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Chris Barr on "Superguapa" 8a/path © Gus

Crag features

Cala Serena is now the biggest venue on the Island, with almost 100 routes in total, most of which consist of golden juggy walls low down, and thinner, technical sections near the finish. It was developed, mostly by local Mallorcans, in 2003.

The cliffs rise to about 18m in places, but almost all the lines finish way below this mark with a maximum fall of around 15m if you are unlucky. Topping out is generally a breeze with most of the shorter lines finishing on some sort of a ledge. The rest of the climbing to the top of the cliff is on easier-angled slabs (about grade 2 or 3). There are some more vegetated top-outs but these can be avoided by heading down a rope to try other lines or traversing to another section of the cliff.

Serena is not all good news. The left side of cliff (looking in) is sharp and grey. Most people generally avoid this area, which is from Mallorca es Fonki to the start of the Adosat Area. Another downside is that towards the late afternoon, hundreds of jellyfish have been seen streaming by. This is not a constant feature, but something to watch out for.

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Spain : Mallorca

The main guidebook to the climbing on the island for the last 20 years has been published by Rockfax and this new 2016 edition adds to this legacy with another blockbusting volume for the sun-seeking climber. The sport climbing is being written by Alan James and Mark Glaister, and the deep water soloing section is being written by Daimon Beail.
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Mallorca es Fonki and Bombas Area 
2Chanelance6b S0 ** 
3Vacaciones en el Mar6c S0  
4Mallorca es fonki6c S0  
5Escupe la flema6c S0 ** 
6Batalla de cazalla6b S0  
7Estilo Pancho Villa6c S0 ** 
8La escuela6c S0 ** 
9Zafarrancho6c S0  
10Golpe bajo6b S0 * 
11El mas fardon6b S0 * 
12Tacon cubano6b S0  
13Pasate el microfono6b S0 * 
14Bombas6b S0 * 
15Sifon y jena6b S0 * 
16Don Simon6b S0  
17La manicura6b S0  
18La Corna6c S0 * 
19Cap torero sense banyas6b S0  
20Guais estails6b S0  
21Nora6b S0 * 
 Adosat Area 
23Anselm6b S1  
24Especula6b S1  
25Adosat6b S1 ** 
26Vuitmil6b S1  
27Efecto especial verbal I6b S0 * 
28Toreros muertos I6b S0  
29Albornoz6b S1 ** 
30Mocs I Po6b S1 **3
31Moc6b S2 * 
32Efecto especial Verbal II6b S0  
33Toreros muertos II6b S0  
34Mini Me6b S0 2
 Sa Fundacio Area 
36Diedre6b S0 * 
37Sa fundacio7a S0  
38Bou7a S0 ** 
39Vinga bou6b S0  
 Aspergilo Area 
41Llet negra7a S0 **1
42Aspergilo6c S1 ** 
43Manca6c S0  
44Les ajudes7a S0  
45Es pate7a S0 * 
46Es bol.leti6c S0 ** 
47Es papa7b S0  
48Medalles7a+ S0 * 
49La xina6c S0 * 
50Tokio6b+ S0 ***1
51Galactics6b S0 * 
52Mega6b S0 * 
 The Dreta and Meteoro Area 
54Setze jutges6b S0 * 
55Mengen fetge6b S0 ** 
56Dolby6b S0 * 
57Tot petit7b S0  
58Pop7a S0  
59Dreta7a S0 * 
60Coloms6a S0  
61Toques6b S0 * 
62S'aixeta7a S0  
63Down6b S0 ** 
64Alcaeda7a S0 * 
65Ali muma ye6c S0 * 
66Meteoro6b S0 * 
67Nomas6a S0 * 
68Aromes de Margrony6a S0 **1
69Soller7a S0 ***2
70Es baluart7a+ S0  
71Calvia7a+ S0  
 Sosec Area 
73Broker6a+ S0 ** 
74Mapau6a+ S0 **1
75Vip6b+ S0 **1
76Rasputin6a S0 **8
77Sosec6a+ S0 **1
78Mano negra6b S0 **1
79The Tortilla Traverse7a+ S0 *8
80Bag Puss6b S1  
81Romani6a S0 1
82Dimiti6a S0  
 Tort Area 
84Tort6b S0  
85BBC6b S0 1
86Cantabrica6b S0 *4
87Sa Multa6c S0 1
88Espases7a S0 **2
 Mi Primera Flinada Area 
90Terra6b S1 **2
91Guantanamo7b S1  
92Mi primera flinada6b S1 ***4
93Banyada7b S0  
94Acuatic7b+ S0  
95Abugraib7b+ S0 * 
96Submarina7b+ S0  
 Prest Area 
98Es xirimollo7a+ S0 ***1
99Xapapote8a+ S0 ** 
100Superguapa8a S0 **2
101Malle7b+ S0 1
102Diedre 26c S0 ** 
103Prest6c S0 *1
104Gasolina6b S0  
105Europa6b S0  
106Sense casc6b S0 * 
107Trobador6a S0 * 
 Serena Wall 
109Squeeze6b+ S0 **1
110Sweet Serena6b S0 ***1
111Serenade (NEW)6c 1
 Infinity Wall 
113Pontas Revenge5c S0 * 
114Scrunch6a S0  
115Lamancha6a+ S0  
116Lost in Lamancha6b S0  
117Stolen6a S1 * 
118To Infinity and Beyond6a S1 * 
119Oceans in the Sky6a S1 ** 
120Electric Sky6a S1 **2
121Prawn in the Sun6a S1  
122Two finger fun6a S2  
 Serena - Far Right 
124Tiramisu (NEW)7a+ 1
125Horizontal Shuffle (NEW)6c+ 1
126The Magic Bean Traverse ~(NEW)6b 1

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