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Rob Gibson on FA of Feathers M7 Wi5 © Rob Gibson

Crag features

Dry tooling.

Three areas on the same outcrop.

White goods (steep section)
Kitchen Garden (found 2mins right of white goods. Slabby/vertical)
Power Pact (Steep Section closer to the main road, see Access)

Nearly all of the routes have been bolted assuming that the first bolt will be clip sticked (stuck?) prior to an ascent.

For more White goods nonsence visit

For a quality topo visit

Approach notes

The area is situated next to the golf course in Pwllglas on the A494.
Follow the A494 west from Ruthin, once past the Pwllglas sign take the second small road on the right just after the second 40 limit sign. Follow the steep little road up past a crossroad until you come to a bridle path on the right. Parking on the left just below this. 2min walk up the bridle path. As I said the crag is next to the golf course so if abbing off the top try not to disturb them ...we don't want to upset them. Helmets at all times! They're not that good a being golfers. The crag is not used for any other climbing as there are large silt layers throughout and has most definitely not been set up for "posed Pictures". Try it, it's good fun.

Access for White goods
As Above. There are birds nesting in two areas at white goods so please do not climb on Jaz or Tumble in spring to early summer.

Access to the kitchen garden area.
Park as for white goods take the bridle path up the crag and turn Right at the narrow path. Follow this for 2 mins.

Access to Power Pact.
Park At white goods (do not park outside the houses closer to the main road) and walk back down the road for 5 mins until houses apear on the right. Just before the drive way of the first house there is a steep muddy bank. take this and the overgrown path for 2 mins. please be discreet at the area as the home owner is not very welcoming.The land is owned by the council.

As of mid-April 2013, the top anchors in lots of routes are poorly equipped in the sense the maillons are too small and weak, often those that should not be used in any climbing activity but abseil. Therefore it is highly advisable to take your own gear and use them for the top-anchors while you use them to climb, if you find those weak maillons. And of course, you should not be lowered off those maillons after you lead - you should abseil off. If you can do a bit of your contribution, namely replacing those poor maillons with fully-certified ones, that will be great. This is a premium crag, we should keep it in good condition and would not like to hear tragic accidents!
masa-alpin - 16/Apr/13
I think the phrase you are trying to find is 'stick clipped'.
Ian Jones - 11/Nov/10
its called tumble rob not rumble thanks all the same.
mux - 07/Apr/08
Having finally got round to hauling myself up Rumble I found that this is one of the best (mixed) routes that i have been on this year. Hastons, Uschinen, Le Sanglier, Hafner eat your heart out!!!!! BRILLIANT *** you never know, one day someone else might get on it? Rob
OrangeJ - 03/Apr/08
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
  white goods
2 The Bold Start M7 18
3 Left Over Goods M9 *** 25
4 Doorstep Challenge M8 *** 23
5 Delicate Wash Me! M9 *** 10
6 Training for nothing M10 ** 1
7 White Goods M8+ ** 110
8 Left on the Doorstep M10 ** 9
9 The Pilgrimage M11+ *** 3
10 Jaz M8 *** 183
11 Persil M9+ 2
12 Tumble in the Jungle M9 *** 52
13 Carefull Torque M11 *** 12
14 The Finnish Start M10 ** 20
Climb name Grade
15 Neomania M10+ *** 24
16 Ready Steady Hook M10 * 36
17 The Upsetter M11 *** 11
18 Scavenger M8+ *** 15
19 Don't Tumble M6+ 90
  Kitchen garden Area
21 Left Wall M5+ ** 95
22 Cenotaph (unknown) ? M4 43
23 Subculture M6+ * 40
24 Monoculture M5+ *** 63
25 Apocalypse Now M5+ ** 16
26 Guava Half M7 * 26
27 Agent Orange M6+ ** 45
28 Adams (they made me) M5 228
Climb name Grade
29 Apple M7 *** 185
30 And Pears M7 *** 140
  power pact area
32 Stump Man M11 *** 9
33 Mental Block M10 *** 3
34 Power Pact M9 *** 8
35 Demolition M7 *** 19
36 The Last Drop M8+ 12
37 Rage with the machine M12 *** 1
38 Stump Woman M11 ** 2
39 Burning Man M11 ** 1
40 Dirt Vader * M9 2
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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