Positive developments on 'Working at Heights'

Following a meeting earlier in the summer, Jane Kennedy, (Minister for Work & Pensions) has written to everyone who attended the meeting.
I am keen to find a solution that is acceptable to all and one that works. That is one that continues to ensure that the risks to workers in the sector and members of the public are properly controlled. This has raised some complex legal issues and work is ongoing....I will want to have advice from the HSC before I take a decision.
She went on to assure us that she intended to leave no stone unturned in investigating the possibilities for an exemption for the outdoor industry.

John Cousins from the MLTUK concludes
Whatever the outcome is I believe adventure activities can feel very proud of its ability to present an argument to government and muster the kind of support that ensures we cannot be ignored. At this stage I am confident that we will achieve our basic goal of ensuring that the regulations do not affect our industry. Thanks, once again to everyone who has worked locally or nationally to make this possible.

This effort includes all the people who supported the campaign via the threads and discussions on the UKC Forums.

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