Tommy Caldwell Frees Nose in a Day, Lynn Hill Comments

David Schmidt at has reported that Tommy Caldwell, fresh from his free team ascent of the Nose with his wife Beth Rodden, returned two days later and fired off a 12 hour ascent of the Free Nose leading all the pitches whilst belayed by his wife.

This is the second time that the Free Nose of El Capitan has been free'd in a day, the first time was of course by Lynn Hill in 1994. Lynn Hill had this to say at her blog about Tommy and Beth's ascent,

"It is great to hear that the Nose has had another free ascent. First of all, Tommy and Beth had the right state of mind, ability and desire to make it happen! I've heard many times, “Lynn could do the great roof because she has small fingers.” Tommy is missing the tip of his index finger on one hand and even though it would have been easier with all of his finger tips, clearly he was able to find a way to make it work. He proved my point that one's attitude and spirit is more important than one's physical make-up. The point of climbing is to adapt to the natural features of the rock and Tommy and Beth found a way to do it rather than letting physical limitations distract them. They both love to climb, have tons of experience climbing on all types of rock, and it makes me happy to hear that they succeeded as a team! They are an inspiration as climbers and as a supportive couple in their daily lives!"

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