Climbs 64
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 179m a.s.l

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Holcombe Sunset © ben@f-stopimages

Crag features

This crag is being developed and is currently a building site. The owners have contacted UKC and the BMC and asked us to make it clear that climbing is not allowed here at the moment owing to the building work. 

They have, however, suggested that climbing may be possible in the future after the work has finished.

Please keep away for the time being to increase the chance of it being opened up in the futrue!

Access Banned

Access to this site remains a contentious issue - despite repeated requests to the landowner for an access aggrement for climbers. Following a non-climbing fatality in 2003, the landowner remains concerned with insurance and liability issues and occasionally patrols the site - be prepared for being asked to leave.

Work has begun on the site development.  Gates are in place at both main entrances to Cooks Wood and Bector Wood Quarries.  Security guards prevent climbers, (and others) from entering either Quarry.  The police have been involved when local youth pressed for entry to the pool side.

Climbing therefore is no longer a practical possibility at Holcombe.

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