Climbs 114
Rocktype Grit (quarried)
Altitude 400m a.s.l

Will on Central Crack - HVS 5a- Wilton 3 - 31/03/09 © Andrew 99

Approach notes

No climbing allowed Weds, Fri and Sun as used by gun club.

Restricted Access

Wilton 3 is owned by Bolton Gun Club with agreed times for shooting and climbing - live firing takes place and it is vital that climbers understand and follow the agreed access arrangements. A new approach has recently been agreed – please see the ‘access’ section below for details as the old approach through the front gate is no longer possible.

Climbers have priority on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Shooters have priority on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays and if shooting, red flags will be flying around the top of the quarry as well as on the approach.

On shooting days when the red warning flags are not in place, climbers can access the quarries, but if shooters arrive later, please pack up and leave as soon as safely possible. Please try to avoid the temptation of assuming that the ranges are not being used until at least mid-afternoon. On days when climbers have priority, the shooters can use the sites if climbers are not present when they arrive. However, if climbers arrive shooting must stop. If shooting is taking place on a climbing day, enter the quarry using the route detailed in the ‘access’ section below and approach the shooters hut along the newly landscaped path (which takes you safely behind the line of fire). Politely ask the shooters to stop and allow them a reasonable amount of time to clear up.

Climbers have an additional day in Wilton 3 on Mondays compared to Wilton 2 & 4. If the neighbouring gun club are using Wilton 2 but Wilton 3 is not being used, climbers can still use Wilton 3, provided that they do not climb the routes on Orange Wall (i.e. routes between Twin Cracks and Orange Corner inclusive). On these days, climbers must not pass the fence on the ridge between Wilton 2 and 3 or descend past it.


Western Grit

The 2009 edition of the award-winning guidebook to Staffordshire, Kinder, Bleaklow, Chew, Lancashire and Cheshire areas covered with photo-topos and descriptions.
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There have been some changes made to the shooting range, this has involved some excavations - its at the far right of waterfall buttress and appears to effect all the routes between "Cabbage man meets the death egg" and "Route One", Route one, two and three are about two metres longer!
agolay - 02/Jul/13
Wilton 3 not as bad as number 1 with a good range of severe graded climbs. Tends to get more sun than Wilton 1 & can make a pleasant evening climb. If your taking the time to go to wilton 1 then a good warm up at wilton 3 is possible. Your may never reach Wilton 1
Lee Foster - 27/Nov/03
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Orange Wall 
2Twin CracksD 131
3SneckS 4a 65
4Coll's IdeaE1 5a 2
5Al's IdeaE1 5c 87
6ZeeS 4a 24
7Great ChimneyD 77
8Orange WallVS 4b 231
9Cracked OrangeHVS 5a 10
10Orange CrackHS 4b 305
11JustineS 4a 144
12Orange GrooveVD *234
13Monolith CrackVS 4b 145
14CedricS 4a *214
15Orange Squash
E3 6a 5
16Orange CornerVD 278
17Oak Leaf WallVS 4b 146
18Tea LeafVS 4b 80
19Oak Leaf CrackVD *402
20Forked CracksVS 4b *408
21Parallel CracksS 4a *527
22The GrooveVD *262
23No Idea
VS 4b 28
24Slime ChimneyVD *177
 Constable's Overhang Area 
26Get Off It!
E2 5b  
27The GraderE3 5c **82
28LightningE3 5c *23
29ThunderHVS 5a 10
30Constable's OverhangE5 6b **19
31Nameless EdgeHVS 5a *3
32SlipshodE1 5a *15
33Green SlabsVD 37
VS 4b 12
35PulleyS 4a 22
36Block and TackleVD 21
37The AreteVS 4b *12
38Howling HamishHVS 5a 2
39Central CrackHVS 5a ***453
40Mutant Peanut
E1 5b 6
41Crack and Slab VariantD *96
42AscendveassVS 4b 2
43Crack and SlabD **149
44Chockstone Crack
VD 4
45Monster under the BedE1 5b **3
 30 Foot Buttress 
S 4a 2
HS 4a 1
49Meat and three veg!HVS 5a *2
5030ft WallHVS 5a *9
5130-foot Wall (Direct start)
HVS 6a 1
5240ft CornerVS 4c *39
 Waterfall Buttress 
54Canine CrucifixtionE2 5c **125
E4 6b  
56BrastiumE1 5b *66
57Betty's WallHVS 5a *24
58Cabbage Man Meets the Death EggE3 5c  
59Hodgepie BoogieE3 5c  
60Route Four
S 4a 5
61Route Three
VD 4
62Route Two
HVS 5a 3
63Rote One
D 6
64Fire and TheftE3 5c  
 Rappel Wall Area 
S 4a 141
67Rappel WallVD **479
68Peg FreeVS 4c 72
69Shivers AreteE1 5b **524
70Shivers CanopyE1 5b **9
71CanopyHVS 5a *242
72Rappell Wall Indirect
VS 4c 13
73KayVS 4b **180
74Easy to Cheat
E2 5c 3
75Crooked CrackVS 4c **356
76The Gay Dwarfs and Mr Plod Go to the Tuppaware PartyE2 5b 24
77MoHS 4b *588
78MineyVD 310
79MeenyVD 412
80EenyVD 339

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