Cave and Perrin joint Boardman Tasker winners

Andy Cave and Jim Perrin have been declared joint winners of this year's Boardman Tasker Award. They will split the £2000 prize. Cave's Learning to Breathe describes his upbringing in a Barnsley mining town and escape from the pits to a life of climbing. The book culminates with a gripping account of the expedition to the North Face of Changabang in 1997. Perrin's long-awaited biography of the legendary Don Whillans The Villain: the Life of Don Whillans, has been year's in the making and is a "detailed and compassionate view of the life of a complex and often difficult character, who was one of the key figures in British climbing since the last war." A synopsis of the short listed titles can be read at the Boardman Tasker award website.

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