Climbs 150
Rocktype Schist
Altitude 329m a.s.l
Faces all

Tim enjoys a little slab and tickle © punkpunk

Crag features

Glen Lednock is a collection of excellent boulders in a perfect situation. The rock is very compact schist, crimpy and solid.

Many problems are easy in nature and provide great entertainment for kids. A good level of problems in the font6 range, a good few nice font7's and harder projects for those who wish to look.

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Approach notes

The upper part of the glen is dominated by Lednock reservoir. The public road up the glen beyond Invergeldie farm (the usual parking spot for those contemplating a walk up Ben Chonzie) passes the waterfall of Sput Rolla to below the dam and ample parking.


It then continues up right past a hairpin and finishes at a small parking area right beside the east side of the dam. Either side of the dam are two rocky hills (Creag Iochdair & Creag nan Eun), both of which give bouldering areas.

Gate still padlocked and new sign on the start of the track saying no through road turn around
pebblespanker - 30/Aug/15
Gate is still padlocked, although there are now 5 locks! I also parked and walked up, its about a 10 minute walk.
Antd - 11/Nov/11
Gate at NN736275 was locked with 3 big padlocks. Parked at the side of the road and walked up. Are there some access issues with this track?
IamAJMiller - 27/Mar/11
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 The Bungalow 
2Upp' Gutter Har'f6A+ 5
3The Thatchers Sidef6A 2
4Subsidence Damagef5+ 6
 Slash Wall 
6Cosmetic Smilef3 1
7The Glasgow Handshakef3 1
8Slash and Grabf3 1
 The Lip 
10Droopy Mustachiof3+ 1
11Pencil Hairsf4 2
 Big Pointed Boulder 
13Easy Overf6A 8
14Its Big and its Funnyf3 5
15The Pointerf6A+ 7
16The Nipplef4+ 6
17Visible Boulder Linef3 4
 Flat Cat Boulder 
19Road Killf5+ 4
20Flat Cat Crackf3 2
21Flat Cat Crack SSf6B 3
22Fur Ballf6A 5
23Catalinaf6C+ 3
24Feline of Footf6B+ *4
25Feline of Foot - The Extra Leapf6C **3
26Lip Kingf4+ 1
27The Fur Sidef3 3
 The Pyramid 
29Smoothief3+ 10
30Neffertiti's Caressf4 9
31The Slave Routef5 9
32Playing Mummies and Daddiesf5+ 5
33Tomb Raidersf5 6
34Out of the Tombf4+ 4
 Bog Trotter Boulder 
36Boggin'f6A+ 5
37Marsh Manf5 3
38Tsunamif7B 4
39Moss Sidef5+ 3
 Taper Slab 
41Tappy Lappyf3 5
42Clartsf3+ 4
 Split Rock 
44Gritstoner's Pathf5+ *5
45Back Straddle Rollf6C ***17
46Split Infinityf6A 31
47Floor Routinef6B+ 12
48Hillbilly Windmillf6C **12
 the Eiffel tower 
50Feathering the Penthousef6A+ **16
51Eiffel Aretef5 20
52Eiffel Slabf3 13
53The Bouldragf3 2
 canary wharf 
55Bonds Gatef6A *14
56Bonded to my Beanief6B+ *7
57Bondagef6C **9
 the squat 
59Monochromef7A+ 3
 the lantern 
61Lighter Bushelf3 34
62Wick Edf3 32
63Wick Ed SSf6A *5
 The Glow Worm 
65Slap, Grunt & Gurnf6A 2
 the big lamp 
67Fog on the Tyne
f4 15
68Bottled Dog
f4+ 13
69Dean Street Swaggerf6B+ 1
70Bonny Lasses with Boob Tubesf6A+ 18
71Offshore 44f6A+ 20
72Geordie War Cryf6B *28
73Reach For The Skyf6C 14
74Best In Toonf6B+ *22
75Biker Grovef6C+ *2
76Marshmallows Running Through Your Veinsf6A *21
77Elegant Belly Flopf6B **18
 banjo rock 
79Muir's Song
f4+ 10
 The Upright Boulder 
81The Ring of Lovef6A 1
82Gazing Outf4+ 5
83Reluctancef5 5
84Bowl Managementf3 10
85Seamless Thantitisf6A 6
86The Elegant's Stoolf6A 11
87Lineupf4 10
88Delicatessancef6A+ *9
89Tim's Got a Problemf6C **5
 Real Estate Block 
91Astride the Balustradef6B *7
92Astride the Balustrade SSf6C  
93Keep it Unrealf7A+ ***5
94Elizabethan Chorus
f6A **9
95Column Inches
f6B+ 3
96The Crispiest, Flakiest Garden Ideas
97The Selling Point
98The Makeover
99Mean Streetf6B+ 9
100Cobble Street Treatf6A+ 12
101Leftoversf5+ *1
102Rock Around the Blocf7A **5
 The Reiver's Stone 
104There and Back Againf3 16
105Only Fools Directf6A 5
106Only Fools With Horsesf6A *20
107Sneak By Nightf6B **28
108Reiver's Logicf7A+ *11
109Cattle Breathf4+ 10
110Nostril Nightmaref4 7
111Lip Stickf6B+  
112No Hiding Placef5 *17
113No Hiding Place SSf6A **8
114Billy No Clanf6A *30
115The Dung Trailf5 10
116Hairy Mountsf3 10
117Hairy Mounts Variationf5 3
118The Drover's Trailf3 10
119Cattle's Slabf3 10
120Night Walkerf6A *26
121Cheese Baguettes Go Well With Picklesf6B 2
122Red 22f6A+ ***39
123Blood Breakfastf4 11
 the kist 
125The Hurdef6C 1
126Secret Haulf5+ 8
127The Keyf7A **7
129Rust Bucketf3 3
130Traffic Facistf4+ 5
131Double Yellowf5+ 2
 Upper Boulders 
133Magic Carpetf6A *4
134Magic Mushroomf6B+ *2
135No Cigarf4  
136Dirty Rackf3 1
137Shortroundf4 2
 Low Roof 
139White Men Can't Mantlef6C+ *12
 saltire stone 
141Slaying St Georgef6A+  
 the horns of eun 
143Bull Headedf5+  
 Wee Man Boulder 
145Stumpys Revengef5+ 1
 Tall Mans Boulder 
147Stretch Shortyf5+ 1
148Dwarven Stealthf5 1
 cadbury boulder 
150Milk Tray Manf6B+ **2
151Bournvillef6A+ 1
 The Wave 
153The Tubef6A+ 6
154Breaking Wavef7A **28
155Afraid of the Wavef7A ***10
156Afraid of the Wave SSf7A+ ***2
157Rimming the Ice Maidenf4+ *5
158Slab and Ticklef6B **29
159Temptressf5 ***27
160Under the Thumbf6A *6
 Shark Boulder 
162Remoraf6B+ *9
163Sharkskin Traversef7A+ ***3
 the flying bomb boulder 
165Manic Stuporf7B **8
166Inhibited Maniaf7C ***4
167Tweedley Traversef6B+ *2
 Cracked Wall 
169Tendency to Crackf6B+ ***6
170Project WallProject *** 
 Upper Dam Boulder 
172Vegan Protein Partyf7A+ * 
173Protein Partyf6B+ *8
174Damn Landing!f6C *5
175Tumultuous Blissf7A **8

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