Climbs 90
Rocktype Grit (quarried)

Faces S

Etherow Groove, Crowden Great Quarry © Oceanwall

Crag features

Large, impressive quarry with routes up to 30m long. Usually dry rock needs care in places. Best routes are The Shabby Tiger (HVS 5a,5a), Take My Breath Away (E2 5c, 4b), Fatal Attraction (E3 5c) and Perestroika (E4 6a). Recent additions said to be very good.

Zeus. Extreme caution. Very loose block. Shock horror a loose block at Crowden Great I hear you say... This is not your average loose block that looks like it might fall at any moment, this is a block the size of a door that blends in with the rest of the wall and looks like it is the least likely part of the whole quarry to move. I was just eyeing up my next placement (last two being down the side of the block) when the whole thing started moving out. I guess it traveled a couple of inches before I got off it and clung on to the adjacent ledge for dear life screaming at my belayer to get clear. This block will fall off. Its above the second grass ledge, just next to the final slab section next to the twin cracks (which look very dubious by are quite sound). Not sure if it should have a shove to clear it, will leave that up to the ethics people to discuss!!
cmgcmg - 22/Oct/12
Blow the place up!
ArnaudG - 04/Jul/08
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 western corner 
2Chubby Checkers RouteVS 5a  
3Boothill AreteHS 4a 5
4Muffing MuchVD  
5Sidesaddle CornerVD  
6Sidekick WallHS 4b 2
7Main StreetHVD  
8Fatal Attraction E3 5c * 
9Dusty TrailS 4a  
10Unexpected SolitudeHVS 5a *4
 The Shipyard 
12Gantry GrooveVS 4b  
13CatVS 4b 2
14The Lair of the Iron ChickenE1 5b * 
15BulkheadD 1
16SlipwayHS 4a 1
17Oily WaterHS 4b  
18The BilgeVS 4c  
19Anchor Chain ChinmeyHVD  
20Custom's CrackHVD  
21The Big StevedoreHVS 4c  
22Run Out the RiggingHVS 5b * 
23Ride the WavesE1 5b *2
24BowspiritHVS 5a *4
25One Quick PeekE1 5b *3
26Rigging RouteHVS 5a  
27Dry DockVD  
28SextantHS 4a  
29Senior ServiceE2 5c * 
 Tuff Buttress 
31Bow CracksHVS 5b  
32Tuff BootsHS 4b *6
33Tuff ButtressVS 5a *3
34Mounties Go Anywhere For LabattsE1 5b *1
 Mythology Wall 
36The Tabasco TwinsHS 4a *14
37Guy RopeVS 4a,4b  
38SkylarkVS 5a, 5a 3
39The SkylonVD 10
40HephaetusVS 4c 2
41ThetisVS 4c 4
42Australian DentistVS 5a 1
43ZeusVS 4c 8
44The ArogonautHVS 5a *2
45The Golden FleeceE1 5b 1
46The Emergence of TalosHVS 5a *3
47AchillesVS 4b 7
48JasonVS 5a,4b 2
49Mythology Wall Girdle TraverseS  
 The Circus 
51Trundle WarfareE2 5b,5c **2
52Nicely NicelyHVS 5a, 5a *4
53McVitiesE1 5b *3
54The Big FleaHVS 5a,5a *3
55CavemanE2 5a,5b * 
56Helter SkelterHVS 5b,4c  
57Take My Breath AwayE3 5c,4b **3
58The Thin ManHVS 5a,4b 9
59The Little FleaVS 4c,4b 1
60High Wire CracksVS 4c 3
61Rubber ManHVS 5a 3
62The Bearded LadyVS 4b 6
63Tonight With Alan PartridgeE5 6a **3
64The Shabby TigerHVS 5a, 5a **16
65Flame in the WestE3 5c, 5b **5
66TightwireE1 5b  
67close shaveE1 5c 1
68Old SpiceVS 4c  
69ZugzwangE5 6a ** 
70Contortionist's crackHVS 5b  
71Utopian QuestE3 5c 2
72Big Top CornerVD 2
73Sawdust cracksVD 3
74Monty PythonHVS 5a  
75Elephant's TailHVD  
 Subsidiary Bay 
77EinS 13
78ZweiVS 4c 9
79DreiHVD 8
80VierS 4a 5
81FunfS 4a 3
 Overhang Buttress 
83Strict AdheasionHS 4a  
84Plumber's SlabE3 5c * 
85Rambler WallVS 5a *12
86Bottoms EdgeHVD 4a *7
87Shadow BoxingE1 5b  
88Valehouse ChimneyVS 4b  
89Crowden PillarE4 6a **1
90Rhodeswood CrackE1 5b **13
91Torside chimneyE1 5c  
92Limbo DancerE4 6b **1
93The PrimerE3 5c **6
94Oh No! It's Heavy DutyE4 5c **1
95PerestroikaE4 6a **1
96Etherow GrooveVD 4
 Other Climbs (away from the main face) 
98The Ghost of David BeckhamVS 5a *4
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