Messner's new book counter-attack

Reinhold Messner's book, Naked Mountain has recently been translated into English. It has been written in response to fellow expedition members, Hans Saler and Max von Kienlin's publications about the 1970 Nanga Parbat expedition. On the expedition, Reinhold's brother, Günther was tragically killed. Saler and von Kienlin believe that Reinhold abandoned his brother so that he could reach the summit and then make the first traverse of the mountain. Messner is planning to return to Nanga Parbat to find his brother's crampons and prove that his account of the tragedy is true. He has enlisted the help of Slovenian, Thomas Humar. Messner describes the revelations from his former team mates as "made up to sell books". The Naked Mountain was translated by Tim Carruthers and is published by The Mountaineers.

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