Dave MacLeod FAs and then solos his hew F8b in Dunkeld

Dave MacLeod has soloed his new F8b in Birnam Quarry near Dunkeld. 'Hurlyburly' is a 20 metre stamina route in an unusual quarried slate cave, dubbed 'The Tube'.
The route is 60 degrees overhanging throughout above a parallel slope and is about 20-25 feet above the ground most of the way. All the holds on the route were manufactured (years ago - not by Dave)in a simialr vein to some Welsh slate routes (e.g Manic Strain) but the project had lain untouched since the mid-90s.
Dave made the first ascent with a rope in quick time, then returned to solo the line with no harness, spotters or mats used. Dave only linked the route in once before going for the solo.

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