Climbs 190
Rocktype Dolerite
Altitude 100m a.s.l
Faces S

Christmas Curry, Tremadog. © Dissenter

Crag features

One of the best crags in Wales, with multi-pitch routes up to 250ft. Many classic including Christmas Curry (S), One Step In The Clouds (VS 4c), The Plum (E1 5b), the unbeatable Vector (E2 5c), Void (E3 6a), Zukator (E4 6a) and of course Strawberries (E7 6b) and Dream Topping (E7 6c). Often busy with people exiled by the weather in the Pass.

Approach notes

Park near Eric's Caff off the A498. The crag is to the right. Finding the bottom of routes often involves jungle-bashing, so try to work out where you want to be early on. Walk off from the top if possible, and if abseiling is essential then leave a sling around the tree - don't run your rope around it (as that severely damages both).

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Tremadog and Cwm Silyn (1989) (1989)
The climb listed here as 'striptease' - vs 5a has recently suffered from a rockfall in the lower section of its first pitch. Some loose rock may remain. Be wary of further rockfall on this route
dmaldonado - 04/May/14
After learning to climb for 4 weeks came here to climb and did shadrach through the crack (chimney) that was annoyingly difficult to get through but a good experience.
Shane Standing - 25/Oct/10
Did Leg Slip recently - it might be a bit harder than HVS Roger Grimshaw
JRG - 09/Jun/09
i am from south wales and it was my first time at tremadog and i thought the overall grades were a bit tougher than the likes of wintours leap and shorncliff
jason morris - 18/Oct/05
When I first started to climb I went to North Wales to get away from the crumbly limestone of the Wye valley where I live. My first climb in Tremadog was Yogi (VS) and I found it probably one of best climbs I have ever done, or certainly the best VS I have ever done. Lovely rock, and when the protection is there it is brilliant and I seem to recall a good abseil station from the top. Nice easy climbing!
Sam Trefgarne - 15/Feb/02
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Valerie's Rib Area 
2GilljoVD *160
3Rip Torn
E2 5c *3
4Valerie's RibHS 4b **1530
5Valerie's Rib Direct
S 129
6ValorE2 5c **169
E2 5c 1
8The Pink Fridge
E3 5c *2
9The GrasperE2 5c ***216
10New Management
E3 6a 2
11Zukator / Grasper ConnectionE3 5c ***51
12ZukatorE4 6b **78
13The Man Who Fell to Earth
E4 6a *5
14The Man Who Fell To Earth Direct Finish
E5 6b 2
15Quite Easy for Big Heads
E6 6b *2
16Marathon Man
E5 6a **5
17Marathon Man Variation
E5 6a 1
18Clapton's CrackVS 4c *278
19The Sword
HS 1
20Clean Edge
E3 6a **13
 Neb Buttress 
22Kestrel Cracks
HVS 5a **317
23The Neb
E2 5c **110
24Broken Edge
E2 5c *15
25Neb DirectE4 6a **67
26DotheboysE2 6a **11
E2 5c **17
28Final Exam
E2 5c *5
29Neb / Broken Edge *E2 5c *1
 Plum Buttress 
31Magic Mushroom
E2 5b 1
VS 4c *133
33Grotto Direct
HVS 5a **159
E2 5c 20
35Christmas CurryS 4a ***2408
36Christmas Curry / Micah EliminateHS 4b ***2058
37Christmas Curry / Finish Of Moments
E3 5b 2
38Christmas Curry / Treemudrock Finish (aka Duff Plum Finish)
VS 4c **91
39Christmas Curry / Lleolwyr FinishE1 5b 29
40Taste Of Thunder
E2 5c  
41The PlumE1 5b ***1257
42The Plum - Crack Addict Start
E2 5c 50
HVS 5a 1
 Fang Buttress 
45MolarHVS 5b 10
46Footless Frenzy
HVS 5a  
E2 6a  
48The FangHVS 5a ***1039
49The RootE2 5c **14
50ExtractionE2 5c **330
51StripteaseVS 5a **1028
E3 6a **34
53High Kicks
E3 5c *6
54G StringHVS 5a *81
55TriangulumHS 25
56Gangani Groove
E1 6a * 
 One Step in the Clouds 
58 Hail BebeVD **1265
59 One Step in the CloudsVS 4c ***3194
60 Dark SideE2 6a *10
 Vector Buttress 
62Sultans of SwingE4 6a ***26
63DiadicE1 5b **226
64NimbusE2 5c **154
65Weaver / Nimbus ConnectionE2 5c **15
66The WeaverE2 5c ***433
67BananasE5 6b **23
E7 6c *1
69StrawberriesE7 6b ***59
70Dream Topping
E7 7a ***6
71CreamE4 6a ***324
72VectorE2 5c ***1097
73The Croaker
E3 5c *25
74The Atomic Finger FlakeE4 6a **68
75Swift Undercut
E7 6c * 
E4 6b 1
77VoidE4 6a ***220
78The Mongoose
E5 6a **10
79The SnakeE2 5c ***78
80The PhiltrumE6 6b **3
 Grim Wall 
82Rinkrank variation startE2 5c * 
83Grim Wall DirectE1 5b **1053
84An Argument Among Plankton
E3 6a *6
85Leg BreakE3 5c *27
86Grim WallVS 4c **1594
87Ham RouteVS 4c 11
88MeshachHVS 5a ***1235
89Meshach / Rattlesnake finishE2 5c *47
E2 5b *15
91Leg break / Meshach / Blinkers HybridE2 5c ***88
92ShadrachVS 4c **1435
93The BrothersVS 4c **408
94The Brothers Direct FinishE1 5b **104
95What Ever
VS 5a 3
96The Brothers Independent FinishE1 5b 29
E3 5c 5
98Emily Street
E2 5c *9
99CarloE1 5b *9
100SometimesE3 6a *2
 Leg Slip 
102Semper Dexter Nil Sinister
E1 5b *8
103Bashi BazoukE1 5b *20
104Nifl-HeimHVS 5a **230
105Pizzle Puzzle
E3 5c 1
106Pretzl LogicE2 5c **69
107VenomE3 6a **113
108Time Slip
E3 6a 1
109Certain Slip
E3 6a 1
110Leg SlipE1 5b **592
111First SlipE1 5c **362
112Leg Break Finish
E2 5c 1
113Freudian Slip
E2 5c 9
114Slip ShodE3 5c 1
115The Jackal
E1 5b 2
HVS 5a 4
117Breeze Buttress
VD 2
118Glade wayVS 5
119Sail Mali
HVS 5a  
E1 5b 1
121Crazy Diamond
E1 5b  
 Oakover Buttress 
123Knell for a Jackdaw
S *105
HVS 5a **50
HVS 5a  
VS 4c *173
127BloodsuckerE2 5c *20
E2 5c **61
129AxeoverVS 4c **133
VS 4c *43
VD 62
HS 4b *20
VS 4c *3
 Merlin Buttress 
135Down To Earth
E2 5c  
136Re-Enter Down
E2 6a * 
E2 6a 4
HVS 5a **216
HVS 5a 9
140Daddy CoolE2 5c *137
E1 5b 54
142The StingE2 5c *51
143Daddy Cool/The StingE2 5c **25
144Heartbreak HotelHS 3
145RienettaHS 4a **207
146Rienetta Variation Start
VS **24
E2 6b 1
148MerlinVS 5a *668
149Merlin DirectHVS 5a ***1604
150VultureE4 6a ***79
151Vulture Direct
E4 6a 1
152GeireagleE3 5c **228
153Y BrogaHVS 5a *329
154O Brother
VS 4b 3
155OberonS 4b *1408
156What's In A Name?
E3 5c  
157Oberon Original Start
HS 4c 84
158Oberon Easy StartD 21
159Oberon Variation FinishHS 4c 61
160Trivial PursuitsE3 6a  
161KaoE5 6a *1
162Emotional Crisis
E4 5c *4
163Tout Fou
E2 5c  
164Bombon El Perro
E1 5c  
165Santa's Little Helper
E1 5b 1
 Far Eastern Slabs 
167Frog Noise
VD 19
168Cracked Slab
D 119
 Boo-Boo Buttress 
170Park Life
VS 5a 4
171Boo-BooD *929
172Starship Trooper
E4 5c *3
E4 6a  
174Rock On Tommy
E4 6a * 
175Hot Rats
E4 6a *3
 Borneo Buttress 
VS 4b 1
178GeronimoE2 5c *6
179Savage Man
E4 6a  
VS 4c *124
HS 4a 5
182QuercusHS 4b *10
183CynhyrchwyrVS 4c 113
184Tree RadicalHVS 5b 8
HS 4b *302
186Cynchwyr/RioVS 4b *36
 Yogi Area 
188GwaedE1 5b *67
E3 5c  
E4 6b 1
E2 5b **167
192Sheer Khan
HVS 5a 21
193Sheer Resist
E4 6b *1
194Sheer Khan Right HandS 4a **204
195Keep It Retro
HVS 5a 6
196Smarter Than The Average Bear
VS 4c 182
197YogiVS 4b **1059
198Mr RangerVS 4c *169
VS 4c 4
200Silver ShadowE2 5c 2
201TroHS 4a *192
202DagrauE1 5b *63
203LlafurE1 5b *80
204Gardien Des √ČtoilesVS 4b 3
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