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A selection of 95 prominent hills in the Peak District.
The Ethels are a tribute to Ethel Haythornthwaite who pioneered the establishment of the Peak District as Britain's first national park in 1951

The list includes a few hills on private land, so either ask permission, or walk as close as you legally can.

Mam Tor Trig Point  © David Carpenter
Mam Tor Trig Point
© David Carpenter, Dec 2012

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Trig point of Blakelow Hill

Blakelow Hill (Bonsall Moor) summit
Trig point of Blakelow Hill

Lost Lad: The Cairn of Abraham Lowe, a young shepherd boy from the lost village of Derwent.

Lost Lad summit
Lost Lad: The Cairn of Abraham Lowe, a young shepherd boy from the lost village of Derwent.
© Miss Testarossa

Summit of The Cloud on a dull summer's day

The Cloud summit
Summit of The Cloud on a dull summer's day
© EmLFlint

Mam Tor Trig Point

Mam Tor (summit)
Mam Tor Trig Point
© David Carpenter

Margery Hill Trig Point

Margery Hill summit
Margery Hill Trig Point
© David Carpenter

Revidge Trig Point

Revidge summit
Revidge Trig Point
© David Carpenter

Grindslow Knowl Summit Cairn

Grindslow Knoll summit
Grindslow Knowl Summit Cairn
© David Carpenter

Merryton Low Trig Point

Merryton Low summit
Merryton Low Trig Point
© David Carpenter

Shutlingsloe Trig Point

Merryton Low summit
Shutlingsloe Trig Point
© David Carpenter

Margery Stones

Margery Hill summit
Margery Stones
© Pete Pozman

Sir William Hill Trig Point, Eyam Moor

Eyam Moor (Sir William Hill) summit
Sir William Hill Trig Point, Eyam Moor
© David Carpenter

Enjoying the view from the top

The Cloud summit
Enjoying the view from the top
© EmLFlint

Add Hill name Grade Ticks? Height Area name
Kinder Scout summit 581 636m Derbyshire
Bleaklow Head summit 256 633m Derbyshire
Higher Shelf Stones summit 132 622m Derbyshire
Grindslow Knoll summit 131 601m Derbyshire
Alport Moor summit 14 535m Derbyshire
Featherbed Top summit 18 541m Derbyshire
Mill Hill summit 79 544m Derbyshire
Brown Knoll summit 120 569m Derbyshire
South Head summit 25 494m Derbyshire
Mount Famine summit 28 473m Derbyshire
Cown Edge summit 17 411m Derbyshire
Lantern Pike summit 23 373m Derbyshire
Chinley Churn summit 22 457m Derbyshire
Lord's Seat summit 120 546m Derbyshire
Mam Tor (summit) summit 519 517m Derbyshire
Lose Hill summit 205 476m Derbyshire
Gautries Hill summit 14 410m Derbyshire
Eldon Hill summit 25 470m Derbyshire
Slitherstone Hill summit 13 477m Derbyshire
Bradwell Moor summit 14 471m Derbyshire
Sponds Hill summit 26 410m Cheshire
Whaley Moor (Black Hill) summit 15 410m Cheshire
Eccles Pike summit 14 370m Derbyshire
Black Edge summit 21 507m Derbyshire
Cats Tor summit 50 519m Cheshire
Foxlow Edge summit 20 452m Derbyshire
Shining Tor summit 210 559m Derbyshire
Combs Head summit 17 503m Derbyshire
Corbar Hill summit 15 435m Derbyshire
Burbage Edge (Goyt's Moss) summit 23 500m Derbyshire
Grin Low summit 14 430m Derbyshire
Shutlingsloe summit 283 506m Cheshire
Whetstone Ridge summit 17 546m Cheshire
Axe Edge Moor summit 41 551m Derbyshire
Cheeks Hill summit 33 520m Staffordshire
Oliver Hill summit 25 513m Staffordshire
Croker Hill summit 20 402m Cheshire
The Cloud summit 82 343m Staffordshire
Gun summit 39 385m Staffordshire
The Roaches summit 134 505m Staffordshire
Hen Cloud Summit summit 50 410m Staffordshire
Ramshaw Rocks Summit summit 37 460m Staffordshire
High Edge summit 14 472m Derbyshire
Musden Low Summit summit 13 391m Derbyshire
Hollins Hill summit 26 451m Derbyshire
Chrome Hill summt summit 133 425m Derbyshire
Parkhouse Hill summit 108 360m Derbyshire
High Wheeldon summit 39 422m Derbyshire
Pilsbury Hill summit 14 395m Derbyshire
Carder Low summit 13 380m Derbyshire
Merryton Low summit 19 489m Staffordshire
Revidge summit 16 400m Derbyshire
Ecton Hill summit 23 368m Derbyshire
Wetton Hill summit 19 371m Staffordshire
Wolfscote Hill summit 14 388m Derbyshire
Tissington Hill summit 12 ? Derbyshire
Thorpe Cloud summit 43 287m Derbyshire
West Nab summit 36 500m West Yorkshire
Alphin Pike summit 16 ? Derbyshire
Ashway Moss summit 12 497m Derbyshire
Black Hill summit 150 582m Greater Manchester
Featherbed Moss summit 13 522m Greater Manchester
Black Chew Head summit 39 542m Derbyshire
White Low summit 13 530m Derbyshire
Britland Edge Hill summit 13 524m South Yorkshire
Snailsden Pike End summit 12 475m South Yorkshire
Dead Edge End summit 15 499m South Yorkshire
Margery Hill summit 71 546m South Yorkshire
High Stones summit 53 550m South Yorkshire
Lost Lad summit 81 518m South Yorkshire
Back Tor summit 91 538m South Yorkshire
Crook Hill summit 43 382m Derbyshire
Winn Hill summit * 150 463m Derbyshire
Burton Bole End summit 18 417m Derbyshire
Durham Edge summit 21 416m Derbyshire
Eyam Moor (Sir William Hill) summit 45 429m Derbyshire
High Neb summit 86 458m Derbyshire
Stanage Pole summit 131 438m Derbyshire
White Path Moss summit 60 457m Derbyshire
Higgar Tor Summit summit 64 413m South Yorkshire
Wardlow Hay Cop summit 17 359m Derbyshire
Longstone Moor summit 20 391m Derbyshire
Chelmorton Low summit 11 ? Derbyshire
Sough Top summit 12 ? Derbyshire
Fin Cop summit 18 ? Derbyshire
Bole Hill (Burton Moor) summit 12 ? Derbyshire
Lees Moor summit 12 304m Derbyshire
Harland Edge (Beeley Moor) summit 18 371m Derbyshire
Harthill Moor summit 10 272m Derbyshire
Stanton Moor Summit summit 24 ? Derbyshire
Aleck Low summit 9 398m Derbyshire
Blakelow Hill (Bonsall Moor) summit 8 367m Derbyshire
Harborough Rocks Summit summit 32 ? Derbyshire
Minninglow Summit summit 15 ? Derbyshire
Bolehill (Cromford Moor) summit 16 323m Derbyshire
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