Climbers Buy Horseshoe!

No, not a small piece of equine footwear, stupid! I mean the Peak's premier sport venue, Horseshoe Quarry. After prolonged negotiation, the hole in the ground just up the hill from Stoney, (it's on the right mate, you can't miss it), now belongs to the climbing community. There are those who might be a bit sniffy about the quality of the climbing and the lack of a view, but it's a popular spot and it would have been difficult, nay, impossible to guarantee access had the BMC not purchased it. Peak Access Volunteer Henry Folkard has been heavily involved in the purchase. "A sign will be displayed showing the extent of the BMC acquisition. It doesn't include the whole site, but includes most of the climbing except. It's our intention to run the site in patnership with others including DWT and the local community and to declare the site for open access on foot under CROW." The fact is, it's ours now, let's look after it.

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