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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Cocoa the Clown E2 5b ** Lead rpt 02/Sep/16 Radar Buttress
Cling or Swing VS 4c * AltLd 29/Aug/16 La Congrelle
Quo Vadis VS 4c *** Lead 29/Aug/16 La Congrelle
Gluteus Maximus HVS 5a Lead dog 28/Aug/16 Gaul Wall
Rock of Ages HVS 5a *** Lead 27/Aug/16 Gull Zawn
Breathless HVS 5b *** 2nd 27/Aug/16 Gull Zawn
Chimp VS 4b ** 2nd 27/Aug/16 Gull Zawn
Flying Thick and Fast HVS 5a * 2nd 05/Jun/16 Trespass Point
Harry Daley 5.8 *** AltLd 18/Sep/15 Glacier Point Apron
Snake Dike 5.7 *** AltLd 17/Sep/15 Half Dome Southwest Face
Reed's Pinnacle Direct 5.10a *** AltLd dog 16/Sep/15 Reed's Pinnacle Area
Regular Route 5.9 ** AltLd 14/Sep/15 Higher Cathedral Spire
Suds 5.9 * Lead 13/Sep/15 Pat and Jack Pinnacle
Knuckleheads 5.10b ** 2nd dog 13/Sep/15 Pat and Jack Pinnacle
Knob Job 5.10b * 2nd 13/Sep/15 Pat and Jack Pinnacle
Nurdle 5.8 ** Lead 13/Sep/15 Pat and Jack Pinnacle
Church Bowl Tree 5.10b *** 2nd 12/Sep/15 Church Bowl
Bishop's Terrace 5.8 *** Lead 12/Sep/15 Church Bowl
The Grack Left 5.7 ** AltLd 10/Sep/15 Glacier Point Apron
Moby Dick 5.10a *** AltLd 10/Sep/15 El Capitan - Base Routes
Marginal 5.9 r *** AltLd 09/Sep/15 Glacier Point Apron
Trial By Fire 5.8 ** Lead dog 09/Sep/15 Royal Arches Area
Aqua Knobby 5.9 r *** AltLd 08/Sep/15 Pywiack Dome
Royal Arches 5.7 *** AltLd 07/Sep/15 Royal Arches Area
Goodrich Pinnacle Right 5.9 r *** AltLd 06/Sep/15 Glacier Point Apron