The Ace gets a third ascent from Ben Moon

© Pete O'Donovan

The Ace (Font 8b/V13), Jerry Moffatt's sit down start version of the Joker, has received a third ascent from Jerry's old side kick Ben Moon. The Joker itself recently lost a crucial hold on its upper section (reported on Dec 21st 2004) but this has been glued back on in an attempt to preserve the original problem. The second ascent was made by Malcolm Smith in 2003.

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14 Jan, 2005
Good for him! Nice to see old Moony doing something like that (and a bit of a mirror of him repeating Dominator a decade ago).
14 Jan, 2005
I love it when some anonymous knob tries to have a dig, and is let down by his own stupidity.
14 Jan, 2005
is it any different after chips?
14 Jan, 2005
This is good news for us thirty somethings, there can't be many sports where the people at the cutting edge are nearly forty. I guess I should be climbing as hard or harder than I was ten years ago.
14 Jan, 2005
What is more interesting is that there are people who's balls haven't even dropped yet also operating near the leading edge which either means that climbing is unusually age independant or that the cutting edge has a way to go yet.
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