Moderators Help Page

If you can't find help for your problem here, then please contact us.

Q1: What is moderating?
A crag moderator is someone who volunteers to manage and maintain the route information for a particular crag on UKC Logbooks.
Tasks include - uploading missing routes, checking existing data for mistakes, putting the routes in crag order, adding buttress dividers and dealing with feedback from other users.

Q2: How do I become a moderator?
Any crag without a moderator has a Volunteer to moderate box at the bottom - just follow the instructions.
If there is already a moderator then they will be listed on the crag page. If you would still like to help then please contact us since each crag can have a second moderator.

Q3: How do I use the moderator's pages?
A crag moderator can see a black Climb Moderation Page button in the top right-hand corner of the appropriate crag page - just click on this to go to the specific crag moderation page. To edit an individual route you can just click on the route aname on the Crag Moderation Page. Alternatively, you can just click on the route on the public crag page and then click Edit Climb. If you moderate a number of crags then the moderate crags page lists them all for you.

Q4: Route Order - LEFT to RIGHT
All routes should be listed from LEFT to RIGHT. We are very strict on this even if the local guidebook lists them the other way round. You can re-order routes by dragging and dropping, or by number ordering by changing the option at the top of the crag moderation page.

Q5: Grades
We support the common grading systems. The Rockfax site has more about grades, including helpful conversion tables.

Q6: Changing grades
Please use the grade for a route/problem from the most recent guidebook, rather than your own personal grade. If there is an obvious consensus in the online voting then you can change a grade but please don't do it too quickly. A route should have at least 20 votes; upgrades should show a 2/3 majority; downgrades can be just a simple majority.

Q7: Routes with locked grades
Any route that is included in the Rockfax app has a locked grade which can't be changed by volunteer moderators. This is to maintain consistency between the app, book and UKC logbook entry. If you see a problem then please use the Report major discrepancy button displayed on these routes when opened from the crag moderation page.

Q8: Duplicate routes
Duplicate routes are often uploaded by users for various reasons. You can delete duplicates using the normal edit climb interface. You must transfer the route ticks over to the other version when you do this.

Q9: How do I split up large crags into Buttresses?
Large crags have many routes and their listings become unwieldy and difficult to navigate. To help moderators can add buttress dividers using the +Buttress/Divider button. These can be moved by dragging and dropping as with routes. You can also create a buttress called 'Unknown' for entries that you aren't sure about.

Q10: Routes on the wrong crag
If you find routes that are on the wrong crag then please contact us with the details and we can move them.

Q11: Can I add a lot of routes at once?
Yes. Click on the Upload a file button on the top right of the crag moderation page. That has a detailed explanation of how to format your data and a template Excel spreadsheet.

Q12: I need to change information about the crag itself
You can change the information about a crag itself by using the Update this crag button displayed on the public crag page. When you send the update to UKClimbing it will automatically update since you are the moderator.

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