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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Mark's Roof f7B *** Sent 30/Nov/17 Gardoms Edge
Kidneystone f7B *** Sent 30/Nov/17 Gardoms Edge
Perverse Reverse Footless f7C - 26/Nov/17 Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Monologue f7B+ ** Sent 17/Oct/17 Ramshaw Rocks
Mushin' f7C+ *** Sent 17/Oct/17 Roaches Lower Tier
The Terrace f7C *** Sent 02/Oct/17 Burbage North
Mansize f7C Sent x 26/Sep/17 Ramshaw Rocks
Jerry's Traverse f7B *** Sent β 22/Sep/17 Cratcliffe Tor
The Imperfect Catch f7C+ * Sent 18/Sep/17 The Five Clouds
Wings of Unreason E4 6a *** Solo O/S 09/Aug/17 Roaches Skyline
The Pride E6 6b *** Solo 05/Jul/17 Stoney Dale
Amarna (Standing) f7C ** Sent 26/Jun/17 Farley Woods
Feeding the Pony f7C *** Sent 24/Jun/17 Farley Woods
Home Cooking f6A * - 20/Jun/17 Dimmingsdale and Threapwood...
Undercuts to Sloper Problem f7C Sent 10/Jun/17 Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Burly McMirfy f7C+ ** Sent 22/May/17 Peakstone Inn Amphitheatre...
Armbandit f7A+ ** Sent 17/May/17 Stoney Middleton
Tom's Original f7A * Sent 17/May/17 Stoney Middleton
You've Pulled f8A Sent 17/May/17 Stoney Middleton
Power trip f7C Sent 17/May/17 Stoney Middleton
Kudos Original f7C * Sent x 22/Mar/17 Water-cum-Jolly
Let's go round again (fig 8 reverse) f7C Sent x 17/Mar/17 Stoney Middleton
Pete's Power Pull f7C ** Sent x 17/Mar/17 Stoney Middleton
A Bigger Splash Direct f7B *** Sent β 17/Mar/17 Water-cum-Jolly
Kudos f7B ** Sent x 17/Mar/17 Water-cum-Jolly