Climbs 84
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 18m a.s.l
Faces SE

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Blowing the cobwebs away © Dave Foster

Crag features

Mother Carey's Kitchen is one of Pembroke's best crags offering superb climbing in a great location, with routes from Severe to E7, and with few restrictions due to nesting birds or army shooting practice - in fact, mid-week in the first half of the year can leave it as the only major crag which is available to climb on! 

It is often popularly known as 'Mother Scarys' which is easy to appreciate as you heave up Rock Idol, or dangle from the Space Face, however, not everything here is steep and exposed, and the routes near Crithmum provide some of the best Severe and VS climbing along the whole coast.

Access Advice

Abseil from the top of Brazen Butress or above The Cracks but be careful not to dislodge loose rocks. This crag is not in the MoD range. Some bird nests in the Chimney area ( behind Brazen Buttress) but climbing is unrestricted at present as long as climbers minimise disturbance - i.e. don't hang around any longer than necessary where birds are flying in and out of the area.  2019 update - There may be more birds than usual in the cave behind 'Brazen Buttress' please check visually before climbing and be prepared to alter your route choice if it is likely that you would disturb nesting birds. This particularly affects 'Threadneedle Street', Eight Guage and adjacent routes.

Seasonal Restrictions

Dates: 1 March to 1 August

Reason: Nesting Birds

There may be a seasonal restriction to protect chough nesting auks in the area of Inner Space - Star Gate - check signs at site.  At present, although these birds nest within the chimney of Inner Space/Deep Space, no restrictions are in place as the birds seem to cope with occasional visits from climbers. However, if you can minimise noise and disturbance as much as possible, that will be appreciated.  2019 update - There may be more birds than usual in the cave behind 'Brazen Buttress' please check visually before climbing and be prepared to alter your route choice if it is likely that you would disturb nesting birds. This particularly affects 'Threadneedle Street', Eight Guage and adjacent routes.

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This new app version of the Pembroke Rockfax has been significantly updated with 350 extra routes, new geo-located maps and updates to the existing information. The print guide from 2009 had 650 routes and this new app package has nearly 1000! The update includes many easier routes plus extra lines at the main crags covered in the book. It also has extensive deep water soloing coverage with the majority of the crags from Mike Robertson's 2007 Deep Water book added to the mix.
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This book from 2009 covers all the classic routes on the most popular crags of Pembroke. It covers the beautiful slab climbing around St. David's and all the best crags of Range East and the Lydstep areas, as far as Mother Carey's Kitchen. The range and variety of routes is enough to keep any climber happy; from those leading moderate grades keen to have a look for the first time, all the way to those who have developed lifelong obsessions for the place!
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Deep Water

Mike Robertson's award winning Deep Water guide, covering DWS on the English South Coast, Pembroke, Scotland and throughout the world.
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More Guidebooks:
Pembroke Rock (2016)
Pembroke Vol 5 - Stackpole and Lydstep (2012)

Out of print:
The flake on "CRITHMUM" has gone leaving a dirty and loose groove in its place. Its not too bad if you are careful and i guess will clean up in time but i would give it HVS 5a and 1 star at most.
The Pylon King - 13/Aug/07
An inspiring small crag, though not sure you could spend more than a day or two there at any grade. April 2006 - The stakes at the top seem to have somehow disappeared; we couldn't find any! However, there is still enough large, sturdy rock at the top to give confident abseiling.
Pythonist - 18/Apr/06
amazing steep crag with dramatic but well protected routes - worth spending a couple of days at.
beanfingers - 27/Feb/06
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
  *Blind Bay*
2 Blind Date E3 5c *  
3 White Fang 6b+ S2 *  
4 El Lobo 6b+ S2 *  
5 Beat Surrender E5 6b *** 30
6 Aristocrat E5 6b * 6
7 Toffee Nose E5 6a *  
8 Snobs 6c+ S3 *  
9 The One-eyed Man E5 6a *** 15
10 The Blind Man's Traverse 7a S0 ** 1
11 The Abyss E7 6b ***  
12 Alien World E3 5c *** 8
13 Alien World Direct E4 6a ***  
14 The Gremlin Within E3 6a **  
15 Deep Water Alien 6c S2 ** 2
16 The Anti Matterhorn E6 6b ***  
17 Abduction 7a S3 *** 1
18 Boomerang 6b *  
19 The Vision
E2 5b  
  *Mother Carey's Kitchen*
21 Finding the Shade *
E4 6a * 1
22 Inclemenata * E2 5c * 2
  The Western Face
24 The Cruel Sea
HVS 5a 1
25 Bungle
HVS 5a  
26 Walking in the Blue
E1 5b 1
27 Bone Idol
E2 5c  
28 A Sea of Change
E1 5b  
29 Entropy
HVS 5a 1
30 Oil Me Up
E1 5b  
Climb name Grade
31 Dodge the Vomit
E1 5b  
32 Oz E2 5c 1
33 Sporting Chance
E2 5b  
34 Odds On Favourite
E3 6a  
35 Racing Skies
E3 6a *  
36 Airship E4 5c ** 16
37 Zeppelin E3 5c *** 283
38 Hindenburg E7 6c *** 2
  Strait Gate
40 Lickin' the Ladle E1 1
41 Rock Idol E1 5a *** 858
42 Rock Idol Direct Finish
E2 5b *** 17
43 Joyous Gard HVS 5a ** 238
44 Mother Carey's Eliminate
E2 5b 1
45 The Strait Gate E1 5b *** 535
46 The Strait Gate Original Finish HVS 5a * 12
47 Talk's Cheap E4 6b * 7
48 The Welsh Connection
E1 5b * 32
49 Wraith E2 5c ** 208
  The South Face
51 Nimrod E2 5b ** 19
52 Necropolis
E1 5a 21
53 Crithmum VS 5a * 150
54 The Meridian VS 4c ** 397
55 Sunsmoke E2 5b ** 270
56 Warlock E2 5b ** 6
57 The Cracks HS ** 427
58 Karma Waters E1 5b * 26
59 Threadneedle Street HS *** 299
60 Narrow Carriage E1 5c * 4
Climb name Grade
61 Eight Gauge HVS 5a 60
62 Tempest E1 5c ** 145
63 Whirlwind E1 5c * 21
64 Brazen Buttress Super Direct E3 5c * 8
65 Brazen Buttress E2 5b *** 633
66 Brazen Buttress Direct Finish E3 5b *** 26
67 Heroes E2 5b * 54
68 Herod E2 5b ** 335
69 Brittle Nerve E2 5c  
70 Mars Bar E3 5c  
  The Space Face
72 Inner Space HVS 4c *** 188
73 Galaxy E3 5c ** 18
74 The Great Cleft E1 5a * 1
75 Dark Matter E2 5b ** 4
76 Deep Space E2 5b *** 229
77 Space Odyssey E2 5b *** 2
78 Star Gate E3 5c *** 209
79 Warp Gate E5 6b 1
80 Warp Factor E5 6b ** 13
81 Hyperspace E4 6a *** 8
82 Fireball XL5 E6 6b *** 8
83 Just Klingon E5 6a *** 70
84 Mother Night E4 6a *** 45
85 Zoony E5 6b ** 4
86 Unconscious E6 6c **  
87 Tiger Tiger E5 6b *** 4
88 Bagpuss 6c+ ***  
89 The Laughing Hygena E6 6c ***  
90 Crimson Grotto 6c  
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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