Renaming the BMC - suggestions

Dave Turnbull, CEO of the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) writes on his blog (

"A major issue we're looking at at present is how to develop BMC membership and encourage more people to join the organisation. I can't help thinking that the words 'Mountaineering Council' have just about had their day - they're certainly a turn off for a lot of people - especially younger climbers, boulderers and newcomers who've just started indoor climbing.

Somehow we need to communicate the fact that we're as much about bouldering and climbing walls as we are about the Alps and beyond. The reality these days is that only a minority of 'climbers' are into mountaineering. The English Sports Council changed its name to Sport England years ago - surely there's a case for change within the BMC; at the very least I can feel a re-profiling exercise coming on. "

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