Climbs 98
Rocktype Sandstone (hard)
Altitude 990m a.s.l
Faces all

Unplugged 27 (7c) © Slika Images

Crag features

Lots of short, hard, sharp units to climb.

Rock is better than most in the Blueys.

Stays dry in the rain.

Crag faces most directions, so you can always escape the sun and often the wind. Makes a good year-round bet.

Approach notes

From the carpark walk down the stepped path for a few hundred metres to a T-intersection (with two blue signs), where you turn right. About 30m after this, take the track which splits off to the right at a boulder (continuing straight ahead takes you down to the 'Porter's Pass' area) and follow this around under the upper cliffline. The first area you come to is 'Hip Shake Jerk Area', keep following the track around to the other areas.

Routes described right to left (as you come to them from Centennial Glen Road end).

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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Hip Shake Jerk Area 
2Back Hand Tosser
3Better than a Wank25  
4Einstuevzende Neubatch26  
5Hip Shake Jerk25 * 
6Wank Wank Spurt24 * 
7Wallace Fairweather25  
8Rollergirl22 * 
9Jug Addiction24 * 
10Turn Your Money Green25 * 
11Limp Mode26  
12Intrepid Hampster26  
13Nightmare Merchant28  
 Junket Pumper Area 
15Stephen Grunter18 5
16Billy Bunter19 8
17Squid Munching23  
18Alpha Leather32 ** 
19Junket Pumper24 **20
20Glad Ingram23 * 
21Wrong Movements27 ***4
22Brutal Movements27 ** 
23Larger Than Life31 *** 
24Stealth Lackin Sneaky Snackin!31 ** 
25Roof Raider29 ** 
26The Running of the Bowels25  
27Startled Turkey33 ** 
 Main Wall 
29Ruddy Norry22 *11
30Ratcat24 **8
31Chase the Lady23 *7
32Earnest in Africa25 *2
33Nev Herrod23 *14
34Mostly Harmless29  
35Iona24 *8
36Madge MacDonald25 ***18
37Trix Roughly26 ***8
38Bare Essentials26 **1
39August 191429 * 
40Better Than Life32 ** 
41 Bernie Crawley24 *1
42Bernie Loves Sausages27 *1
43Bernie Loves Tofu28 * 
44Apraxia25 **2
45Padington25 **13
46Horrace Herrod25 *6
47Hairy Horrace22 *17
48Acceptably Hairy23  
49Acceptably Cosmic23 *6
50The Disintegrator24  
52Touch and Go28  
53Anal Palm33  
54Hello, Leafy Green
55Project (2)
56Project (3)
57Bowl of Milk33  
 White Linen Wall 
59Unknown (24)24  
60Dr Foopsickle20 *3
61Levitation29 * 
62Moonshadow33 *** 
63Search and Destroy32 *** 
64Inertia30 * 
65Project (11) - openProject  
66Project (12) - closedProject  
67Project (13) - open?Project  
68Street Walkin' Cheetah33 *** 
69White Linen27 * 
72Better than Nothing27 ** 
73Tutu Sullied Flesh29 * 
74Temptation30 * 
75Better than Chocolate
23 *1
76Nappies Patrique25 * 
 Wave Wall 
78Jaws21 *38
79Off the Lip23 *10
80Rubber Lover25 ***20
81Microwave30 ** 
82Staring at the Sea32 *** 
83Point Break32 ** 
84Tug Boat32 ** 
85Tsunami29 *** 
86Smoked Mussels26 *5
87Sea Air28 * 
88Jaqueline Hyde24 *16
89Split Wave23 **27
90Shore Break
24 * 
91Cold Water Classic25  
92Hang Five21  
93The Tube24 *8
94Salubrious Sewerage27  
 Woodpecker Wall 
96Watch it Grow24  
97Crash Bandicoot26  
98Project - open (20)Project  
99No More Growth24  
100Two Little Boys22 1
101Woodpecker22 **5
102Underwater Love
23 * 
103Duracell Bunny22 * 
104Something Void22  

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