What's in a 'route' name? Raisin Frumpsnoot!

Climbers enjoy naming routes. Sometimes they name them after a song or a book, sometimes a distinctive single word name that can end up as climbing product, Ben Moon's boulder problem, Cypher at Slipstones comes to mind, which is now also the name of Ben Moon's best-selling climbing pant. Ben Moon has some other route names that have special significance, including, Agincourt and the Maginot Line. Hopefully we are all familar with why Arthur Dolphin's named his Gimmer crag classic Kipling Groove. Dolphin reputedly spent almost as much time devising a suitable name for a climb as he had spent climbing it. Sometimes political, sometimes a pun, sometimes biblical, sometimes Tolkienesque, often musical, sometimes obscene.

Sometimes they are quite clever, and a little odd.

Raisin Frumpsnoot is the name of a new route climbed recently by Adam Wainwright at the Bus Stop Quarry near Llanberis, a 7b sport climb.

Any idea where it came from?

Apparantly it has something to do with the fourth wheel of a supermarket trolley which looks identical to the other three but renders the trolley completely uncontrollable and a word used to describe the right of the lord of the manor to molest dwarves on their birthdays.

What are your favourite route names and do you know their history?

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