Climbs 125
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 240m a.s.l
Faces E

Dan on Rubble Rouser (F6a+) at Foredale © Si Withington

Crag features

*Please note that due to a few climbers ignoring the access agreements at this crag it is currently closed to climbers. Please see the following UKC thread for more details *

Routes mainly in the range of 6a+ - 6c+ but there are also a selection of easier (4 - 5+) routes and a handful of 7a's too. Walls that face all aspects. A great outlook opposite penyghent, with little seepage after light rain. Routes in the region of 14 meters on average, but there are some fanatastic multi pitch routes at grades F6C and F7a.

Approach notes

Currently closed to climbers - see

Park at the end of the quarry road in an obvious parking area, just before the sharp left-hand bend and the main farm.

Walk past the farm (no noise please) and up the lane. Midway between the sharp bend and the cottages, branch left (BMC Sign in place) up a grassy ridge to the right of the fence - follow this to the old slate quarry, traverse right to a small gate and enter the quarry.

No dogs, fires or camping allowed.

Access Banned

Access to Foredale quarry was always a sensitive issue with the local farmer and several of the owners of cottages passed on the previously agreed access route. The ever increasing popularity of the quarry brought these issues to a head in 2011 with the farmer withdrawing his permission for climbers to cross his land on the hillside above the farm and adjacent to Foredale Cottages. The farmer, at this time, was not the owner of the quarry itself but in 2014 he acquired full ownership of the land and continues to oppose climbing there.

Most of the upper perimeter of the quarry, except the land on the hillside directly below on the old access route, is mapped as Access Land under the CRoW Act..  Climbers entering the quarry over the access land from above since 2011 have generally reported no challenge. One group were approached by a young farmer (not, apparently, the one who imposed the ban) who told them that climbing was not permitted because of nesting birds and rare plants but after a polite discussion they were allowed to continue climbing.


Please note - As of this week, climbing at Foredale is no longer permitted. Unfortunately a few selfish people have spoilt it for the rest of us The landowner was fed up due to several reasons People taking dogs to the crag despite several notices requesting no dogs Litter being dropped around the area of the crag Damage to walls especially in the last couple of weeks
Conan - 20/May/11
Chossy, dangerous - not worth the visit.
nightmonkeyuk - 26/Apr/11
this will help u find it . take b6479 north from settle go through stainforth about 2,2km from stainforth on a sharp bend turn left turn right just after pub on right . follow road along and park where signs indicate. walk up and bear to the right hand size of the quarry that is facing you. foredale is around the corner ,
philb - 21/Aug/10
Please ensure that everybody sticks to the BMC Access notes for this quarry to avoid further conflicts with the farmer - no dogs, fires or camping.
CasWebb - 24/Jun/08
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Warm Up Walls 
2Simple Simon3+ *4
3Broadsword Calling5c 67
4Danny Boy
6a 48
5Schloss Adler
5a 19
6Fore Play
4a *73
7Hotel Paradiso5c 1
 Africa Flake Area 
9A Taste of Honey6a *17
10A Touch of Class6b *16
11The Sting6c 16
12The Entertainer6a **45
13Flake of Good Hope
5c *64
14Look Back in Anger
6a *44
15Anger Management5a *69
16Riches and Salvation6c *14
17Poverty and Damnation6a+ *2
 Central Slabs 
19Jolly Roger4a *2
4a *47
21Social Realism
6a **55
22The Wandering Warthog
5c ***110
23Warthog Direct6a+ **8
24The Zebra6a+ *26
25White Rhino6a **22
26Animal Magic6b+ **15
27On Safari6b+ *11
28Town Hall Steps
6a **30
29Outward Bound
6b 5
 Black Slab 
31The Ace of Spades6a+ **89
32Black Jack6a **61
33Joint Effort6c **35
34Black Magic
6a ***39
35Dark Secrets5c **87
 Main Walls 
37Mistaken Identity
6b+ *12
38Alpine Memories
6b+ 65
39Pic n Mix6c+ **2
40Black Watch...(My Foot, Jock!)7a ***3
41Shot in the Dark
7a ***23
42A Bridge Too Far
6c+ ***12
43Pot Black6c ***35
44Black Spot
6b+ **31
45Night Rider6c **8
46(The Real) Slim Shady
6b+ **22
 Sector Scorpion 
48The Quarry Master6b ***4
49Ebony and Ivory6b+ **5
50Dicing With Damocles6b+ **12
6c+ **10
52Black Adder6b+ *16
53Darker Doings6b **1
54Black Widow
6b *14
55Darkness at Noon6b *5
 The Amphitheatre 
57Waltzing Matilda6a+ **5
58You've Been Tango'd6a *1
59Jelly Feet7a **4
60The Hippy, Hippy Shake6c+ *4
61The Jitterbug6b 2
62Twinkletoes6b+ **9
63Footwork and Fancy Free
6c+ **6
64Dress Rehearsal6c+ *2
65Cirith Ungol
VS 4b  
 Upper Amphitheatre 
67First Night Nerves6a+ *2
68The Royal Box6b *1
69Centre Stage6b+ **2
70Command Performance7a *2
71Curtain Call6b 2
 The Wastelands 
73The Magic Staircase3 *22
74Castor5c *15
75Pollux5a **26
76Little Star
6a *5
 Hidden Walls 
78Flintstone Wall6a *18
79Barney Ribblesdale
6a+ **37
80Strange Days7a *2
6c *4
82Fred Foredale
6b+ **10
83Resin 8
7a ***25
84This Blasted Heath
6c **15
85Dancing with the Devil
6b+ *12
86Break on Through (To the Other Side)6c+ **3
87Riders on the Storm6c ***6
88The End
7a **4
89Ethical Nightmare6c **2
90All Along the Watchtower
6c *6
91Fun and Games
6b **10
92High Jinx
6c+ **6
93Winking Crack
6b *2
 The Bay 
95Cactus Jack
6a 9
96Cotton Eyed Joe
6a+ 4
97It's Lifebuoy (but not as you know it)6b+ *13
98Nose Job6a+ *4
99Bomb Bay6a+ *9
100The Upshot is...6b+ *17
101Life's a Beach6a+ *26
102Bay Watch5c *49
103Surfing the Stone5a *50
104Rising Tide6a *1
105Mountain Ear Ring
VS 4c  
 The Back o' Beyond Wall 
107Old Fossil Wall
6b 11
6a+ *8
109Rubble Rouser
6a+ *20
110Play Misty
6a+ *7
111Back Street Gossip
6a *24
112Sunny Side Up
6a+ **42
113To Helwith It
6b+ *26
114Lost World
6a *36
115Go with the Flow
6b *21
116Eccles Cakewalk
6b *4
117The End is Nigh
6a+ *4
118Anniversary Waltz6a **2
 The Quick-Fix Walls 
S 4a  
121Terror Non Firma
E1 5b  
122Keeper's Fold
S 4a  
123Legs Leven
VS 4c  
124Scoop of the Day
6a+ *9
125One Armed Bandit
7a *1
6c+ *5
127Cracking On Up6b *9
128Get a Grip (On Yourself)
6a+ *10
129A Bravura Breath of Bravado
E1 5c 1
130A Towering Tribute to Trad
HS 4c  
131Slick Slab
S 4b  
132Fore Candles
VD 1
133Forke Handles
MVS 4b  
 The Creature Wall 
135X-Ray Specs
6b *11
136Poly Styrene's Start
7a *3
137The Day the World Turned Day-Glo
6b+ *5
6c **13
139Blinkin' Rain7a *1

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