Climbs 73
Rocktype Sandstone (hard)
Altitude 75m a.s.l
Faces S

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The Flutings VD* at Berryhill © Murph

Crag features

Mostly easy stuff. 2 roof routes at the right hand end, usually top-roped due to biscuity rock and no gear. The gear is generally very good. All single pitch routes, Marcher Lord, VS 5a being the crag classic.

Nice range of easy bouldering on good rock in 3 areas; on small walls before the crag; free-standing boulders; and on the main crag. Definitely worth a trip for the low grade boulderer. 'Knocking on Heavens Door', Font 6b, is a great problem, a light-bulb-esque arete with a teetering finish.

Approach notes

1.5 km north of Etal, farm track to Berryhill. Park in the farm lane. Ask permission at the farm. Go through the farmyard, through two gates at the left-hand end of the buildings. The crag is in the field behind the buildings. Go along the fence to the far end and cross via the wooden bit.

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Residents friendly - lovely hidden location - sunny and relaxing on a top rope.
andy gittins - 09/Aug/19
A lot of cows, some with calfs are currently being kept in the crag field. The farmer wasn't about and we didn't want to push through them or cause issues, so we abandoned and went elsewhere
iamstebarker - 30/Apr/17
Surprised by how many people were there yesterday but as a first time visitor I really enjoyed this place. Some great looking butresses with good routes, some great soloing and even potential for some new lines to be developed!
Gabe Oliver - 06/Oct/14
The residents of the cottages will get very arsy if you park outside their home. One chap won't think twice about moving his shed (Audi A3) to block you in. No doubt he intends on giving you a load of hassle before moving it out the way.
y2keable - 06/Oct/14
Berry Hill is accessed through a working farm. There are only issues here if people are not thoughtful. There are no parking spaces as such you are parking on their lane so be aware that they might need access to machinery and silage etc. that they store here. Please ask at the farm and all will be fine. There are often rooks nesting in the crag but in an area you would not normally climb. They have all sorts of stock in the field, last time I was there there were some highland bullocks so I would be cautious re dogs but that is the case in many Northumberland crags. Ollie Active4seasons
Ollie Jay - 03/Apr/13
Planning on calling by in 2 weeks- anyone know if the access issues (parking and livestock) are sorted?
brynbobaggins - 07/May/12
I told the BMC so they know, they have just lambed and the wee things are all over the place cows are in the crag field at the moment.
jonnie3430 - 27/Feb/12
The rockfax Northern England recommended carpark has "no parking," signs even though there are two carparking spaces, it's still possible to park in front of the wee houses. Something falcon-like is nesting on Marcher Lord, I don't think eggs are present yet but are coming. It had cleared off before we arrived, but we heard it all day and saw it return to the crag after we had finished.
jonnie3430 - 27/Feb/12
April 12, 2007 Asked at the farm, the landlord is running a couple of bulls on the crag field- they haven't bothered people, but may bother a dog if you have one with you (we did, so we pottered off elsewhere for the day, where the dog was far better at getting up the damn rock than me, predicatbly). 4 years ago, not a problem, as the landlord ran sheep on the field at the time. Apparently there is a notice at the field about dogs, but we didn't go and see. Best regards Sarah
Sarah G - 16/Apr/07
worth a visit for marcher lord VS 5a best route for miles !
bongo - 03/Aug/06
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
  Western Walls
2 No O Levels Required E3 5c 3
3 Overhanging Crack VS 4c * 49
4 Much Ado About Nothing E1 5b 19
  Western Arete
6 Legal Separation E4 6a 1
7 Western ArĂȘte VS 4c ** 203
8 Western ArĂȘte Direct
VS 5b 11
9 Cheat VD * 75
10 Kinmont Willie VD * 130
11 Jock O the Syde VD * 81
  Reiver's Way
13 Reivers Way D * 97
14 Wall and Fluted Slab S 4a 34
15 Steep Fluted Wall HVS 4c 15
16 A Pocket Full of Lichenight HVS 5a 3
17 Slab and Black Wall VD * 3
18 Slab Crack Corner none d 3
  Marcher Lord
20 Slab Crack D * 171
21 The Flutings VD ** 326
22 Hi Diddle Diddle VS 4b * 226
23 Marcher Lord VS 5a *** 288
24 This Pedestrian E3 5c * 3
25 Footsloggers VS 4c * 51
26 Potters Way VS 5a * 35
27 Potters Way Variation
E3 5c  
  Eastern Arete
29 Slanting Crack HVD 4a * 156
Climb name Grade
30 Eastern ArĂȘte S 4a ** 315
31 Do or Die E4 6a  
32 Faye or Fly
E5 6a  
33 Death or Glory E4 5c 6
34 Border Ballad HVS 5b * 77
  East Wall
36 Thrutch S 4a 47
37 Route One
M 27
38 Route Two
HVS 5b 35
39 Route Three
VS 5a 78
40 Route Four
M 21
  Warm Up Walls
42 Flight of Fancy
f5+ 9
43 Swarm
V0 4c 21
44 Dumbo
f5 13
45 Warmer Upper
f3 32
46 Cracker
f3 25
47 Nameless Arete
V2 5c 16
48 Nameless Arete SS f6B 1
  Slabby Boulder
50 Toothless Fairy
V0+ 5a 20
51 Fatty False Teeth f6A+ 1
52 Munching Molar f6A+ 2
53 Lip Service f6A+ 1
54 La Bouche f6A 1
55 Gum Boils f5+ 2
56 Hair Lip f5+ 1
57 Hairy Lip
Climb name Grade
  Berryhill Boulder
59 Escape from Hell
f6A 9
60 Grim Reaper
V0+ 4c 18
61 The Undertaker
f5 12
62 Knocking on Heaven's Door f6A 13
63 Satanic Curses f6C 4
64 Gravedigger f4 2
65 Golden Grahams
f6C+ 1
  Overhanging Wall
67 The Berryhill Nibbler
V0- 4c 15
68 Bareback Rider
V0 4c 13
69 The Furrow f6A+ 10
70 The Furrow Variation f7A+ 5
71 The Courting of Jilly Cooper
f6A 6
72 Whipcracker f6A 2
  Square Faced Arete
74 Thing
f4+ 13
75 Lurch
f6A 9
76 It
f5+ 7
77 Fester f6A+ 4
78 Nameless Slab f7A 1
79 Nameless Slab SS f7B 1
80 Mortisha
f7A+ 3
81 Puggsley
f6A 1
  Final Boulder
83 Boulder Direct HVS 5a 18
84 Boulder RH VS 5a 52
85 Lunger's Leap
E1 5b 15

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