Mountain Hardwear Lecture Tour Programme

It's back again for the third year running, a 5 lecture series this November in London, Bristol and Manchester with a range of speakers including...
John Varco - gnarly American all-rounder dude who's jammed in a crack in a Patagucci advert.
Sue Nott - gnarly American all-rounder dudess often seen hanging off icicles or blasting up cracks all over the world.
Kenton Cool - YBA (Young British Alpinist) who made his name in Alaska with boat-pushing light 'n' fast approach. Off to Annapurna 3 this autumn - yikes.
Neil Gresham - he of hard trad repeat fame. What does it take to climb E10? You wanna get yourself a training programme son.
Robert Swan OBE - unsupported polar trekker turned motivational speaker and environmentalist. Ch-ching.
Tom Avery - record breaking speed journey to the South pole in 2002. Stars in Merc commercial. Ch-ching.

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