1,600ft Desert Tower: Winter Chatyn Ascent: Jet-powered human flight

Dougald MacDonald reports at

Fitz Cahall, James Q Martin, and Albert Newman completed the first free ascent of Tooth Rock, a 1,600-foot-high sandstone monolith in the Vermillion Cliffs near Lee's Ferry, Arizona. Martin and Newman had been working on More Sand Than Stone (V 5.11, 1,400 feet) for three and a half years.

Hear a podcast about their ascent here with a full report at

Erik Lambert reports at

The north face of Chatyn (4368m), Central Caucasus, Russia-Georgia. Sergey Nilov, Evgeny Korol and Sergey Doronin likely made the mountain's second winter ascent on January 25, after twenty-three years of failed winter activity, via Rhombus (6A, Myshlyaev), a demanding couloir that transitions onto a steep ridge. Full report at


Also at, you can see this writers ex-office mate, Chris McNamara, upto his now usual tricks of jumping off building and cliffs. Take a deep breath and click here. At Chris's website you can also see a great clip of Jet-Man: first jet-powered human flight, speedily navigate to here.

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