John Harlin III Climbs Eiger North Face

John Harlin III has climbed the Eiger North Face. Harlin's father, John Harlin II was the first American to climb the Eiger North Face in 1962. Harlin later perished when a fixed rope snapped whilst attempting a diretissima (direct) route on the wall with Dougal Haston in 1966. Haston went on to complete the route and named it, the John Harlin Direct.

John Harlin III climbing with Swiss mountain guides, Robert and Daniela Jasper, summitted on September 24th.

An American crew with MacGillivray Freeman Films filmed the climb in IMAX format (they are the same team who produced the 1996' IMAX film 'Everest'). The subsequent documentary will be released in IMAX theaters in spring 2007, titled “The Alps: Giants of Nature."

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