Climbs 213
Rocktype Limestone

Faces W

Flying high! © Adam Booth

Crag features

Generally good to excellent rock, and the climbs include some of the best (and hardest) in the area.

Approach notes

From the westbound A5 in Llangollen, turn right at the main traffic lights and cross the River Dee bridge toa T-jct. Turn right, and then immediately left to follow the road over the canal and turn left onto Dinbren Road. After another 1km Dinbren Crags come into view ahead. Turn right at the next T-jct, signposted 'Panorama', and carry on for about 100m, passing a cattle grid, to a possible parking on the left. Parking is possible for a couple of cars below the crag at a passing place and at a nearby grassy patch, but please be considerate. The approach path leads up from the bottom of the shallow valley through a cluster of trees.

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Clwyd Limestone

This Clwyd Limestone Rockfax covers virtually all of the sport and trad climbing available in and around the Clwydian hills as well as the very best trad and sport climbs at the outlying Pandy Outcrop, Llanymynech Quarry and Pontesford Rocks.
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More Guidebooks: (1995)
Clwyd Rock (1993)

Out of print:
Having not done much British Sport my first impression of the crag was somewhat negative, but as I become accustomed to the style of climbing my enjoyment grows each visit. Quality climbing with intricate and almost infinite solutions. This crag has defiantly sparked my need to clip more bolts in the UK.
mux - 02/Jun/10
Look at the stars on the routes I think a bit of care needs to be taken not to oversell the area. Lots of routes deserve 1 or 2 stars but only the best warrent 3 stars (Climb High for example). In my opinion the quality of Clwyd sport climbing is closer to the peak district (say cheedale) than the best areas of Malham and Kilnsey. This isn't meant to be negative - I've really enjoyed the routes at Dinbren, the climbing is good and the setting and outlook excellent.
Ian Patterson - 15/Mar/05
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Lower Left Wing 
2TuberHVS 5a 3
3Solar PowerE1 5b 1
4Battery PowerHS 4a 3
5Ash CrackHS 4a 11
6Paper SmileHVS 5a 5
7The Thin WallE3 6a *5
8Magenta SunriseE4 6b *1
9Goblin GirlsHVS 5a *20
10Laughing GnomeVS 4b 18
11Yew Tree WallVS 4c 16
12Rock ThiefVS 5a  
13TangramE1 5b 1
14May DayHS 4b 13
15Willy Waits for No ManHVS 5a 10
16Stein LineVS 4c 14
17Birds CryVS 4b  
18Pulling Up The DaisiesE3 6a 1
19Fanny MagnetE1 5a 2
20Shepherd's DelightVS 4c 2
21In the Shadow of Easter IslandVD 1
22It Needs Crack CoatingVD 1
23Si's Escape From DinbrenVD 1
24Gargoyle LoverHVS 4c 1
25Groovy CrackHVS 5a *1
26Groovy DirectHVS 5a *1
27Flaky PastryHVS 4c *1
28Hujamideen SunshineS 1
29Mujahideen MoonshineHS 4a 1
 Back in Black Area 
31Hell HoleM *24
32Hello AreteHVS 4c  
33Hell's Own VariationVD 5
34Tongue PieHVS 4c  
35Hell's ChimneyD 19
36The Sound and the Fury8b ** 
37It's Yours7b+  
38Punishment of LuxuryE4 6b *1
39Elite Syncopations8a ***52
40Elite Deviation8a ** 
41Back in Black7b+ ***19
42Bolt from the BlueE6 6c **2
43Line of Fire6c+ *23
44Train to Hell7c+ **4
45Statement of Ewes7c+ **1
46Cured7b+ *9
47Stiff and StickyE3 6a 1
48Sticky Toffee6c+ *16
 Fog Walls 
50Ring Piece7b+ 2
51Fine Feathered Fink7b+ **12
52Gwennan8a+ *11
53The FogE6 6b *2
54Misty VisionE6 6b ** 
57Leftism8b+ ***1
58Extreme Ways7c ***38
59Dr. GonzoE3 6a 1
 Cold Turkey Area 
61Cubase7c *4
62Lullaby7a+ 13
63The Dinbren Sanction6b+ *48
64Cold Turkey6c *120
65Old Hari Kiri7a *18
66Kamikaze Clone6c+ *5
67Jaspers6c+ *21
68Cookie King7a+ *5
 Climb High Area 
70Flowers are for the Dead7c **50
71Counting Sheep8a+ **3
72Broken Flowers7c+ ** 
73Broken Dreams7c ***8
74Insomnia8b ***5
75When Saturday Comes7c **43
76I Punched Judy First7b+ ***112
77Technicolour Yawn7a+ ***216
78Walking with Barrence7b ***136
79In Search of Someone Silly7a+ **29
80Traction Trauma6c+ ***127
81Do Walls Have Ears7a+ *40
82Climb High7a ***128
83Climb High DirectE5 6b **1
84Dreadlocks7a+ **31
85AlisonE1 5b **141
86Gemma's WorldE2 5b 5
87Gemma's World Direct6c **25
88Hot Lips7a **3
89Out of Body Experience7c+ **15
90No Kneed8a+ ***3
91RhiannonE5 6a * 
 The Bandits Area 
93Binary Finary8b ** 
94The Bandits7b+ ***81
95The Rivals7c+ **15
96El Zapatistas8b *** 
97The Orgasmatron (Aid)7a *34
98The Orgasmatron8a+ ** 
99El Gasmatron7c+ **1
100El Rincon8a ***28
101Highway8a ***22
102El LocoE5 6a **3
103Going LocoE6 6b * 
104Silent SpiritHVS 5a 14
105Con-Dem-Nation6c+ 76
106Resist and Exist6b *297
107Where's the Presidents Brain6b+ *165
108SwansongE2 6a 6
 Ice Walls 
110YaleHVS 5a *47
111Melody6c **18
112Lucky, Be Damned6c+ *39
113So LuckyE3 6a 2
114Big Mouth Strikes Again7a *33
115A Different Kind of HypertensionE3 5c *17
116HyperdriveE3 6a **23
117Bolt the Blue Sky7b 10
118Showing Mystery Bruises7a+ 2
119Baby Crusher7b *27
120Dyperspace7c **44
121This Vision Thing7b *6
122Fat Boys7a+ **76
123The Planet7b+ *8
124Fire7a+ **100
125Ice7b ***85
126Blinking Lights7c *2
127Hot Stuff7a *147
128Silly Games7a+ 16
129The Solar System6c+ *13
130AmadeusHVS 4c 4
131Ice on the MotorwayE5 6a  
 Dynah Walls 
133SoapVD 12
134SPCVS 4c 17
135Humble HogE1 5c 2
136Ripped Apart By Badgers6c 12
137Dynah Moe HumE4 6b * 
138Out With the NewE3 6b  
139The Homecoming7a 7
140Waiting for Bayley6c+ 20
141Inaugural Goose Flesh6c+ *48
142Just Another Route Name6c *104
143Heinous Undercling7a+ *9
144Just Another Undercling6c *6
145SarcophagusE2 5b 1
146The VarletHVS 5a 4
147Backs to the Wall7a 11
148Deadly NightshadeE2 5b  
149Trailer Trash6b *84
150Driller Thriller6b+ 68
 Harmony Walls 
152Old ScoresE4 6a *1
153Pep TalkHVS 4c 11
154The Royal ArchE3 6a ***36
155Blue NineE5 6b *1
156Waltz in BlackE4 6a ***5
157A World in HarmonyE2 5b ***115
158Caught in the CrossfireE4 6a *2
159Death on My TongueE3 5c 2
160ShadowplayE2 5c *4
161Let it RipVD 20
162Return of the GodsE2 5b *9
 Descent Area 
164Synapse CollapseE3 5c *3
165In the Heat of the DayE4 6b  
166The Wasp Factory7b+ *7
167Big YouthHVS 5a *51
168Thanks to Ellis BrighamE3 5c *2
169Lecherous PigE3 6a *1
170Summer SolsticeE1 5b 4
171German for Art HistoriansE1 5b *17
172Sugar HiccupE3 5c 2
173Five O'Clock ShadowHVS 4c 41
174Arm WormsE4 6a  
175Quick Flash7a *33
176Loosing GraspE2 5b  
177Wonderwall7a *7
178Wood TreatmentE3 5c 1
 Combat Zone Area 
180Nit NurseE1 5b *28
181The PhoenixS 4a 19
182AstrolaVS 4b *46
183The ScuttersE1 5b 4
184The StukasE4 6a  
185Fighting Spirit7a *17
186Combat ZoneE3 5c **45
187Evil WomanE3 5c *1
188Mustang Sally7b 3
189Ripping Yarns6b 6
 Hydrogen Area 
191Filth FazeVS 4c 7
192Grooved Arete6b 11
193Sally in PinkVS 4b **89
194Captain Scarlet6b+ *11
195Crimson DynamoE2 5c 6
196Colour GamesE1 5b *71
197Red Storm RisingE5 6b ** 
198Raging StormE3 5c **28
199HydrogenE3 5c *13
200Ellabella6c *9
201The Devil's AdvocateE3 5c *3
202Tower of BabelVS 5a 29
203Babel FaceHVS 5a 7
204AntillaS 4a 11
205Babbling AreteS 4a *30
 Buccinator Area 
207Babbling TowerVD 22
208Babble on is BurningE4 6b  
209Electra GlideE4 5c  
210Dawn of DesireE3 5b 3
211Shaken Not StirredHS 4a 57
212ChabrisVS 4c 20
213BuccinatorE3 5c *16
214Cheeky PieE3 5b  
215Gentle ViloenceE3 5c  
216Violent RatcliffeE4 6a 2
217CastellaVD 20
218HamletHS 4b 15
219First GracesHS 4b 14
 Right Wing - Lower Tier 
221SubtopiaE1 5b  
222Ice RunE1 5b 1
223StagnationHS 4b  
224White LighteningE1 5c  
225FingersHVS 4c  
226ThumbsHVS 5b  
227Pick Pocket7b *2

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