B ***14
95New Testamentf6C+ ***11
96Al's traversef4 *8
97Full Frontalf6C+ *1
98Less Frontf6C *2
99Time Crisisf6B+ *4
100Lecherous Linef6C+ *2
 mossy block 
102Gonzof6B 5
103The green manf4+ *3
104Mossy Slabf3+ 3
105The giftf2 **2
106The gift lefthandf2 **2
107Toms slabf2 2
108Stashf2+ 2
 in the left woods area 
110Undercut Empiref6C+ *1
111Unauthorised Absencef5+ *4
112Less Work, More Playf5+ 4
113Absenteef5+ 4
114Big johnf6A+ **3
115Abbey Aretef7A **2
116Macpherson Coupf6C+ **1
117Less FunV1 1
118Local StartV4+ 1
119Be-Neath Mef6C *1
120Statesidef8A+ ***3
121Flateau *f6C 1
122Dreamcatcher *f4+ 1
123Bonification *f5 *1
124Diversification *f6A *2
125Check Left Hand *f6C **2
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