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"I've climbed some of the most difficult climbs in the world but for me, in this moment, this Arch is harder than all these other things. The wall is blank for 7 feet, you have to leap through the air and stick another hold. I've probably tried that move a hundred times. To latch that dyno you have to hold on for dear life, you have to be determined to hold on no matter what happens"

You can watch Chris Sharma attempt to latch this dyno in a teaser at

In other web activity a new website has surfaced dedicated to kids and climbing which has a whole host of links and advice for you to view and digest browse on over to Kids Climbing UK

Fancy a climbing quiz with lots of prizes? Planet Fear have launched their Christmas quiz today. Ten questions every weekday until December 22nd with loads of prizes. You can check it out here at the Planet Fear website

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