Climbs 140
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude Tidal
Faces all

First Stackpole Experience...steep! © shoulders

Crag features

Some of the most classic routes in Pembroke here from the E2-E6 range. Fairly tidal. Routes up to 140ft. Some great traverses along and around the arches. A very esoteric east face once you have got used to the adventurous nature of this cliff.

Approach notes

Bird ban Feb 1 - July 31. Tidal: access to the boulder base for two hours either side of low tide. Retreat difficult. (Smart to check from Mowing Word where to set the ab ropes.) From Stackpole Head car park take the coastal path. Abseil in, or for the determined, take the LH (facing sea) of two ridges in the bay between Stackpole Head and Mowing Word.

Access Advice

No issues reported.

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The famous Pembroke Rockfax has returned with this glorious full-colour version packed with classic routes and all the wonderful features that you have come to expect from Rockfax. It is now twice the size of the old 1995 book and has some of the biggest and clearest photo-topos that have ever been published in a UK guidebook.
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More Guidebooks:
Pembroke Rock (2016)
Pembroke Vol 5 - Stackpole and Lydstep (2012)

Out of print:
Don't abseil into Swordfish as Rockfax tell you to - you end up in the sea!
submariner - 30/Sep/13
Go and do Silver Shadow as the sun is sinking and catching the wall full-on. A truly superb experience. Careful with the black slippery rock at the beginning; it gets a lot better after a few feet. When I did it one of my friends dropped his shoe in the sea prior to seconding. He had to untie and go swimming to get it. Shortly afterwards a VAST seal swam into the bay, attracted by the splashing around. I'm glad Bruno had got out by then!
Tom Chamberlain - 16/Sep/03
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 West Face 
2The CoolerHS 4b *10
3Dolphin Pod
E2 5b **9
4Salty DogE3 5c **8
5Ritual Movements
E7 6b ***1
6Fish Fingers
E7 6c ***1
7The WhalerE2 5b **13
8ImmortalityE5 6b ***1
9neptuneHVS 5a *10
10Always the SunE7 6c ***8
11Cruise to HellE5 6b **1
12Heaven's DoorE3 5c ***61
13The Big SleepE3 6a *1
14Second ShadowE5 6a *2
15Iron MaidenE4 6a **4
16Top Banana
E6 6b ***1
17SwordfishE3 5c ***65
18HammerheadE5 6a **1
19Silver ShadowE2 5b ***80
20Break of DawnE5 6b **1
21Oranges and LemonsE6 6c *** 
22Utter AnarchyE6 6c ***1
23TramlinesE1 5b *3
24PuritanE2 5c ***35
25ConsolationE1 5b *4
26Mrs Pearson's Fine Damson JamE3 5c *1
27HoneypotE5 6b **1
28CavalierE2 5b 2
29ParliamentarianE3 6a *1
30Red OctoberE3 5b **2
31CondorE3 5c *3
32Stackpole GroovesHVS 5a **17
33Stackpole Grooves DirectE1 5b **2
34Plane SailingE3 5c ***7
35Male bonding.E3 5c ***2
 South Face 
37Adam AdamantE5 6b *** 
38Detective Prive
E6 6b *** 
39Vladimir Goes to Havana
E4 6a ***3
40Stackpole cracksE1 5a *15
 East Face 
42Leap FrogE3 5c *2
43Munching MolluscsE1 5b *3
44Sweet Smell of Sucess
E5 6b *** 
 Shakehole Bay 
46Valentine AwayE3 5c 1
47Gargoyle GrooveVS 4b 5
48Melon ColicE3 5c *1
49Poisoned LoveE3 5c 1
50Fu Man ChewE2 5c 1
51Fu kin adaE3 6a 1
52Crunchy copepodsE1 1
53Time and Tide
E3 6a 1
54Oui patronE4 6a 2

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