Prezelj, House and Anderson, first ascent of K7 West

Marko Prezelj, Steve House and Vince Anderson--one of many world-class alpine-climbing teams that has descended upon Pakistan's Charakusa Valley, Karakoram this season--succeeded in making the first ascent of K7 West (6858m) on September 3, at approximately 4 p.m. in a whiteout. The peak was the team's secondary objective; they still hope to make the first ascent of K6 West (7100m), their primary objective, later this trip. Although details of the ascent are lacking as we publish this NewsWire, the ascent was made less than a week after Kelly Cordes and Scott DeCapio--who also planned to make the first ascent of K7 West--arrived in the Charakusa. Further news about the ascent will be forthcoming.

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