Climbs 135
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 252m a.s.l
Faces all

Dave in The Cave © StuM

Crag features

Largely neglected by climbers but very popular with boulderers. It is a beautiful spot with a superb variety of quality problems, especially in the low-to-mid grades. The landings are mostly good, the rock quality solid and the setting is stunning. 

It is a low-lying crag with routes facing in all directions. The place can be green after rain, and the less-traveled routes can be lichenous.

Since the vandalism in Feb 2013 please be very weary of the boulder problems with chipping - The exposed core in incredibly soft. It's going to take decades to recover.

Approach notes

The crag is situated in the central Peak, 5km south of Bakewell. There are two approaches:

1 - Park by the side of the B5056 Bakewell to Winster road opposite a wide farm entrance. Cross the road and follow the gravel track that leads to the farm but keep left up the hill heading towards the rocky towers of Robin Hood's Stride.

2 - On the minor road that runs from Alport to Elton there is some limited parking by a stile in view of Robin Hood's Stride. Follow the collapsed wall for 5mins.  

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Eastern Grit

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Peak Bouldering

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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Lower Boulders 
2Flake Slab Arêtef5+ *74
3Flake Slabf5 **169
4Joy of Noledgef4+ *179
5Joy of Ledgef2+ *216
6The Archf2+ *263
7Arch Directf6A+ *108
8T Slabf4+ **255
9T Slab Arêtef4+ **256
10Wave Slabf3 25
 Green Boulder 
12Ben's Groovef7B+ * 
13Slap Bass Odysseyf7B **2
14The Gritstone Gent/Zaff's Mantelf7A **18
15Green Boulder Traversef6C **2
16Short Arêtef6B **173
17Short Wallf7A *9
18Moaning Mellorf6B **4
19The QuickieV0 18
20Boysen's Crackf6C *7
21King of Foolsf7B+ * 
 The Weasel Pinnacle 
23Letter RouteD 35
24West ArêteHS 4c 16
25Letter Route ArêteV2 **67
26Stonnis WallHVS 5b 38
27Long ClimbVS 4c *7
28The CrucifixHS 4c 13
 The Main Edge 
30Boomerang Wallf5+ *4
31Boomerang-erangf5+ **76
32Boomerang-erang Sit-Start
V3 **30
33Zigzag Climb
S 4a 4
34Forgotten Prowf6A+ 2
35Grovelf6B+ *2
36Burley's Bridgef6B *4
37Straight CrackS 4b 1
38Big Al Qaedaf7B ***48
39Nobody Knowsf6B *19
40Muscle Slabf5 *67
41Muscle CrackS 4b *16
 Inaccessible Pinnacle 
43Pinnacle ChimneyM 29
44Crack and FurrowS 4b **48
45Furrow Crack Direct
V1 6
46Left of Picalli'sf7B *2
47Picalli's Picklef7A+ *15
48Picalli's PiccalilliV2 **1
49Boulder ClimbHS 4c **41
50Path of the Righteous ManE7 6c * 
51Byne's TraverseHVS 5b *5
52Byne's Traverse (Start)V0 6
53Byne's Cracklet
V0 1
54Old HatHVS 5c *1
55Short ClimbVD 77
56AP Special
f6A 1
 Dorsal Fin 
58Shy Slabf4+ 65
59Dorsal Arêtef2+ 197
60JTf3+ *266
61JT Crackf3 **270
62Flipper Arêtef6A **163
63Flipperf6C **68
64Vandalsf5 ***307
65Jawsf7A+ *7
66Jaws (with chipped holds)V3 18
67Potty Timef4+ 91
68Black Arêtef5+ 22
 The Square Block 
70Ben's Wallf7C **60
71Spine Left-Handf6B ***413
72The Spinef4+ ***465
73Spinal Slabf7A **101
74Angle Arêtef5 *458
75Angle Arête Rightf3 *288
76Angle Arête (No Hands)V3 *10
77Scoop Slabf3 282
78Scoop Slab Traversef4+ **445
79The Sitdown FinishVB 44
80Shadow Slabf2+ 123
81Flake Crack
V0- 76
82Square Block Crackf5 27
83Milking the Cow
V1 28
84Milking the Cow Shelf StartV3 7
85The Nosef6B+ *32
86Leaf Groove
V0 2
87Bulging ArêteV0- 4
 Southwest Boulders 
89ScagliolaE5 6b **6
90Scrittle Slab
V1 3
91Jams O'Mantelf6B 106
92Back Bottomf5+ 8
93Concave Crimperf6A+ *83
94Ben and Jerry's Love Childf7A 3
95Diamond Slab Leftf5+ **78
96Diamond Slabf6C+ **22
97Diamond Slab Rightf5+ *40
98Front Onf5+ *10
99Inside Groovef5 11
100Hoppin' Mudf7B+ 1
101Jerry's Arêtef7A ***147
102Jerry's Boss ExtentionV7 1
103Boss Hogf5 **65
104Boss StartV3 20
105Bossa Novaf6C **26
106Roscoef6A+ *15
107Daisyf4 22
108Moss Hogg
V2 2
109Chipped Slab
V1 16
110Robin Hood's Crack
VD 4a 5
 The Cave 
112Cave Leftf6A *73
113The Foot Lockerf5+ *46
114Cave Corner
V4 6
115The Haddon Haulf5 12
116The Blob's Eliminatef7A+ ***43
117Blobs Eliminate Left Finish
f7A+ 17
118The Cave Problemf7A **527
119Cave Problem Directf6A+ *30
 Kaluza Klein Area 
121Combined Tacticsf6A+ 1
122A Day without Cakef6B 4
123Y Crack
VS 5a  
124Hugo Firstf6A *28
125The Kidf7A **150
126Mock Beggar's Wall
E4 6b  
127No Regretsf7C *2
128The Growlerf7C+ **1
129Grizzly Arêtef7A+ **99
130Dry Wit in a Wet Countryf7A ***238
131The Knot Grass Stunt
E4 6b 1
132Kaluza KleinE7 6c ***60
133Captain Calamity
E7 6c 1
134Elderberry Laybackf3+ 43
135Elderberry Layback (Sit-Start)
V1 22
136Elderberry SlabV0- 24
137My Prunef7C *** 
138Pain au Raisin
E4 6b  
139Cenotaph Coroner
E2 5b  
140Sweet Thingf8A * 
141Sweet Thing (Standing Start)V9 **2
142Sweet Arêtef6B+ **107
143Sweet Arête (Stand-Start)V2 19
144The Staircasef2+ *82
145Jug and Slabf5+ 4

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