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Rocktype Limestone

Faces W

Nick and Dan, Coral Sea (VS) - Trowbarrow © PJRead

Crag features

Trowbarrow has always been a popular climbing venue and over the last decade has been managed carefully and is now a very pleasant place to visit. Trowbarrow Quarry fulfils a number of functions being a good local evening crag, an excellent destination from further a field to sample its best pitches and as a reliable wet weather alternative to those washed out from the Lake District.

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Approach notes

Nature conservation area - some requests to climbers to stop loss of fossils on main wall.

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Northern Limestone : Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire

Northern Limestone : Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire covers some of the best limestone crags in the UK including the big three of Malham, Kilnsey and Gordale. Alongside these titans are numerous other destinations that offer both sport and trad climbing throughout the grades, ranging from the intimidating walls of Blue Scar and Trow Gill to the long lines of newly-developed low to mid-grade sport crags such as Moughton Nab and Giggleswick South. Trad climbing is also well catered for on the walls and escarpments at the likes of Trowbarrow Quarry, Twistleton Scar, Attermire Scar and Witches Quarry.
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Lancashire Rock (1999)
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Jules, yeah it is mega polished. Good training for solid footwork ;D you get used to it!
daftendirekt - 01/Apr/14
Went here on 31st May 2013 to boulder on Red Wall and it seemed mega polished and under else concur????
jules699 - 02/Jun/13
Some of these climbs are not in the right sections (e.g. Barnicle, Acid Drop, Drop Acid, Earth Eater) Anyone know how to change/ add them to other sections or create another section. Believe more sections are needed for example Yellow Wall and ideally the others Diamond Wall, Suspension Wall, Washday Wall, Lower Wall though Chossy Area could cover the last 4
Sol Armer - 31/Mar/13
Redwall makes a great morning wall climb as the sun reaches it first warming it before the rest of the quarry.
Sol Armer - 31/Mar/13
Has anyone found a Petzl harness at trowbarrow since Monday 30th May? Either at the bottom of barrier reef or by the shelter boulder? Thanks in advance.
carlc75 - 05/Jun/11
I did a few routes here on a rainy morning, and am astounded at how fast this venue drys... Red Wall is also dry nearly all the time, and has some very good quality bouldering.. I didn't do much on the large boulder, since it's all very high grades- but the venue overall is a great one, that I shall be returning to!
Evilllamas - 30/Apr/11
From a bouldering point of view Trowbarrow is very handy, the red wall stays dry in the most miserable conditions. And there are some good problems on the shelter stone. Check out Lakesbloc for topos.
Mike Binks - 10/Feb/06
Part of the crag has fallen away over the last few years. This has made some of the climbing quite dangerous as all protection points on some routes have a good chace of falling out or bringing the rock out with it.(i know its happened!). I now top rope this crag even though your not supposed to. If the wrden sees you you'll get a slap on the wrists and that about it. Make sure you find a strong ancor points when climbing this and a helmet could save your life at this one!!
James Hall - 27/Sep/05
The Red Wall in the trees opposite Main Wall is also well worth a look, I only did one route there but it was surprisingly fun despite the polished start and very well protected so I wouldn't go with the "usually top-roped" nonsense. Also, more bouldering info at
Fiend - 07/May/04
Bouldering info about this crag can be found on
beardy - 28/Mar/03
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Coral Sea Area 
S 4a 49
3Coral SeaVS 4c **1239
4Coral Sea DirectE1 5c 64
5Coral Sea Super Directf7B+ **3
6Barrier ReefS 4a *532
7To Hell in a Handcart
VS 4a **9
8Ask LesS 4a *17
VD 60
10Boomerang DirectS 4a 4
11Aborigine WallVS 4c 50
12Robbie's RouteHVS 5a  
HS 4a 36
14Arafura *E1 5c 2
 Assagai Wall 
16PerseveranceVD 25
17Twentieth Century Schitzoid ManD **118
18RumalHVS 5a *95
19TruffleHS 4c **160
20Sour Milk GrooveHVS 5a *92
21Clotted Cream
E1 5b 12
22Day of the BeanpolesE3 6b *2
23A Sense of DoubtE4 6b ***131
24Doubting ThomasE5 6b **9
25Scary MonstersE5 6a *53
26Boundary GrooveD 70
27JavelinE1 5b **116
28Sleeping SicknessE2 5c **156
29AssagaiHVS 5a ***751
HS 4b 215
31BobHS 4b 18
32Night FlightVS 4c 78
E1 5a 13
34SluiceHVS 5a *146
35CrinoidVD 33
36Sickening PracticeHVS 5a *1
37Very Ordinary RouteM 96
38JomoVD ***983
39PigfallS 4a 111
40Pig in a PokeHVS 4c 8
41Ramp AntS 4a *704
42Eclipse *VS 4c *3
43Not Scary *E3 5c 3
 Asylum Wall 
45Diaries Of A MadmanE5 6b ** 
46The Nut HouseE5 6a *5
47The AsylumE5 6a **16
48The Idiot
E5 6a 2
49Memoirs of a LunaticE5 6a **31
50Diary Of A Sane Man
E7 6b  
51Original RouteVD 259
52Original Route (Crystal slabs finish)S *31
53Red SlabVS 4c/4b 21
 Main Wall 
55OniscusS 4a 8
56Magic MakingE1 5b 3
57Cracked ActorE2 5c ***473
58AladdinsaneE1 5a **188
59Blow Out
E6 6a 5
60Jean JeanieVS 4c ***1285
61EekE4 5c **5
E5 6a 4
63Major TomE2 5c **27
64A Touch of ClassE2 5c **68
65A Touch of Class (alternative start)
HVS 5a *29
66HarijanVS 4c ***516
67Hollow EarthHVS 5a ***335
68Warspite DirectE2 5b *33
69WarspiteHVS 5a 34
70HeroesE3 5c *11
E1 5b 5
72Space OddityE1 5a *2
 Yellow Wall 
74Street Boy BluesE2 5c *7
75Mellow Yellow
HVS 5a *3
76Earth EaterVS 4c 20
77Willy the DishHVS 5a 4
E2 5c *5
 Chossy Area - Right of Yellow Wall 
80Lone WallE2 5a **17
HVS 5a *13
82Blue Daz
S 4a 15
83Facial Gymnastics
E2 5b *3
84Square Deal SurfVS 4c 22
85True BlueE3 6a *1
86Deep ThroatS 4a 2
87Rock and Roll Suicide
E2 5b 1
88Biological Agent K9
HVS 5b *23
 Red Wall 
90Wrongo SalE5 6a *1
91Limestone John
E3 5c *8
92Essence DirectE4 6a *6
93Essence of a GiraffeE3 6a *31
94American Express
E2 5b **8
95Willy the FinkE5 6b 3
96Fluoroscopic Kid
E4 6a 6
97Nova ExpressE3 6a **30
98ExequyE6 6b **22
99HomophobiaE6 6b *4
100Izzy the PushE2 5c *88
101Heavy Metal KidE3 5c *41
102Michelin ManE2 5c 8
103Acid DropHVS 4c **1
104Drop AcidHVS 5a  
 Red Wall - Bouldering & Traverses 
106Red Traverse7b+ *34
107Shallow Gravef7A+ **75
108Shallow Grave Super Directf7B 7
109Yin Yangf7B *2
110Yin Yang LHf7C *1
111Spring Loadedf7B *3
112Grave Journeyf6B *11
113The Crackf5 87
114Optimus Primetimef7A+ *18
115Warm Up Traversef6A+ *32
116Bulge direct SSf6C *44
117Mud Monkey
f5 13
118Funky Breezef6B 13
119Dead Man Walkingf7B+ **10
120American Express (ss)f6A *77
121American Express (standing start)
f5 48
122Prophets of Sound (AKA:The Dots Dyno)f7C+ 3
123Prophets of Sound (ss)f8A 2
124Mike's Problem Superchargedf6C+ *10
125Grimlocks New Brainf7A *17
126The 80's Dreamf7A+ *6
127Greg's Dynof7B *25
1286 Foot Sicksf7C * 
129Nick's Problemf6B *66
130G's Variationf7A 3
131Diagonal Diagnosisf6B *13
132The Classic Sitter
f5 19
133Classic Rock Overf4 34
134The Easy Groovef3 36
135The Undercut Problemf7A 4
f7A 5
137Problem 4, Red Wallf6A 11
138Undercut 2V6 1
139Galvatron's Greed
V9 1
 Shelter Stone (AKA Trowbarrow Boulder) 
141Texas Hold Em'f7B+ *21
142Free Jumpf6B+ *16
143Isla De Encantaf8B ***1
144Free Hang (ss)f8A *5
145Free Hangf5 25
146Ramp Traversef6C+ *86
147Shallow Groovef8A *5
148The Slabf3 42
149Il Pirataf8C  
150Regular Johnf7A+ *7
151Man From Barrow
f7C+ *3
152The Buccaneerf7C 11
153The Pit Problem (low start)f7B+ 53
154The Pit Problemf7B *104
155Pit Problem Regularf7B+ **2
156Wheel Barrowf7C *18
157Pacmanf8A 5
158Pacman Right Handf8A 2
159Ned's Problemf7B *65
160Ned's Problem Footlessf7C *1
161The Jazz Phenomenaf7A+ *21
162The Groovef6C+ *48
163Iron Manf8A **10
164Iron Man Right Handf8A 5
165Vitruvian Man Right Hand
f7C **26
166Vitruvian Manf7C **71
167Pie Manf7C 18
168The Descentf3+ 5
169Barbaric Yawp
f7C+ 1
170The Funk Phenomenaf7A *69
171Wamdue Projectf6B+ 17
172Atrocity Exhibitionf8A  
173Mojof7A+ *4
174One Hand Dyno *f7A+ *2
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