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© Fraser, Jun 2010

Dumbarton Rock 7th Grade Problems ticklist

contributed by Jack McKechnie Dec/17

All of the 7s at Dumby

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Bust My Chops LHf7A ***444mDumbarton Rock
Mugsy (Ya Bass)f7A ***112?Dumbarton Rock
Total Bamchopf7A 1?Dumbarton Rock
Andy's Aretef7A **34?Dumbarton Rock
Slap Happyf7A **213?Dumbarton Rock
More Malkstizof7A **3?Dumbarton Rock
The Story of the Hurricanef7A **16mDumbarton Rock
Bampot Traversef7A **33?Dumbarton Rock
Total Bampotf7A **68mDumbarton Rock
Bust My Chopsf7A **42?Dumbarton Rock
Bust Jeremy's Chopsf7A **14?Dumbarton Rock
Bust My Chops RHf7A *49?Dumbarton Rock
Kev's Problemf7A *23?Dumbarton Rock
Runs on Potato Powerf7A *17?Dumbarton Rock
Honestyf7A 13?Dumbarton Rock
Phoenixf7A 20?Dumbarton Rock
Slap Happy SSf7A 11?Dumbarton Rock
Toto SSf7A 100?Dumbarton Rock
Dweller (Mugsy jug finish)f7A 6?Dumbarton Rock
Mestizo 'Direct'f7A 3?Dumbarton Rock
Head Buttf7A 20?Dumbarton Rock
Gorilla Hanging Startf7A 38?Dumbarton Rock
Tam's Route Original SSf7A 3?Dumbarton Rock
...Datedf7A+ 6?Dumbarton Rock
Embrace The RockV7 **-1mDumbarton Rock
Mugsy Staticf7A+ ***636mDumbarton Rock
Pongo Aretef7A+ **60?Dumbarton Rock
Off The Railsf7A+ **2?Dumbarton Rock
Mestizo SSf7A+ **91?Dumbarton Rock
Chicken Buttf7A+ **1?Dumbarton Rock
Gorilla Warfaref7A+ **26?Dumbarton Rock
Shadowf7A+ **3?Dumbarton Rock
The Shield Right Handf7A+ *13?Dumbarton Rock
Toto Sit Start Directf7A+ *22?Dumbarton Rock
Home Rule Low Traversef7A+ *35?Dumbarton Rock
More Chickenf7A+ *3?Dumbarton Rock
Fool's Goldf7A+ *12?Dumbarton Rock
Buzz Sawf7A+ 10?Dumbarton Rock
Toto Traversef7A+ 7?Dumbarton Rock
Butt Headf7A+ 2?Dumbarton Rock
Ford Caprif7A -?Dumbarton Rock
Gorilla Warfare Hanging Startf7A+ **24mDumbarton Rock
'Consoled'f7A+ 4?Dumbarton Rock
Mugsy Traversef7B ***63?Dumbarton Rock
Shattered Traverse Lowf7B **36?Dumbarton Rock
Totalledf7B **12?Dumbarton Rock
Mestizo Traversef7B **64?Dumbarton Rock
Mestugsof7B **14?Dumbarton Rock
Mugsy Sit Startf7B **27?Dumbarton Rock
Trick of the Valef7B **2?Dumbarton Rock
The Shield Right Hand SSf7B *4?Dumbarton Rock
Spray Onf7B *2?Dumbarton Rock
1990 Traversef7B *41?Dumbarton Rock
Fouk Yeef7B *4?Dumbarton Rock
Treasure Huntf7B *15?Dumbarton Rock
Treasuref7B *13?Dumbarton Rock
Reducerf7B 8?Dumbarton Rock
Pongo Jumpf7B 6?Dumbarton Rock
Sugar Rushf7B -?Dumbarton Rock
You're Nickedf7B 2?Dumbarton Rock
Redpath's Problemf7B -?Dumbarton Rock
Art Attackf7B 5?Dumbarton Rock
Houston We Have a Problemf7B 1?Dumbarton Rock
A Ford Flashf7A 2?Dumbarton Rock
Power Relationf7B 2?Dumbarton Rock
Mugstizo Highf7B **4?Dumbarton Rock
The Shieldf7B+ ***34?Dumbarton Rock
Knowledge is Powerf7B+ ***5?Dumbarton Rock
Mugstizof7B+ ***13?Dumbarton Rock
Mother Glasgow's Starlingsf7B+ ***-?Dumbarton Rock
Neil's Extension/Gorilla SSf7B+ ***29?Dumbarton Rock
The Dumbartonerf7B+ **1?Dumbarton Rock
Le Tour De Techniquef7B+ **10?Dumbarton Rock
Mestizo Extensionf7B+ **15?Dumbarton Rock
Mugsy Extensionf7B+ **16?Dumbarton Rock
Daggerf7B+ **9?Dumbarton Rock
Malky Traversef7B+ **17?Dumbarton Rock
Dressed for Successf7B+ **5?Dumbarton Rock
Bingham's Wallf7B+ **1?Dumbarton Rock
Treasure Trailf7B+ **3?Dumbarton Rock
Malkyf7B+ *56?Dumbarton Rock
2016 Traversef7B+ *-4mDumbarton Rock
Pongo Staticf7B+ 9?Dumbarton Rock
Hap Slappyf7B+ 56?Dumbarton Rock
The Elbow Basherf7B+ 6?Dumbarton Rock
Totalityf7B+ 21?Dumbarton Rock
Mugslyf7B+ 5?Dumbarton Rock
Dwellerf7B+ 2?Dumbarton Rock
Malky's Chickenf7B+ 5?Dumbarton Rock
Dressed Reversedf7B+ -?Dumbarton Rock
B.N.I. Direct Startf7B+ ***15?Dumbarton Rock
Consolidatedf7B+ ***64?Dumbarton Rock
SilverwareV9 **3?Dumbarton Rock
Consolidated Extensionf7C ***30?Dumbarton Rock
Slap Happy Dynof7C ***8?Dumbarton Rock
Malkiedf7C ***12?Dumbarton Rock
Hoopf7C ***6?Dumbarton Rock
Silver Backf7C ***22?Dumbarton Rock
The Shield SSf7C **7?Dumbarton Rock
Malky Schmalkyf7C **11?Dumbarton Rock
Laddermanf7C **2?Dumbarton Rock
Paedo Bikinif7C *4?Dumbarton Rock
Power Pockets SSf7C *-?Dumbarton Rock
Spamf7C *22?Dumbarton Rock
Smokescreenf7C *6?Dumbarton Rock
Pongo Knucklef7C 5?Dumbarton Rock
Mugslifef7C 1?Dumbarton Rock
Oceansf7C 5?Dumbarton Rock
Fouk Yer Chops Kevf7C 3?Dumbarton Rock
Malky Sit Startf7C 4?Dumbarton Rock
Amalgamatedf7C -?Dumbarton Rock
In Bloomf7C+ ***17?Dumbarton Rock
Nice and Sleazyf7C+ ***19?Dumbarton Rock
Glasgow Kissf7C+ ***10?Dumbarton Rock
Silverback Aretef7C+ ***3?Dumbarton Rock
Big Cheesef7C+ **3?Dumbarton Rock
Nice and Sleazierf7C+ **5?Dumbarton Rock
Happy Slapf7C+ *9?Dumbarton Rock
Thoroughbredf7C+ 12?Dumbarton Rock
Set in Motionf7C+ -?Dumbarton Rock
Dressed into Fordf7C+ -?Dumbarton Rock
Eazy Sleazyf7C+ **2?Dumbarton Rock
Spamslyf7C+ 1?Dumbarton Rock
Kev's Chop Problemf7A+ 2?Dumbarton Rock
Hung Like a Gorillaf7B **2?Dumbarton Rock
Arete Thing AKA 'Malc's Mestizo SS' f7B 1?Dumbarton Rock
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