Climbs 161
Rocktype Slate
Altitude 300m a.s.l
Faces S

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Vivian Quarry looking down © Sean Kelly

Crag features

The multi-tiered quarry cutting into the tree-covered slopes above the east end of Llyn Padarn. Home to slate's most famous climb, Comes The Dervish (E3 5c). Also contains plenty of easier routes such as Mental Lentils (HVS 5b), and viciously hard ones (Dawes Of Perception E7 6c). There is good deep water soloing on the Bathtime Wall.

Access Banned

November  26th 2020. A very major rockfall has occured, belived to be in the vicinity of the Comes the Dervish area. Gwynedd Council have informed the BMC  that thye have closed the whole site for the forseeable future and no access is currently allowed to any part or level of the Vivian Quarry for any purpose. 

A major rock fall also occured in 2017- access to the lower tier, beyond Dawes of Perception slab has been fenced off to protect the public. There is currently no access to the Psychotherapy slab or any other routes on the lower level in that area; the small bay directly in front of the scuba diving platform has collapsed rendering this area very unsafe and unstable, with more rock likely to come down.

Access to Mental Lentils and other routes immediately near the entrance to the Lower Level is unaffected. Similarly, access to the Middle (Dervish) level and the Upper Levels is also unaffected by this recent rockfall.

The access to Vivian Quarry is shared with the local Vivian Diving Centre. Please refrain from climbing on the Bathtime Wall while the centre is open and operating - do not climb on the Bathtime Wall/Prow area and the areas at pool level as far as Psychotherapy, if divers are using the pool, due to danger of rockfall affecting the diving activities.  The quarry is within the Padarn Country Park, managed by Gwynedd Council. Climbing is tolerated away from the main paths and the owners make it clear that access away from the main paths is entirely at the individual's own risk and offically not encouraged.

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