VIDEO: Kendal Lakeland Climbing Centre Highline

Earlier on this week we ran an eclectic news report about a Nepalese ascent of Troutdale Pinnacle in Borrowdale; Pete Whittaker, 16, doing an ascent of Braille Trail E7 6c at Burbage South; the British Junior Climbing Team; and 18 year old George Ullrich of Kendal doing his first highline - a slack line at height, in this case 18 or 18.5 metres above the floor.

Dave Gill, a classmate of George's and a budding filmmaker, shot some video, and he promised that he would make it available for us for's Friday Night Video. He delivered.

Dave, from Staveley near Ambleside in the Lake District is a student at Queen Katherine in Kendal and is currently studying for his A-levels. Come September though he will be starting to concentrate on filming full-time. He has a website, and in the past has shot music and corporate videos. Previous footage includes British Sea Power, Little Man Tate, and Tom Hingley from Inspiral Carpets.

Dave is a big fan of Josh Lowell who does the Dosage climbing films in the USA (, and Brit talents like the Hot Aches team of Dave Brown and Paul Difley (, and Alastair Lee and Dave Halsted of Posing Productions ( Dave told us, "Next year I'll be upgrading to a new website and multi-camera Hi-Def 16:9 setup and hopefully this'll lead to some impressive footage being collected in the future."

You can view George Ullrich doing his highline at the Kendal Lakeland Climbing Centre expertly filmed and edited by Dave Gill HERE with an introduction by a chap called Des.

If you are a budding, professional, or 'just for fun' filmmaker and want your work featured at's Friday Night Video, drop us an email.

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