BMC sponsored Kendal Discothéque

Thanks to the vision of the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) directed by the esteemed David Turnbull we are lucky to have veteran music selectors Craig Smith and Gavin Ellis entertaining us at the Saturday night discothéque at the Kendal Mountain Festivals to be held at Brewey Arts Center at 9pm on Saturday, the 18th of November.

Smith and Ellis are the Disc Jockeys to the stars, the folk that Ben (Moffat), Jerry (Moon) and Leo (Dicaprio née Houlding) call when they want the party rocked. Having recently taken the roof off at Ben Moon's and Andy Cave's 40th birthday, these two will be wrestling the wheels of steel for you pleasure at the BMC sponsored Kendal disco. I recommend getting tickets in advance because it's bound to sell out.

It's hard to categorize what sort of music these guys play, but having said that it's not some new genre boom boom music that about 3 people in the room get. It covers all bases and anything goes as long as it's got a groove and even verges at times on Guilty Pleasures...who said the Osmonds never made a good record?

Speaking to Craig earlier today he mentioned that "programming the music for Kendal is a big challenge. Just think about the audience that will be there. It will range no doubt from young bloods fed on a diet of grime and dub step, through aging 80's lycra boys and girls to withered mountaineers more at home with gypsy fiddle music"

When choosing the records Craig mentioned that the flow of music is very important. Each record should fit with what has gone before it and what is to follow, not necessarily in tempo but in feel.

"It's going to be fun and to cap it all the Brewery Arts Centre have kindly agreed, thanks to the hard work of Abi Willis the organizer of the Film Festival, to let us play through their amazing sound system"

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