John Gaskins New 9a+ - The Hardest in the World?

John Gaskins has completed his long-standing project at the G-Spot on Giggleswick South, to give what may be one of the hardest routes in the World! Violent New Breed takes the central leaning wall of the super-steep cave and has taken John many years of work to complete. It is the first route to be given the grade of 9a+ in Britain and one of only a few in the world.
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22 Jun, 2004
Um, have you seen how high it is? It's practically a boulder problem anyway ( in height at least ). Not to intending to take anything away from the effort though.
That photo is a bit misleading. If you stand at the base of that cave there is suddenly a lot of rock above you.
Trying to get some more details but John has just left for a 3 week road trip across Europe.
22 Jun, 2004
well, I wandered up there last year to have a look at henry tuttle, and know the floor drops away a bit, didn't inspire though ( henry tuttle that is ) Had no idea hubble was that short as well though. I'll wander up again next time I'm up there to see if I'm spouting nonsense.
22 Jun, 2004
how long is the route? Impossible to tell from the photo but i dont doubt it is seriously overhanging.
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