Climbs 149
Rocktype Slate
Altitude 300m a.s.l
Faces S

eyeballing the finish on tired arms © jethro kiernan

Crag features

Home of the famous Comes The Dervish (E3 5c). Also contains many other easier routes to introduce folk to slate, such as Mental Lentils (HVS 5b) and viciously hard ones (Dawes Of Perception E7 6c). There's also the Bathtime Wall - E4 upwards.

Approach notes

Visible from Pete's Eats. Drive over the bridge and up the road to the Quarry (tourist centre). Park in the car park - check what time it closes.

Restricted Access

A major rock fall has occured - access to the lower tier, beyond Dawes of Perception slab is very restricted and has been fenced off to protect the public.
There is currently no access to the Psychotherapy slab or any other routes on the lower level in that area; the small bay directly in front of the scuba diving platform has collapsed rendering this area very unsafe and unstable, with more rock likely to come down.

Access to Mental Lentils and other routes immediately near the entrance to the Lower Level is unaffected. Similarly, access to the Middle (Dervish) level and the Upper Levels is also unaffected by this recent rockfall.
The quarry is within the Padarn Country Park, managed by Gwynedd Council. Climbing is tolerated away from the main paths and the owners make it clear that access away from the main paths is entirely at the individual's own risk and offically not encouraged.

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Slate (1992)
Went upto the top level today. Faulty towers pinnacle is no more, looks like fresh rock fall.
BAdhoc - 13/May/16
if you ever get a big freeze -10c for a few days the watertrickle on the base level r/h side becomes a 28m ,grade 7/8 water ice wall.
ben wray - 10/Apr/02
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 the pool level 
 muscle beach 
HVS 6a 3
4Boody Building
HVS 6a 9
5Silvester Still-born
E1 5c 5
6Earwig Ho 87
E3 5c 9
7Booby BuildingHVS 5a 13
 bathtime wall 
9One Whell on My WagonE4 5c *1
10Wishing WellE6 6b * 
11Sucked Away with the Scum7c * 
12I Ran the Bath
E7 6b **2
E5 6a ***17
14Soap on a Rope
E4 6a ***91
15Dope on a Rope
E5 6a ***7
16Blades of Green Tara
E2 5b 6
17Order of the Bath
E6 6b ** 
 the dark side of the prow 
19Four Wheel Drift
E4 6a  
20Sesame Street comes to Llanberis
E3 5c * 
21Le Voleur
7c ** 
22Artichokes, Artichokes
7b+ ** 
23Aubergines, Aubergines
E1 5b  
 the waterfront 
25Blue Touch Paper
E2 5c 1
26Poetry in Motion
E3 5c  
27Wave Out on the Ocean
E1 5a 1
28The Blind Buddha
E2 5a ***26
29Stump Rogers
E4 6b  
30PsychotherapyE2 5c **660
31Cat Flaps of Perception
E4 6a 5
32Imperial Leather
E4 6b 1
33Working up a Lather
E4 6b 2
34Spread 'em
E4 5c  
35The Sponge that Walked AwayE1 5a 7
36Wendy Doll
E2 5b *32
37Two Bolts or Not to Be7b+ **2
38Bobby's Groove8a ***2
39The Weetabix Connection6c+ **34
40The Golden ShowerE3 6a 4
41Tower of Power
VS 5a 1
42The Hong Jagged Route of Death
E3 5b 2
43Heinous CreatureE5 6a 6
44Sanity Fair
E3 5b 9
45Sanity Claws
E5 6a 5
46Fat Lad Exam Failure
E6 6b 2
47Clap Please
E7 6c  
48GlurpE4 6a *2
49Split the Dog
E3 5c 2
50Dawes of PerceptionE7 6c ***1
51Time Bandit7b *27
52Mental LentilsHVS 5a *1185
53The Monster KittenE1 5c **477
54Ladder ResistE3 6a *71
55Moving BeingE4 6b **19
56The East Face of VivianE2 5c ***42
 the dwarf level 
58Watching the Sin SetE5 6c **3
59Sup 1E2 5a *7
60TeliffantE4 6a *4
61Sup 2E2 5a *3
62The Shark that Blocked the DrainE6 6b *1
63Wakey, Wakey, Hands off SnakeyE4 6a *3
64On Shite
E4 5c *1
65Too Bald to be BoldE2 5c **110
66The Dwarf in the ToiletE6 6b **2
67Gideon's WayE4 6a *3
68Sabre Dance
E3 5b * 
69Bungle in the Jungle
E1 5b  
 the dervish slab 
71Lentil in a Stew
HVS 5a 6
72Legs Together
E2 5b 2
73Legs Akimbo
E2 5b 3
74Feet Apart
E3 6b 1
75Love Minus ZeroE6 6a **2
76Down to ZeroE3 5b 2
77Yak Kak
78Bong to Lunch
HVS 4c 1
79Frustrated Lust
HVS 5a  
80The Moon Head Egg Monster From AllsupE1 4c  
 nostromo wall 
E4 6b *8
83NostradamusE4 6b *1
84Menapausal Discharge8a+ **1
85Colditz7b+ *7
86Young and Easy Under the Apple BoughsE4 6a **9
87Manic Strain8a ***11
88Gin Palace7c ***62
89Child's Play7b+ **9
90Hymen Snapper
E5 5c * 
 the dervish level 
92Reefer Madness
E3 5c *7
93For Whom the Bell TollsE6 6b **4
94Menstrual GossipE6 6b **7
95Comes the DervishE3 5c ***1243
96FlashdanceE5 6a **119
97BelldanceE5 6b **9
E5 6b ***11
99BreakdanceE7 6b * 
100PoledanceE6 6b * 
101Last Tango in ParisE2 5b ***895
102Wendy Doll (pitch 3)
E1 5b 16
103Swinging by the BellE5 6a *6
 the conscience slab 
105The GullyVS 5a  
106Mister, Mister6b *31
107The Full Monty6a *56
108Slate's Slanting Crack
E2 5b 4
109Foetal Attraction
E4 5c  
110Menage a Trois6b *4
111The Sweetest TabooE4 6a **53
112The Direct StartE4 6b *3
113Never as SweetE4 6a **5
114Never as Good as the First TimeE2 5c *130
115Is it a Crime?E3 5c **185
116That Obscure Object of Desire
VS 4b 9
117The Spark that Set the FlameE5 6b **3
118Smokeless ZoneE4 6b **6
119You can dance if You Want toHVS 5a 3
120VivanderHVS 5a 1
121The Turkey ChantE2 5c **75
 the hot knives level 
HVS 5a  
124Abus Dangereux
E2 5b 1
VS 4c 1
126Songbird6a 9
127The Manimal6b+ **9
128Baby Nina Soils her Pants
VS 4b 7
129Night of the Hot Knives
E3 5c *4
130Tribal Blow
E6 6b *2
131Solvent Abuse
E3 5b 1
132Under the Glass
HVS 5a 3
133The Velociraptor
E2 5c *3
 the ritter sport level 
135Truffle Hunter's Roof6b+ **21
136Satires of Circumstance
E2 5b  
137Jumping the Gun
E1 5b 7
138Puff Puff
E2 5c 1
139A Tourmegamite Experience
140One Step Beyond
E2 6a *8
141Two Tone
E2 6a **29
142The MadnessE2 5c **98
143Silly on SlateHVS 4c *2
144Private Smells
E5 6b *5
145Private Smells Direct
E5 6b * 
146General Odours
E4 6a *4
147Ritter Sport
E3 5c **59
148Major Whiff *
E3 5c 2
149Major Sport *E2 5c *1
 the valkyries level 
151Pas da Dutchy6a 9
152Pas de Chevre
7b **3
153Ride of the Valkyries
E2 5c **2
154Power Tool Ressurection
7a *1
 the top level 
156Faulty Towers
E2 5c  
E4 6a * 
158Dog Day DogfishVS 4c 11
159Top Level
E2 5b 1
160Surreal Mirror
E1 5b/c 1
161The Missing LinkE2 5c/6a 18
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