Climbs 117
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 66m a.s.l

Sandford Snow Leopard. © deepstar

Crag features

Brutal scene of extraction, but with some worthwhile lines. Sparsely protected, slab climbs, usually bold, on generally sound rock although there are a few better protected routes as well. Single-pitch to 35 metres. Lower Lift  has two bolt lower off along with a number of very solid steel stakes. The Eastern slabs(White, Red, Pink) have a number of stakes/bolts and even a two bolt lower off. Mendip Outdoor Pursuits(the tenants) are slowly developing the quarry. Left hand side of Lower lift now good for children /beginners top and bottom roping.
Best time to visit is on sunny summer evenings.

Approach notes

Approach via the A38 southbound from Bristol; turn right onto the A368 Weston-super-Mare road at traffic lights in the village of Churchill. Follow the A368 for two miles, turning left towards Wiscombe at Sandford Church. The quarry is reached on the left after half a mile. Adjacent to the main entrance is Quarry Road. Access to the First Lift, where half of the climbs are located, is via a rough track 100 yards along this on the left. The track may be gated, in which case cars are best left at the entrance.

Access Advice

Access for climbing has been banned here in the past. However, following recent negotiations with Mendip Outdoor Pursuits, (the company who lease the quarry), climbing access is now allowed on the following basis:

  • Climbers must obtain a key by visiting the MOP offices situated at the ski slope (very close to the quarry): Lyncombe Drive, Churchill, North Somerset, BS25 5PQ. Phone 01934 834 877 and is open 9am-8pm weekdays and 9am-6pm weekends. The key must be returned once you finish climbing. Should the office be closed please post the key through the letterbox.
  • MOP will fund a supply of keys but if too many are not returned or lost this could jeopardize the agreement.
  • Climbers must not hinder MOP’s commercial activities within the quarry.
  • MOP reserve the right to remove loose rock and place fixed equipment as required by their commercial operations.
  • Commercial organisations must discuss access with MOP prior to visiting the quarry.

Although it is relatively easy to enter the quarry without a key it is essential that anyone visiting the quarry adhere to the agreement outlined above.

Seasonal Restrictions

Reason: Nesting Birds

Peregrines have been reported here, usually nesting opposite the slab routes - please take care during the spring not to disturb them.


Rockfall from the left edge of the Red Slab bordering on the Pink Slab (although the Cheddar guidebook has them the wrong way round). Anyway about a ton of rock has fallen from the second roof on "Semantic Deconstruction". It has effectively done a very good gardening job on Gaping Gill but rather put me off actually climbing it today.
leland stamper - 17/Sep/17
Sampled a selection of the newer routes to the right of the lower lift today. Caution required near with the top of some routes as per any new climbs but all nice climbing, particularly ‘King of sandford hill’. Excellent job on cleaning and gearing. Much appreciated.
AndThenIWasFlying - 12/Jun/15
6.11.11 I cleaned the bottom of the routes between the jungle and the concrete hut,this opens up the climbs "designed to Kill"through to "Ask the Tommyknockers"care required!
deepstar - 06/Nov/11
The section of the Lower Lift between "Brackets" and "Bonus in Retirement" is now Bramble free,great care still needed 15/9/11.
deepstar - 16/Sep/11
There's something very likeable about this quarry. When you climb the routes here its as though you're the only person to have done them in like 20 years. Which makes it really interesting.
Quarryboy - 15/Sep/11
I have cleaned the bottom of the routes between "Brackets" and "Bonus in Retirement" 15/9/11 great care still needed though.
deepstar - 15/Sep/11
I spent Sunday 21/8/11 clearing the bushes and ivy on the left hand side of the Lower Lift between the routes Icon and Mucky Pup this gives access to over a dozen climbs that havent been climbed for many years.Be carefull though these routes still need cleaning and are very loose.
deepstar - 30/Aug/11
The route "brackets" on the lower lift is a real collectors piece,the protection being a line of pipe holders that look a bit dodgy from below but are in reality quite sound.
deepstar - 13/Aug/10
By the way, its Sandford, not Sanford.
mark Readerman - 02/Apr/04
Hi all, Visited on 30/03/04, there have been major clearance of loose rock on the first major slab on the right, dont know how it affects the climbs yet, it was just a flying visit after a session at cheddar, the ground below it has also been cleared of all of the bushes and trees which untill now made it abit dingy, however, its also open up a little more area for a motor cyclist that also uses the place(anybody got any long drawing pins?). The next slab along also has had its base cleared, not sure why, if they were clearing for climbers the last slab would of been better, perhaps they will are doing all of it and will get there in time, fingers crossed. Mark
Mark Readerman - 02/Apr/04
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
2 50 Shades of Earl Gray. D 2
3 One of Trump's losers HS 4b 3
4 Bend it like Bloedwurst HVS 4c * 2
5 Encoulez-vous,sausisson! HVS 5a * 3
6 Creep
E1 5a 2
7 Crawler
E4 5b/c ** 3
8 Brain Donor E1 5a 3
9 Le Poudin Noir
E3 5c ** 17
10 Le Poudin Noir Direct
E3 5c ** 2
11 Soixante-neuf
HVS 5a 4
12 The Ramp D 6
13 The Ramp Direct. HS 5
14 Quarrel in the Quarry
VS 4c * 2
16 Jez Arete E3 5b 1
17 Cardigano! VS 4b 9
18 Cardigano! Cardigano! VS 4b. 3
20 The moderate path to the entrance to hell. M 1
21 Hellraiser
E4 5b  
22 A Vision of Hell
E3 5b 1
23 A Date with Eternity
E2 5a 1
25 Gaping Gill
E4 5c  
26 Semantic Deconstruction
E1 5b  
27 Dereliction
E3 5b  
28 Isolation
E3 5b 2
29 Desolation
E1 5a 1
30 Graduates
E3 5b 4
31 Annihilation E2 5c 6
32 Abstention S 4b 1
34 The Italian Job HS 4b 4
35 Honky Tonk Highway
HVS 4c 2
36 Scarcity
HVS 4c 3
37 The Crush
HVS 4c 3
38 E for Extermination
E2 5a 3
39 Sensations
E2 5a * 15
40 Shit; What Have I Got Myself Into?!
E2 5a 3
41 Subvert and Survive
HS 4b * 6
42 Typically Deep HD 2
43 Freds and Boars VS 4b  
Climb name Grade
45 Regular Boy Scout
E1 5a  
46 Handbuilt for Speed
E1 5b 2
47 Blow Job
E2 5b 9
48 The easy way up S 4a 1
49 Softly Softly
HVS 4c 18
50 Premiere
E2 5b 12
51 Sponsored by
E3 5b 7
52 Wo's On?
VS 4a 19
53 Dust
HS 28
54 Dust
VS 4a 27
55 Fellatrice
HVS 5a  
57 61 Today. S 4
58 Marigold
VS 4b 3
59 The Soft End
HVS 4c 2
60 Dead Glove
HVS 5b 11
61 As Limp as a Wimp on a Crimp
E1 5a/b 3
62 Anarchists Are Responsible
VS 4b 2
64 Hodor. D 19
65 Texting on Horseback
HVS 4c 3
66 Mucky Pup
HS 4b 14
67 First Offence
E2 5b * 17
68 Captain Buddleia
HVS 5a 10
69 Curvaceous
VS 4b 30
70 Hotblack Desiarto S 4b 14
71 Easy Route
S 4a 19
72 Doinngggg
HVS 4c 4
73 Fridge Hid
E1 5a 6
74 Boinngggg
HVS 5a 6
75 Don't Panic
E1 5b * 13
76 Panic Ye Not
E2 5b * 2
77 Microsoft
E2 5b * 9
78 After Dark
HVS 5a 6
79 Flying Toasters
E1 5a 5
80 Shot Down in Flames E2 5c * 9
81 Icon
E1 5a 13
82 Polished Off E3 5c * 16
83 Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here E3 6a * 5
84 Eco-line E1 5c 23
85 Semi-redundant
E1 5b 7
86 Mindwarp
E2 5c 2
Climb name Grade
87 Mystery E1 5b 3
88 All Over Easy. HS 4b 7
89 Death by Concrete. HVS 4b. 3
90 Tory Elimination Plan 1
VS 4b 1
91 Seth's First School Day E1 5b 2
92 Breakfast at Milliways. VS 5b 5
93 The Big Bang Burger Bar HS 4b 24
94 CJD. VS 5c. 2
95 Scrapie HVS 5a  
96 BSE E1 5c  
97 Whip U for Pleasure HVS 4c  
98 Brackets HVS 5a 35
99 A Pensionable Question
HVS 5a 4
100 Sandford Levvy Auxiliary Unit Patrol
HVS 4c 1
101 Black as the Ace of Spades and Twice as Tricky
E2 5a 5
102 Bonus in Retirement
E1 5a 3
103 King Of Sandford Hill HVS 5a ** 9
104 Kill Cameron
E1 5a 4
105 Finetta
VS 4c * 3
106 Designed to Kill
HVS 4c 2
107 Emily's Six Tomorrow
E4 5c *  
108 A Little Peace and Quiet
E3 5b * 2
109 Living Dangerously
E1 5a 2
110 Matty Martin RIP
HVS 5a * 3
111 Ask the Tommyknockers
E1 5c 3
112 U Know
VS 5a 6
113 Ghosts of the Past
E2 5c  
  Concrete shelters area
115 Tyrion S 4b 4
116 Hot Fuzz S 4a 6
117 Niamh's a grown up. MVS 4b 2
118 Erectile dysfusion D 1
119 Eater Of Worlds
HS 4a 3
120 Wall Of Flesh
HS 4a 3
121 Who Needs Sex When You've Got Sandford?
VS 4c 2
122 No petite mort at the end of the day S 4a 2
124 Sunny side descent M 2
125 The Weston Warrior
E1 5a/b 3
126 Captain Seedy
E1 5a/b 2
127 The Quartz Bicycle. XS 4c  

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