Climbs 200
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 430m a.s.l
Faces SW

Lucy Creamer on The File (VS 4c), Higgar Tor, Peak District © Jamie Moss

Crag features

A small solid natural edge (6m high)of rough grit offering a variety of pleasant middle grade routes. Pride of place is the Leaning Block whose 12m front face overhangs by 15 degrees. Savage jamming and explosive moves are needed here. Classics are The File (VS 4c), The Rasp (E2 5b), but catching up are Flute of Hope (E4 6a), Bat out of Hell (E5 6b), and Linkline (E5 6c). Exposed to prevailing winds, quick drying but cold in a.m. Choose a summer evening. Good bouldering round to the east-facing side.

Approach notes

A few min. walk from limited parking (SK 256822) on minor road between Sheffield- Ringinglow - Hathersage Rd. and Sheffield - Hathersage (A625) Rd. Alt. approaches from Burbage North or South.

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Eastern Grit

Updated and expanded edition of the award-winning Peak Grit East. Covers all the best routes on the eastern Gritstone edges of the Peak District - Wharncliffe, Rivelin, Dovestone Tor, Bamford, Stanage, Burbage North, Higgar Tor, Burbage South, Millstone, Lawrencefield, Yarncliffe, Froggatt, Curbar, Baslow, Gardoms, Birchen, Chatsworth, Cratcliffe, Black Rocks
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Peak Bouldering

The Peak Bouldering Rockfax is a massive book covering a huge area including all the main bouldering venues of the Peak District. It includes many more low-grade problems than have ever been documented before including 17 circuits with problems at V0+ 5a and under, and a further 21 circuits with problems at V2 5c and below.
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 First buttress 
2Wall Left of Blizzard Nose
V0- 7
3Blizzard Nose
V3 1
4Cheese Block PinchV2 3
5Wall Games
V0 4
V0+ 3
7Tiny Corner and WallV0 3
8Wall from CrackV0 6
 The Riffler 
10Small BeginningsS 4a 20
11Hathersage ClimbVS 5a *31
12All of a QuiverHVS 5a *11
13Tossing a WobblerHVS 5a *30
14The WardingS 4b 77
15The Warding variantS 4b 9
16AceldamaE4 6a 4
17The Mighty AtomE2 5c **76
18Brillo FlakeV3 5
19BrilloE1 5c 127
20The RifflerHVS 5a *268
21The CotterHVS 5b *197
22The Rat's TailVS 5a *304
23The ReamerVS 4c *177
24Leaning Block Gully Inside RouteM 40
25Leaning Block GullyVD 60
 The Leaning Block 
27The SanderE4 6a *6
28Block and TackleE6 6b **25
29Block and Tackle Directf7B+ **6
30SurformE1 5b **217
31Bastard Cut/Prince's Dustbin
E4 6b *4
32The RaspE2 5b ***741
33Arnold Schwarznegger Stole My Body
E4 6b *6
34The Rasp DirectE3 6a ***48
35The Rasp Direct Start
f6A 6
36Witness The Gritnessf7A **37
37Flute of HopeE4 6a ***17
38Bat Out of HellE5 6a ***105
39LinklineE5 6c ***10
40Rowley Birkin QCE6 6c **2
E5 6c 2
42Pulsar DirectE6 6b ***16
43Leaning Block Traversef7B+ * 
44Block Party
E3 6a 1
45The FileVS 4c ***1360
46The RavenE2 6b 6
47PaddockVD *294
48GreymalkinS 4a *288
49HecateVD 121
50Rock Around the BlockE5 6a *3
 The Right Walls 
52Wotan's CornerD 14
53Wotan's CrackS 4b 191
54Chance EncounterVS 5a 18
55Rough JusticeE3 6c *1
56Sickle OverhangVS 4c 10
57Jupiter SlabHVS 6a 2
58Jupiter's AreteVS 4c 44
59Jupiter's SlabE1 6a 25
60Jupiter's CrackHS 4c 46
61Easy PeasyE1 6a 15
62DoddleS 4a 32
63Lemon SqueezyHVS 5b 18
64WalkoverS 4a 33
65Piece of CakeHVD 4a 45
66Achilles HeelE2 5b 7
67LazeE2 5c 10
68Spirito di OnkiE3 6a 1
69Daley BulletinHVS 5a 1
70Canyon ClimbHVD 4a 31
71Zeus CrackHS 4b 18
72Root DecayE4 6b  
73Stretcher CaseE2 5c *3
74SplintHVS 5a *78
75Loki's WayHS 4b *165
76Fricka's CrackVS 4c *123
77Jade TigerHVS 5b 14
78Freya's ClimbVD *94
79Freya's WallHVD 4a 18
80Freya's CornerD 18
 Harvester Block 
82The Harvesterf6B *3
83PippinHVS 5b 6
84Pippin Dynof7A **3
85Combine Harvesterf6C *18
86Harvester Dynof6B+ **2
87Harvest Aretef5+ *20
88Harvester Arete on Right
V0+ 13
89Harvest Groovef4 *19
90Upper Traverse
V4 5
 Higgar Tor South 
 Elephants Arse 
93Round the BendS 4a 2
94BentleyHS 4b 3
95Bent InsideVD 5
96Less BentS 4a 3
97The BenderM 4
98Elephant's Arsef6B **4
99Your Round
E1 5b *2
100My Round
E1 5a *1
101Snow Blow
V0 7
102Snow Bong
V0 9
103Snow Bong RightV0 5
104Snow Bong SidewallV0 4
 Broken Wall 
106Broken Wallf4 *14
 Little Slab 
108Little Slabf4 *20
109Pillar Eliminatef6A+ 10
110Slanting Crackf5+ 9
111Straight Crackf5 7
 Like Pommel 
113Like Pommelf6B **17
114Not like Pommelf5+ **24
115Central Wallf4+ *38
116The Prowf5+ 19
 Pocket Wall 
118Broken Aretef3+ *11
119Pocket Wallf4+ 19
 The Big Slab 
121Big Slab Leftf5 **12
122The Big Slabf4+ ***107
123Big Slab Rightf4+ **27
124Small Slabf4+ *47
125Small Slab Aretef3+ *35
126Left Parquet Aretef6B 5
127Parquet Wallf6A+ 14
 High Mantel 
129High Mantelf5+ 9
 Rippled Slab 
131Jug and Crease
V1 7
132Rippled Slabf5+ **48
133Rippled Slab Aretef5 **23
 Higgar East 
 Fingery Green Wall 
136Seventy Degreesf6B **21
137Fingery Green Wallf6B *13
138Bum Start Crackf5+ 24
139Cherry's CrackS 4b 17
140Jason's RibHVS 5a *10
141The Other SideHS 4b 2
142The Five GsVD 14
143The Tower of PowerHVS 5b *5
144Golden ShowerVD 4a 19
145IndependentVS 5a 3
146Bigger HiggarVS 5a *24
147Bigger Higgar IndirectS 4a 7
148The SqueezeHVD 9
149Chockstone GullyM 9
150The Green AreteVS 5a 3
151Flake ChimneyVD *3
 The Trunk 
153The TrunkE2 5c *11
154The Layback CrackVS 4c *11
155The Corner CrackHS 4c *5
156Precarious RibHS 4c 18
157Inset Flake CrackHVD 4a 3
158The Grassy MantelS 4b 22
159Wide CrackHVD 4b 11
160Small Blunt RibVB 27
161Cracked RibE1 5a 24
162Open ThrutchS 4b 14
 Green Groove 
164Black ChoirE5 6b *3
165Wide CrackHVD 4a 29
166Green GrooveHVD 4b 39
 Tall Arete 
168Front Rib
V2 22
169Sketchy Pillarf6A+ **10
170Ledge WallV0+ 38
171Tall Arete (left)V2 21
172Tall AreteHVS 5b *58
173Scratchy Bun Leftf6C **31
174Scratchy Bun Rightf5+ *48
 Toppled Block Area 
176Right RibV0 20
177Tall CracksV0+ 13
178Sharp AreteVS 5a 32
179Pillar WallVB 13
180Toppled Block AreteHS 4c 26
181Fun CrackV0 21
182Central PillarV0+ 17
 Easy Slab 
184Easy SlabVB 15
 Triple Cracks 
186Triple Cracks AreteVS 5a 39
187Triple Cracks Arete Startf6A+ **48
188Rounded Wallf6B **30
189Triple Cracks Leftf4 *19
190Triple Cracks Rightf4+ *44
191Twin AretesV0+ 15
192Front Wallf4 *28
 Krush Regime 
194Left AreteHS 4c 39
195Low Break TraverseV0+ 8
196Harry's Holef6C+ *2
197Krush Regimef7A+ **8
198Right Aretef5 **6
199Bolted Pillarf5 *14
200Nose TraverseV3 2
 The Flying Arete 
202Stretching Wallf6A+ *20
203Flying Arete Leftf6B **38
204The Flying Aretef7A+ ***48
205Flying Wall Leftf5 24
206Flying Wall Rightf4+ 24
 Excreta Buttress 
208Winnie the...f6A *55
209Poohf7B **14
210Mick's Problemf7A+ *5
211Quintessential Higgarismsf7A *52
212Sickf6A **135
213Pissf7B ***137
214Hemlinef7A+ **68
215Shitf7B+ ***59
216Jump to Slopersf6A+ 17
217Dirty Higgarf5 29
218The Low ProwV3 47
 Unknown or Duplicates 
220Rounded Arete
f4 6
221Whilst You're WaitingS 4b 1
222The RouterE3 5c  
223Mike's problem variantV7 4
224Paddock Face *HVS 5b *1
225Simples *HS 4b  
226Traverse Perkins *f6B+ ** 
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