Climbs 77
Rocktype Granite
Altitude 21m a.s.l
Faces W

Crag features

Crag = ***

A number of high quality routes.

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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Knee Cap Area 
2Don't TinkerHS 4b *5
3Escape from the WifeHVS 5a *10
4True NorthHVS 5a  
5WalrusHVS 5a *7
6SpliffHS 4a 5
7A Fist Full of LagerVS 4c *16
8Stormy WeatherVS 4c 22
9The Gritstone KissHVS 5c **6
10The Bigoted IslanderVS 4c 21
11Do Not Swallow WholeE1 5b 1
12IncisorHS 4b 28
13God Oh God give me Another Scotch. . .E1 5b **31
14Knee CapHVD ***28
15Smell the GloveHVS 5c 3
16The Power of LardE2 6a *1
 Rockscience Area 
18PseudomorphS 4a *1
19Alan's CrackHS 4b 1
20Us and ThemE2 5c **3
21RockscienceS 4a ***12
22Get Primate or FlymateHS 4a 1
23HysteriaE2 5c **3
24HighlanderE1 5b **12
25Ordinary MortalsHVS 5a 1
26MoonstoneE1 5b 1
27The Descent RouteD 2
28Five go Swimming at GrosnezVS 4c 3
29Satan Sandwich EaterS 4b 1
30An Even More Desperate Piece of CodHVS 5c 1
31Ron for your LifeS 4a 1
32Flexi JerkoffHVS 5a 2
33Sinister FootwearHVS 5b 2
34First Time LuckyD *3
35Stop the PigeonVS 4c 4
36Peaceful PigeonHS 4c **10
37Footless PigeonE1 5b 5
 La Prisoner Area 
39Breakfast Without TiffanyHVD 1
40Cor Blimey it's SlimyHVS 5a 6
41BloodstoneE3 5c **16
42The HeistE2 5b **31
43Danny's RouteHVS 5a 11
44Hollow WayVD 9
45Scrambled LeggsHVS 5a 2
46Alien Water KissE3 5c 3
47Come in from the ColdHVS 4c **14
48La PrisonerE2 5b *5
49Novelty IslandE2 5c **3
50WidowmakerE3 5c ***8
51Here we Stand AccusedE2 5c **4
52Indecent ExposureHVS 5b **12
53The Shower RoomHVS 5a 3
 The Cell Area 
55Traverse from La Prisoner to The CellVS 4c 1
56Active Wrinkle ControlE3 6a *1
57Slab Climb!HVS 5b **4
58On The RunVS 5a *4
59YoyoE1 5b 1
60Invasion of the Body SnatchersE1 5c **1
61The CellVS 4b 1
62First OffenceS 4a *1
63Strange WaysVS 4c *2
64Suspended SentenceS 4b 1
65I Hate VodkaVS 4c 2
66Get Thee Behind Me SatanHS 4b 1
67Death SentenceHVS 4c *3
68LegironD 1
69Chaffing CornerHS 4a 1
 The Hole Area 
71Camden TownHVD 1
72Humpy Pumpy Son of Pump PigHS 4b *4
73OublierE2 5c **1
74The HoleE3 5c **3
75Toad in the HoleVS 4c 2
76Bergerac's RevengeVS 5a 1
 The Whale Area 
78Whale OmeletteHVS 5b 4
79Slab and BucketM 3
80Another BucketD 1
81Pass the BucketHVS 4c 4
82Tragic RoundaboutD 1
83It's the Wrong Shape and it's Just OrcaHVS 5b 1

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