Climbs 125
Rocktype Limestone

Faces S

nearly wet.. © Tommy Harris

Crag features

The first of the sport areas at Swanage. Steep bulging walls with some short and intense climbs. Still needs some re-gearing work. Easy approach and access via non-tidal ledge. One small bouldering wall and a handful of trad routes.

Approach notes

From Durlston Car Park follow the road towards the lighthouse then turn west (right - looking out) along the coast path. Continue to a stile just before the two

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13/08/2012 almost all the routes have new bolts.
Haydn Jones - 13/Aug/12
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Benny / Tesselations Area 
2BennyA1 ***144
3Clever DickE1 5c **1
4Atonement7c **7
5Air of Detachment7b **3
6Crimes Against the Soul7a *6
7Hot Flush Down Under7b 5
8Hot to Trot7b+ *1
9Gangster Lean6c **43
10Seppukku6c **57
11Chicago Peace6b+ **48
12Clamp Down6c+ **19
13J.J.Burnell, King of the Bass6b *35
14Just Another Victim7b+ **1
15Godfodder7c+ ** 
16A Bosch Boy, a Trad and a Funky DreddE4 6b 1
17Winking Wall
E2 6a 1
18Show of Hands7a *11
19Empowerless7a *6
20Community Service7a *6
21Revelation ChimneyVS 4c **28
22Waves Become Wings7b+ ***8
23Birth Pains of New Nations7b ***11
24Tessellations7b ***60
25Carpe Diem7b+ **16
26Total Seizure7c ***19
27State of Play7c+ **1
28Solid State Logic8a **3
 Tensile Groove Test Area 
30Defining Moment7c+ * 
31Walter's RouteVD 8
32DanglefootHD 42
33The Flail Trail6a *151
34My New Top6b+ 84
35Violent Breed7b+ **25
36Elements of Abstraction7c ** 
37Down in the Sewer7b **19
38Tensile Groove TestE4 6a **12
39West of a Cravef6C * 
40Crest of a Wave Startf6B+ ** 
41Not a Trad Routef5+ * 
42Crest of a Wave7b **9
43Crystal Voyager 2E4 6a ***2
44Star of Africa7b+ *1
45Yorkshire Talk7b+ **7
46Shock to the System7c+ **1
47The Resistor7c * 
48Electric Circus7b+ **7
49Volts Discharge7a *23
50The Undertow Traversef7A **3
51Mr.Gymnasia7a *31
52Gym'n'Tonic7b+ 1
53Load it for Me7b **11
54Load it for Me Direct7b+ ** 
55Deep Puddle Dynamics7c+ *2
56The Garage Mechanic7c *1
 Becalmed / Spacewalk Area 
58Coming in a rush7b+  
59Fat Lipf7A *1
60Chasm GrooveE1 5b **3
61Ride the Lightningf7C+ ** 
62Double-Figure E-Grade Dreamsf4+ * 
63Monumental Effortf4+ * 
64Drive Byf7A ** 
65Juggernautf7B **1
66Jack Knifef7A+ ** 
67Techno Sketchingf7A *1
68Puddle Jumperf6C+ *2
69Bob's Roof8a * 
70Baby-faced Assassin7a+ *11
71BoongaryHVS 4c *8
72Hip HopHVS 5a *3
73German New Order7b+ *3
74New Wave SlabHS 4a 1
75Distant Early WarningE1 5c 3
76Kool and the GangE1 5b *2
77Playing With Fire6c *7
78Genetix6b *16
79Seratonin7a+ *1
80Boiling Point7a *4
81To Fever Pitch7a+ *2
82Becalmed7a+ *3
83Stakk AttakkE2 5c *2
84Geordie Pride7a *7
85DWME2 5c *4
86Peggy's Cove6c+ 3
87Zeitgeist7a+ *13
88Spirits Rising7b 6
 The Futurist Area 
90A Quantum Jump for Apekind (The Pompey Troll)E4 6a 3
91Dafinko7c * 
92The Calling7b *2
93Ocean of ViolenceE3 6a 3
94Absolute Dissent7a+ **7
95Grossville7a **48
96Spacewalk7b ***32
E2 6a 1
98Sea RideHVS 5a *28
99Hackney's HammerHVS 5a *28
100SexaphoneE6 6b ** 
101Space ThresholdE3 6a *2
102Edward's Effort (re-climbed after rock fall)E1 5b **1
103All Apologies7a+ *11
104Strangled in Black7a *14
105Titter Ye Not Mrs!6b+ **48
106Two Tickets to the Gun Show7a+ *15
HVS 4c 1
108Fat NecrosisE4 6b * 
109Rise of the Robots7b+ **34
110Liquid Steel7c **10
111The Futurist 20027b+ **3
112Event Horizon8a+ **2
113BerserkaE4 6b  
114The Shape of Roofs to Come7b *14
115Ape CrapE2 6a *1
116War of Attrition7c+ *2
117The Incredible Hulk7c **5
118Howling StoneE4 6a **3
119grockles passageVS 4c *9
 Lost routes (by Rockfall) 
121 Len's Rule of the SeaE3 6a **8
122 Crystal VoyagerE3 5c **9
123 Ju An Si WeiVS 5a *1
124 KangarooHS 4b *5
125 Original RouteS 4b 8
126 Spray FeverE1 5a 2
127 Blitzkrieg7b+  
128 Big Brother is Watching7a *7
129 Guided by Voices7b+ *1
130 Edward's EffortE1 5b *12

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