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Me on Jameson 10
Jim, Apr 2005
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Dalkey Quarry VS's ticklist

contributed by Munkynutz Jun/14

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Street FighterVS 4c **44112mDalkey quarry
Savage AreteVS 4a *28?Dalkey quarry
Drifter's EscapeVS 4b 48?Dalkey quarry
Eliminate A DashVS 4b **95?Dalkey quarry
Dirty DickVS 4b *198?Dalkey quarry
Jameson 10VS 4b ***27912mDalkey quarry
BinglesteinVS 4b *68?Dalkey quarry
Southern ComfortVS 4b 10?Dalkey quarry
Winder's SlabVS 4b **76?Dalkey quarry
E RouteVS 4b **181?Dalkey quarry
Mason's RouteVS 4b 7?Dalkey quarry
MoonlighterVS 4b 93?Dalkey quarry
SiestaVS 4b 46?Dalkey quarry
Cathy CrackersVS 4b 8?Dalkey quarry
SalaciaVS 4b 79mDalkey quarry
Faery FeetVS 4b 15?Dalkey quarry
HyperionVS 4b ***9420mDalkey quarry
TriptychVS 4c 30?Dalkey quarry
The AreteVS 4c 5?Dalkey quarry
DetritusVS 4c 5?Dalkey quarry
JoasVS 4c 101?Dalkey quarry
Eleven's a CrowdVS 4c 25?Dalkey quarry
Up Slide RunVS 4c 127?Dalkey quarry
K-SquaredVS 4c *48?Dalkey quarry
DamphommerVS 4c 25?Dalkey quarry
TrampVS 4c **198?Dalkey quarry
Winder's FunnelVS 4c 19?Dalkey quarry
ScavengerVS 4c **157?Dalkey quarry
Solid StateVS 4c 2?Dalkey quarry
Still StormingVS 4c 2?Dalkey quarry
MahjonggVS 4c **41712mDalkey quarry
KeyholeVS 4c 31?Dalkey quarry
Charleston DirectVS 4c **159?Dalkey quarry
PilasterVS 4c ***18915mDalkey quarry
HeliosVS 4c ***15734mDalkey quarry
PreambleVS 4c 3?Dalkey quarry
DistrustVS 4c 22?Dalkey quarry
Central RibVS 4c 88mDalkey quarry
SepulchreVS 4c 717m• 2Dalkey quarry
Gwynne's ChimneyVS 4c *26?Dalkey quarry
Tipp ToedVS 4c 8?Dalkey quarry
GrabberVS 5a 4?Dalkey quarry
Rasberry RippleVS 5a *22?Dalkey quarry
CyquestVS 5b 13?Dalkey quarry
Sham GullyVS 5b 105?Dalkey quarry
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